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I currently attend college and I tutor in math, and I also teach cooking and baking.

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I love helping students increase their knowledge and learn something new. In my cooking lessons, I will teach new skills, share recipes, and give direction on how to do certain tasks that a recipe requires. In my lessons I will lead the student through the steps


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About Chloe

I strive to help students any way I am able. My goal is to help make the subject fun and enjoyable. I love to share my knowledge and increase the student’s understanding. I love cooking and I want to help others develop a passion for it.



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  • Excellent Home chef with 10+ years in food service and teaches a variety of cuisine.



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  • Vegan chef 4 yrs experience gives cooking lessons at home in Massena NY.



    My teaching method is hands on. You need to get in with your hands to be able to cook, it's not something you can sit back...

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  • Avid life-long baker, with a love of the Great British Baking Show, from the Pacific Northwest


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  • French Culinary Institute graduate with extensive restaurant and In-home cooking experience who loves teaching children of all ages.


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  • Cooking Italian Recipies - learn from an original Italian coach - 30 years of experience


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    In Italian culture, one of the best ways to express love is through the kitchen. I have gathered a bundle of traditional...

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  • Reyburn's Bakery and Bistro, when you cook with love it always shows.


    Lake Oswego

    I start by showing the finished creations and laying out a plan. I talk about how and why while showing you what to do step...

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  • Chef de cuisine with 18 years in the culinary industry in Palm Beach County or by webcam over the word


    West Palm Beach

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  • Adventurous Food Lover - Cooking is my passion! I am a personal chef in Little Rock, AR.


    Little Rock

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  • Culinary Nutrition Teacher with 15 years of industry experience to teach all ages culinary secrets in New Jersey!



    My teaching approach is inclusion of all of my students. I also like to include multiple ways of presenting topics to reach...

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  • It started with family recipes but now I've being making cakes and desserts for 12 years now.



    I prioritize the needs of the student so base on that I'll organize the class with prior time and focus in what are you...

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  • I love to cook! giving tutor classes to people who are wanting to learn.



    My teaching method is I teach my classes how to make food and season. I think that learning how to cook at a younger age is...

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  • I teach a couple subjects in Monroe and I love teaching kids.



    my teaching method is called The Triple R respect, responsibility, resilience I will teach them that the first day I meet...

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  • Hello my name is Taegan and i’m a high school graduate. I have been cooking since i was 8 years old and I absolutely LOVE it. I would love to help you learn some skills in the kitchen



    My teaching method is listening when kids have trouble or need my help and to assist them in the best way possible without...

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  • Intermediate violinist with 7 years of experience in fresno lessons for all ages



    My teaching methods is to see how my students learn and what wiuld be best for him/her. I would most enjoy seeing what my...

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  • Current chef looking to spent some time in the internet's kitchen ️



    The only way to really learn how to cook is to be there with someone you connect with in their kitchen. Cooking is less...

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  • Healthy Cooking that your kids will EAT! Parent and educator will show you how ! OR I am also a traditional Kosher chef who can show you how to create traditional kosher/Jewish cuisine.



    I believe in empowering you! I will not only show you the specifics but ideas on how to take it further and work for you and...

    • $15/h
    • 30mins free
  • ...Baking is like life, you don't always have to follow the recipe just like you don't always have to follow the crowd! :)


    South Bend

    My teaching method is mostly base on practical less of thoeries and I always love to approach new topic of my students...

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  • I have been cooking since I was five years old mainly desserts



    I will help the students in a group to see what they know and we will work on the problem together. I will be there if...

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  • I have tutored cooking for 4 years in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and it was a fun experience



    I’ve been a Straight A student all my life and I want to keep it like that and I love to teach teach other kids how to not...

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  • Been cooking/baking for 3 years . Baked on Chicago IL. 3 Years in Chicago would love to teach others how to bake even if it’s from scratch



    I’ll like to approach it very simple and easy so students can understand and not at a very fast pace. I love to give the...

    • $50/h
    • 1hr free