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English Tutor TESOL Certified with 6+ Years of experience. Improve your fluency!


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Why choose me?
I find great satisfaction in discovering creative solutions to rational problems, which I'm facing every day with my students to help them achieve their language goals. Not only do I have over 6 years of experience teaching, but I'm also learning 2 languages so I understand the difficulties that you are facing. I know how to approach these struggles in a simple and effective way.
No two students are alike, so I will come up with a plan that is best for you personally!


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About Amber

Don't wait. Reach your goals, achieve your dreams!
I'm a native English speaker here to mentor you with anything from pronunciation, accent reduction, writing, reading, intonation, vocabulary, or grammar.

¤ 100% customizable lessons with a positive learning atmosphere.
¤ Works well with children (8+) and adults.
¤ I've traveled overseas which has taught me to value different accents, cultures, and ideas. I respect and admire everyone's effort to improve in a foreign language!

Rising professions, students with dreams of going abroad, those struggling to fit into a different country and culture; I continually have the pleasure of meeting these individuals of all age groups and helping them achieve what they want for the future! This includes everything from uncovering grammatical solutions, practicing practical conversation, new vocabulary, accent reduction, revising presentations or professional writings, and teaching new natural expressions. This work is my passion! Coupled with my 6 years of theocratic ministry school training, I have 7 years of collective experience teaching.

Aside from this, I have an education in IT and business and 3 years of experience doing graphic design work with 2 certifications



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  • $20/h


Please note that I require students to know enough basic English to follow basic instructions and explain their needs.


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  • 01

    Do you speak this language fluently because of your origins or because a teacher inspired you to learn?

    I speak English fluently because of my origins. I am a native speaker that was born and raised in the state of PA in the United States of America.

  • 02

    Can you name a living, historical or fictional character that you think is the emblematic representative of the language's culture?

    It would be so difficult just to name one! I think the character Jim from The Office is a great representation of North American culture. He's a normal guy working in a (somewhat) normal company. He has strong family values as we can see as the series develops. He speaks simple English, but it's always spoken in a colloquial way. Joe Rogan is also worth mentioning though he isn't a character, but rather a real person. He's conversational and a very popular interviewer in America. He's always himself, but nice to everyone and uses modern language. The questions he asks while conducting interviews are representative of information that a lot of people want to know.

  • 03

    Is there a typical word, phrase, tradition or behaviour in the language that you particularly like?

    "Oh my gosh" is probably one of my favorites!
    You can say it when annoyed, surprised, sarcastic, happy... There are really a lot of situations where this phrase comes in handy.

  • 04

    Why does speaking this language matter to you?

    It's a huge part of my life! The people that made the first impressions on me all the way into my adult life were English speakers (because it is my mother tongue). I've learned how to learn, compromise, teach, apologize, convince, write, read, think, joke and express myself in every other way in English.

  • 05

    What is the main difficulty in learning this language and what can help the process of learning?

    I believe the main difficulty for many people is pronunciation. English is not a phonetic language, and aside from that, many people in foreign countries may learn English vocabulary and English grammar but then they don't use it for a long time - or barely ever use it at all outside of school until years later. This leads to improper pronunciation that is difficult for others (particularly native speakers) to understand. To remedy this, a lot of time and active effort is required. But that's why I'm here to help you!

  • 06

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to your language learning or your days at school.

    I remember once my friend and I had an argument about how to spell the word "safety". We were probably 6 or 7 years old at the time. I insisted that the word contains the letter e - and she insisted that it didn't because she couldn't hear that sound in the word. She got very upset that I disagreed with her. But I wouldn't give in! I was confident about how to spell this word correctly. Still not realizing that I was right, she threw a marker at me and it hit me really hard below the clavicle! At the time, sure, it wasn't funny at all. But it makes me laugh now since I'm an English Tutor.

  • 07

    How has travel or a specific trip helped you to increase your skill and knowledge of the language?

    Traveling to Istanbul, Turkey made me realize how much I could help foreign speakers improve their pronunciation and understanding of English. They would tell me about their cultural perception, speaking problems, the things in English that always confused them, and what they were taught from other ESL speakers. So all in all, that trip helped me to understand what issues ESL speakers are constantly dealing with.

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof in language?

    Succeeding to help ESL learners improve their English so they can reach their goals makes me a Superprof! but it's more than that. Assisting my students to feel comfortable and gain confidence in themselves during every lesson is essential.

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