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Engineering Tutor - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, Civic, Chemical, Biomedical, and Other Types of Engineering!


The company’s prime mover is to provide quality tutoring lessons for reasonable rates that each client may think worthy of another’s choice and, thus, refer us to another for similar services.

§ Modus Operand of WillTutor’s Virtual Office: (1) Online, (2) In-Person, and (3) Phone

Students do not select individual tutors through my company WillTutor. There’s only one tutor. My company is not an agency. Tutoring costs are $40-60 dollars per hour. You cannot participate in a free tutoring session before commiting to the service. There are no refunds for tutoring lessons. All transactions are final. I send a lesson plan prior to the scheduled lesson and have the tutee sign off on it; though no refunds exist - all lessons are final transactions.

WillTutor operates out of what some consultants refer to as "a virtual office" by which the company's administrator means a worksite outside of the traditional office in which people still do the work associated with a traditional office. Tutors are entrepreneurs, i.e., they are self-employed. People who work in a virtual office can be either telecommuters, who work outside of a corporate office for an employer, or entrepreneurs, who are self-employed. The ‘virtual’ in the term ‘virtual office’ implies the use of technology. Tutoring services do not require a status operative from traditional worksites because the paperwork involved does not require the staffing needs, mailing needs, liabilities potentially incurred from the activity of tutoring itself, etc. What a ‘traditional’ office is becomes vague when we start to ask what establishes its minimalist identity.

WillTutor has filed 1099 independent contractor agreements with several tutoring companies, e.g., Parliament Tutors, TutorSpree, WyzAnt.
In what follows I sketch the different segments or platforms by which tutoring can proceed as a service. These include the online medium/modality, the in-person (in-home, in public venue, et al), and the combination of the two.

The online format is accessible to clients who are interested in tutoring lessons with subject-matter as ancient languages, symbolic logic, calculus, proofreading, and English Language Arts. (WillTutor has provided services for clients in these subject areas and has experience with handling their respective curricula.) Online lessons include a virtual whiteboard or blackboard where tutors and students can write, draw, and work through problems together. My students and I communicate through video, audio, and texts when tutoring online. Lessons sometimes include practice quizzes and assignments that test and reinforce comprehension of the material. I send online progress reports by which students can track their overall progress. There are additional resources for continued learning outside of tutoring lessons (study guides, blogs, pre-recorded lessons, etc). WillTutor has a calendar on which clients can make their appointments ((concealed information) a blog ((concealed information) a facebook page ((concealed information) and an instagram account (tutor_will). The blog posts review sheets per subject. The subjects that the company offers are posted anew every year on the blog. For actual online tutoring the company uses different software. There is no set program that is in use at present. Some options are Google Checkout, Itutor.com, Google Classroom, Socratic, etc. Any of these make possible ‘online’ tutoring. Tutoring online is best when conducted using the materials common to all devices (i.e., common to phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc). The online platform for tutoring in general has a lot of structures. If there are organized structures for online tutoring, they are to be general enough that allows for multiple capabilities. Google’s structures allow for much of the requirements of tutoring: Google Voice, Google Classroom, Google Domains, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, etc. Apple also combines the needs for tutoring also - FaceTime, Office, etc - though not as comprehensively as Google does. So, Google is preferable because it can be used via multiple devices (cell phone, television, computer, laptop, iPad, etc).

For all subjects does the in-person tutoring lesson provide an opportunity for clients to work hands on with a tutor. The two main platforms for in-person tutoring are in-home services and public venues. For the former, WillTutor insists on conditions, stipulations, provisos that lessons must be conducted under – largely for the safety of both the tutor and the client. WillTutor is going to have its clients sign an agreement before lessons are conducted stating that all transactions are final. Some companies, like WyzAnt In-Home Tutoring, have similar guidelines and stipulations. The public venue options include either public or private libraries, classrooms, student centers, university campus junctions, and other areas that allow for tutoring lessons.

Tutoring via phone is an option for clients interested in essay writing, having papers proofread by WillTutor’s tutor(s), ELA (more generally), reading classical languages, and ESL. Combined segments of online tutoring (e.g., Skype, Vyew, White Board) and phone allow tutors and clients to engage in both platforms simultaneously; this allows for two to yield more than one. In most instances, some sessions are conducted solely online, others solely over the telephone with Skype. Socrative? Google classroom? WillTutor has conducted lessons in the ancient languages (both Greek and Latin), symbolic logic, calculus I, proofreading, GRE: Analytical Writing, and other subject areas via this mixed segment option; our clients have found this method of tutoring paradigm satisfactory. WillTutor tracks all of its phone logs. Voicemails are transcribed through the Google Voice account.


Civil Engineering: Civil engineering clients try to apply principles of science and math to the planning, construction, and maintenance of facilities, both public and private, that are essential to industry. They work on buildings, large-scale projects as bridges, dams, highways, environmental control systems, and water purification systems in urban, rural, and other environments. Sometimes they are just the conductor on a train. They usually take structural analysis and design, soil mechanics, statics, dynamics, strength of materials, surveying, environmental engineering, construction materials, fluid mechanics, water resources, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, and hydraulics and hydrology. They plan, analyze, design, and erect structures (e.g., buildings, houses, schools, etc) and systems (trains, transportation vehicles, tanks). Civil engineering is broken down into structural engineering - the planning and design of bridges, buildings, towers, dams, offshore drilling, and exploration facilities; environmental engineering - planning and design of facilities for water purification, control of air and water pollution, solid water management, and disposal of hazardous materials; geotechnical engineering - the analysis and design of foundations and retaining walls, the development of excavation and construction techniques for tunnels, dams, and storage systems for hazardous materials; hydrosystems - the analysis and design of dams, flood walls, pumping stations, aqueducts, canals, harbor and coasstal facilities, irrigation and drainage systems, and navigable waterways; transportation engineering - the analysis and design of facilities for highways, airports, railways, aerospace systems and pipelines. These engineers that work in these fields are not my clients though the tutoring comes into play when they have problems with their coursework.

