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Continue to share with each other and try to learn and empathize with each other.

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Over the course of more than three years, Fender has worked tirelessly at relearning most of life’s basic skills.

“My whole life was flipped upside down,” Fender, now 25, recently told a class of students at Plymouth South High School. “You have no idea how many things you take for granted.”


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About Lauren

As Fender tells students in assemblies throughout the region, after her traumatic accident four years ago there is no way she would do anything that would damage her brain.

A 2009 Plymouth North High School graduate who went on to star as a college soccer player, Fender was just 21 and prepping for her senior year at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in June of 2012 when her life took an unexpected turn.



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I have spoken for Brain Injury Association Massachusetts that would pay for travel if need be.


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