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1st lesson free!

Learn 3x3x3 RUBIK's CUBE In 7 Sessions only & Keep Your Brain Active

About the lesson

I'm starting new classes to help you to develop a new life skill to make your brain active & It helps with improving memory too. Anyone from 7 years to 99 years can learn CUBING in less time & practice. Enroll yourself or any of your family members to develop this interesting life skill.

Why you should learn:
• It helps with improving memory
• It is a very good brain exercise and keeps the mind active
• Learning the ways of solving the cube improves patience
• It helps become a problem solver
• It helps with the mapping of the things
• Cubing makes your reflexes faster
• It will improve your fingers' dexterity and agility
• You will be adding one more key skill along with driving, cooking, swimming, etc.
• Similarly, when you’ll get to know the formula you’ll be surprised how those learning are new and can be easily applied to other areas of your life

What you will get:
• One free demo class
• Written instructions
• Solution guides(self-designed)
• Videos during (Self-shoot)
• 24x7 support after completion of the course

What I want from you:
• A good quality cube
• Good internet connection
• Yourself with learning spirit

Duration: Each online session will be 45-60 minutes.
This course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop a new life skill-“CUBING” from the basics.
Above all, every time you solve the puzzle it gives a sense of achievement and it will be the first step towards positive thinking and self-confidence.


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About Pallavi

Hi, Myself Pallavi from India. From childhood, I use to keep busy myself with some creative & brain-teasing activities, SOLVING PUZZLES was one of them. I'm a graphic designer too and for the last two years, I'm teaching cubes(11+ types of cubes) to all age groups of people across the world. From the very beginning me & my son used to keep occupied ourselves in cubing, puzzles, and many other brain-teasing activities. I found this interesting and useful for everyone. Cubing is a very good brain exercise, it keeps your brain active as it keeps your creative and analytical brain active at the same time. So if you want to fill the gap of good workout for your brain, CUBING is the way to go..



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