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Noah - Prof martial arts -
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  • Martial arts
  • Self defense
  • Karate
  • Jujutsu

Full-time martial arts instructor with 39 years' experience teaches karate, kobudo (weapons), Japanese jujitsu and battodo (swordsmanship) from New York. 7th dan Okinawa karate, 6th dan kobudo, 6th da

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About Noah

I am a full-time martial arts instructor and school owner with 39 years' experience (as of 2022). I have been teaching martial arts in the suburbs of NYC for over 20 years, and full-time since 2006. My school is an official branch of the Okinawa Kobudo Doushi Rensei-kai, the Zen Nihon Toyama-ryu Iaido Renmei, and the US Federation of Batto-do. I hold the ranks of Kyoshi 7th dan in karate, Renshi 6th dan in kobudo, Menkyo 6th dan in jujitsu, 4th dan USFBD, 4th dan ZNTIR, and Shodan in the Toyama-ryu Seizankai.

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Lessons via Zoom or FaceTime to anywhere in the world, or in person locally to Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess Counties NY. All levels, beginner to advanced; no experience necessary.
Karate ages 4+
Kobudo ages 8+
Jujitsu ages 13+ (must have 2 for remote learning)
Sword ages 13+
Self defense seminars (at least 2 for remote learning)

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Hourly rate

  • $45

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  • 10h: $450


  • $45/h

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