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering deals with the forces and energy at work in thermal and mechanical (solid and fluid) systems. My clients learn the engineering principles underlying the generation, transmission, and utilization of these energies and the design, production, and application of mechanical devices and systems. The courses that clients have questions from include statics, dynamics, circuit analysis, engineering graphics, mechanical design fundamentals, computer modeling (Mathematica, MATLAB), solid mechanics, energy systems, fluid mechanics, heat transfer. There is engineering mechanics - static and dynamic forces within and on structures; equivalent force systems, dynamics, stresses and strains, and strength of materials. There is materials - properties of materials, physical metallurgy and metallic and other materials including polymers, ceramics, and composites. There are electrical systems - electrical circuits, direct and alternating current, electrical machinery, digital and analog electronic devices and control systems. There is also thermal systems - fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, combustion, refrigeration, heat transfer, energy systems, and internal combustion engines. Mechanical systems includes kinematics and mechanisms, modeling of multicomponent systems, control of mechanical systems, vibrations, component design and analysis, machine design, dynamics of machinery. Manufacturing systems includes robotics, computer-aided manufacturing systems, artificial intelligence, and computers integrated in manufacturing. These are all part of the subject and I can help by answering questions


Transportation Fee : $20
Rate for online lessons : $40/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $30
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $20
Lessons offered by Will
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College / University
  • Adult Education
  • MBA

Will's resume



2010 – Present Cornell University PhD in progress
Ithaca, NY 2009-2010 University of Chicago MA, Humanities, Classical Languages
Chicago, IL 2008 Goethe Institute German Language Instruction
Mannheim, DE 2006-2009 Tulane University BA, Philosophy, Greek, magna cum laude
New Orleans, LA 2005 Columbia University Visiting student New York, NY Areas of Specialization: Humanities, Philosophy (Ancient Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Political and Social Philosophy, Ethics, History of Philosophy), Logic, Writing, Ancient Greek, Latin, Precalculus, Calculus, SAT Writing, Grammar, Proofreading, Vocabulary, Chemistry Areas of Competence: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,


Avian Publications: 2004 “A Look Inside Three Bird Store”
The African Ark (African Parrot Society), Vol. 11, No. 4 “Is Raising Lovebirds Your Cup of Tea?”
The African Ark (African Parrot Society), Vol. 11, No. 2 “Looking for Love Among Lovebirds”
The African Ark (African Parrot Society), Vol. 11, No.1 2003 “APS Holiday Gift Guide - 2003”
The African Ark (African Parrot Society). Vol. 10, No.4
PRESENTATIONS 2010 “Are restorative pleasures only remedial goods?”
Michigan State University 2009 “Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Plato's Charmides, and Shame”
C.W. Post Campus. National-Louis University Rochester Institute of Technology Arkansas State University


2010 Acceptances to Interdisciplinary PhD Programs in Classics and Philosophy
University of Washington at Seattle Cornell University Acceptances to PhD Programs in Classics:
University of Iowa (full fellowship) University of Wisconsin at Madison (full fellowship) 2009 The University of Chicago Full Tuition Fellowship ($40,428)

The Judah Torah Medal:
“This award was established in 1856, and is awarded for excellence in the study of ancient history, Greek, Hebrew, or Latin. William has been an excellent student in Greek and Latin, as well as in ancient philosophy. He has written a fine honors thesis on the concept of shame in classical Greek thought.” Tulane Departmental Honors in Both Greek and Philosophy
2008 Newcomb-Tulane College Summer Grant ($1,000)
Tulane Classics Summer Fund ($1,000) 2006 Procter & Gamble Summer Research in Cincinnati, Ohio (10% of Applicants Selected)
Certified Avian Specialist by Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) Bird Talk Magazine January 2006 Prize Winner for research with birds 2005 Susan Smith Memorial Prize in Mathematics
Long Island Science Education Leadership Association (Best in Science Research) College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar


Eta Sigma Phi (Classics Honors Society), since March 2009 American Philosophical Association, since November 2008 American Philological Association, since November 2008 The Ancient Philosophy Society, since September 2009 Lambda Classical Caucus, since April 2009


Feature Writer (2003 - 2005)
The African Parrot Society, “African Ark” The American Federation of Aviculture, “Watchbird” Staff Writer (2006)
The Tulane University Hullabaloo – Views Section Public Relations Chair (2006)
The Tulane Green Club
• Advertised • Liaison President of a Campus Organization (2006 – 2007)
Objectivism @ Tulane
•Arranged meetings, member list, rooms, discussion topics Discussion Coordinator (2007 – 2009)
LGBT Mosaic
• Organized political and philosophical topics for discussion


Ronna Burger || Professor and Chair of Philosophy || (concealed information) || (concealed information) Dennis Kehoe || Professor of Classical Studies || (concealed information) || (concealed information) Martha Nussbaum || Professor of Law and Ethics || (concealed information) || (concealed information) Charlene Beane || Proprietor of Beane's Birds, former editor for Bow Tie Publications || (concealed information) Paul Hertz || College Provost, Professor of Biological Sciences || (concealed information) || (concealed information)

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