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Finding where you are on a map so you can learn what happened there.

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I intend on giving lessons to anyone struggling with history: especially American History and geography of any kind up to a somewhat lower level, but I am also flexible! My intentions are to answer questions you may have and you will have the time allotted to come up with any questions you may have for me or if I need to teach or explain something so that you would understand.


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About Abhi

Although I have unofficially tutored many people before, this is the first time that I plan to receive a paycheck for it. I've tutored, in one form or another, approximately 20 kids across the years and I have saved my fair share of GPAs and graduations.



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  • Licenciada en planificación turística ofrece clases de geografía con mucha experiencia.


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  • History/Geography expertise with 12 years of education in the subject in Memphis



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  • European and Russian studies Master's student at Yale with Bachelor's in History and Russian


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  • You can learn how past events/history lead to the current world problems!!



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  • Easygoing and very laidback Expert history scholar with 10 years of experience


    West Islip

    I'm incredibly laidback and will adapt to whatever teaching style is required of me, but I can be firm when I need to be. I...

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  • Veteran shoreline area tutor accepting local students for homework help and music instruction



    I have worked in the educational field for over 25 years as a tutor/instructor. I was certified in history/social studies,...

    • $22/h
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