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Florida Biology teacher gives lessons to middle and high school students online.

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I am a virtual teacher in Florida and I am happy to work with any students needing help in Biology or other life sciences. I have a bachelors degree from Jacksonville University in Marine Science and completed a teacher preparatory program when I started teaching. I have been teaching now for 5 years. I give small group lessons as well as individual tutoring. I find utilizing real world scenarios helps students to grasp material more easily.


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    Molecular biology


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About Kara

I have been teaching for 5 years and tutoring for 2 years. When tutoring, I have served more than 50 different students, from middle school through college age. I have assisted many of my students in passing their classes, raising grades, and graduating! I love seeing my students succeed!



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  • Pre-med student offering biology lessons with 2 years of experience with minor background in bioinformatics.



    Explain in a way that the student will always remember the concepts in depth to explain it back. I completed my bachelors...

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