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Research Chemist offering lessons in chemistry, organic chemistry, anatomy, and math at most levels.

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About the lesson

I am a Research Chemist and college student at the Colorado College. I earned an Associate Degree in Pre-Bachelor of Arts with highest honors from Miami-Dade College.

I teach chemistry, mathematics, organic chemistry, anatomy & physiology, and am a great resource for all kinds of writing, narrative, AP Lang/Lit, historical synthesis etc.

I find that the best way of teaching is to make the content fun. I'll show the real world applications of principles and theories. For example - in organic chemistry when we're talking about redox reactions I'll explain the science behind the issue of drinking pure methanol because it gets turned into formaldehyde in the body. Little things like this make the learning experience far more engaging.

My relationship with students tends to be more colleague-colleague like rather than teacher-student like, it opens the floor for more dialogue and in my opinion a much more dynamic and enjoyable time for both of us.


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About Norberto

I have been tutoring since my freshman year of high school, I started and lead an effort to build a science tutoring organization at my school which proved very effective in preparing student for examinations.

Beyond this (and more recently) I have been working with my fellow college students and many upperclassmen due to my broad experience in college level chemistry and writing, offering to help in these subjects. I would say I have had close to 40 students with around 100 hours logged. I have seen improvements in my students by full grade letters, and have seen students who were unsure about there chances on AP examinations go from expecting 1's - 3's to getting 4's and 5's.



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