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Future Pursuer of Multiple Subjects Ready to Help and Current High Schooler

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I usually approach teaching with a more student-centered approach. I wish for the student to put the puzzle pieces together themselves and act as a facilitator in that process. Id like to help them in a way where I'll be there only when I'm absolutely needed. Other than that, I'd prefer the student to blossom on their own accord and at their own pace.


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About Alfredo

I am an illustrator, instrument player, and STEM-gifted individual with the majority of my life having pursued the same things to be well versed by the time the future comes. Have drawn for 14 years, played instruments for 6 and have been one of the top in my class in core classes consistently



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  • Studio Artist, MFA University of Oxford: offering drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, and guitar tutorials (Decatur, GA).



    I believe an expanded, multidisciplinary practice is ideal for today’s art students, as it prepares them for a variety of...

    • $30/h
    • 30mins free
  • Professional art instructors at Atlanta. Teaching all ages for six years. Graduated from Kennesaw State University with a fine art degree. Happy to help you improve and succeed.



    I focused on the developmental method, where students will learn and approach content during lessons and continue developing...

    • $30/h
    • 1hr free
  • Visual Artist and Art Teacher looking to help others improve and grow



    I want to not only help students improve their skills but keep the process fun and light. What's the point of creating art...

    • $50/h
    • 1hr free
  • Self taught artist, drawing since I was a child. I am 14 and I have a big heart for helping children, accepting others and taking time out of my schedule to help my students. I am part of the lgbtq co



    My method of teaching is hands on and virtual work. I approach my students with a friendly and humorous way of life. I love...

    • $10/h
    • 1hr free
  • Professional artist with no motivation and would like to take out frustrations on students.



    I think the best way to teach art is to have a student tell you what they want to achieve, show you what they can do, and...

    • $7/h
    • 1hr free
  • Drawing lessons from seasoned magazine & book illustrator and author of graphic novels



    I give lectures, often demonstrating by drawing or painting at the same time. Students are to keep a notebook, as lessons...

    • $20/h
    • 1hr free
  • Hi! I love to draw. I am a story maker, and digital artist. I specialize in character design, conceptual art, and digital painting.


    Missouri City

    My teaching approach will consist mostly of screen shares displaying my screen. I will talk and draw if needed, but I am...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • I have 6 years of professional comic illustration experience and 2 years of animation experience.



    I teach using both visual methods and plenty of hands-on practice for my students. I believe practice makes perfect and...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • Illustrator with 15 years of experience and BFA in Illustration gives art lessons online



    Hi! I'm Andre and I'm an artist specializing in character design and fantasy art. Let me help you become an awesome...

    • $50/h
    • 1hr free
  • Artist with Graphic Design experience offering Art and Design lessons in Clinton, MI



    I have a genuine passion for the topics discussed and that will come across in my explanation of the subject. I try to allow...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • Digital illustrator and cartoonist with 5 years of drawing and printing experience



    I am very fluid with my teaching method, adapting it depending on what the student would like to learn or improve on. Art is...

    • $16/h
    • 30mins free
  • Passionate sketch artist from Houston providing art lessons with prior teaching experience.



    My teaching methodology is that I believe it is vital to listen to the student and observe where he or she is lacking as...

    • $18/h
    • 1hr free
  • Graphic design student, comic book and novel author with interest in digital art, especially. Can teach you how to draw on your phone so you can work anywhere!



    I have written a few comic books and am in the process of digitally cleaning one. I can teach you how to bring your rough...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • Studied fine art and illustration at UI, have worked as a professional illustrator for several years now, with several published comics.


    Iowa City

    I teach less on the technical skills—though we can absolutely get into the weeds of talking about page dimensions, brushes...

    • $14/h
    • 1hr free
  • A Comic/Manga art instructor for those with a creative and passionate mind



    I have experience with creating comics and manga. I have published an online manga. The skills I used to create my story I...

    • $12/h
    • 1hr free
  • Game Design student with 16 years of experience offering digital and traditional art lessons


    Colorado Springs

    My approach to teaching others is to emphasize individuals' goals, rather than to force them to follow traditions. While it...

    • $13/h
    • 1hr free
  • Online Digital Art and Art Foundations Class Taught By Active Freelance and Commission Artist



    I am a young artist, good at communicating with youth and very knowledgeable over technology. During this pandemic I plan to...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • Visual Designer, Artist and Illustrator with 8 years of experience gives art lessons in NYC!


    New York

    I love what I do and there is nothing that brings me greater joy than spreading that wisdom!

    • $30/h
    • 1hr free
  • Fashion designer with 13 years of experience teaches fashion design lessons online



    My teaching method is to have students learn while having fun. While making learning a game, retention is better, and...

    • $30/h
    • 1hr free
  • Student Artist and Writer with 12 years of experience in Florida, offering lessons to all ages on art in correlation to how story narratives can be enhanced.



    I approach each topic by encouraging students to put forth their interests in the subject at hand before jumping to any...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • Teaching you the beauty of art, travel down the history of illustration and design with me!


    Art is a passion of mine and i feel all view points are valid so during my lessons we can debate and discuss different...

    • $1/h
    • 1hr free