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Composer and cellist based in Seattle, WA offering tutoring in music theory, songwriting, and music history.

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My musical teaching prioritizes creativity, curiosity, and connection. It is my belief that everyone is inherently creative, and my goal in teaching is to cultivate this creativity to instill in my students a lasting sense of curiosity about the world and themselves. My teaching provides students the opportunity to nurture their own creative voice while encouraging them to be critical and thoughtful by challenging their musical preconceptions.

Through guiding my students into processes to find solutions, I encourage students to experiment, explore, and question while giving them the tools to think critically. Rather than telling students an answer, I prefer to ask further questions to guide them find a solution within themselves. I believe this develops a personal connection and trust with students and instills a sense of confidence that will reach far beyond their musical aspirations. Each student is unique—by helping them to find and hone their own voice and apply their own perspective, they will reach a truer understanding of the content being taught and more readily apply such concepts in their musical pursuits.

My teaching guides students towards interdisciplinary, multi-cultural creative research. It is imperative that my students learn from the music of cultures found around the world and of varying time periods and genres, from ancient to contemporary, from concert music to pop. There are many ways music has been thought of and performed in this world, and I hope to expose my students to music that falls outside of the traditionally taught canon of western art music, and in doing so elucidate the fact that often in music—and in life—there is more than one way to see, approach, and solve a problem or proposition. Through teaching music of numerous cultures around the world via listening assignments, participatory experiments, essays, and readings, I hope to give my students a deeper understanding of technical musical concepts of pitch, harmony, mode, tuning, and rhythm, a conceptual understanding of multiple ways to think and approach a musical problem, and a personal understanding of relating to differing ways of thinking and living which will follow them into many disciplines in their life and worldview.

I believe active listening is the core of musical practice, which is why I make it a priority for my students to listen to as much music as they can and think critically about it. In both private lessons and courses in musicology, theory and aural skills, I encourage my students to listen as often as they can to both live performances and recordings and to form their own opinions and takeaways from their experiences. Through listening assignments accompanied by short responses about what they heard, students will learn to think imaginatively while developing practical theory and aural skills.

Participatory learning and active engagement is vital to my teaching. Students are encouraged to share their ideas and understandings of what they’ve learned in class discussions and reflection assignments. Additionally, I bring participatory music making into the classroom through group singing and collaborate composition, providing opportunities for students to learn through lived experience and see how concepts they’ve learned in class apply to music you can hear.


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About Darcy

I am a composer, electronic musician, and cellist based in Seattle, WA. I have experience in teaching elementary theory and providing one-on-one, individualized tutoring. I recently received a Master's of Music in composition from the University of Washington, hold a Bachelor's degree in music composition from Columbia College Chicago, and have been composing and researching music theory and musicology for the past 6 years. I hope to share my love of music history and multi-cultural music with others in my teaching, and help my students unlock their own creative potential.



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