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« Perfect! Maximillian enjoys teaching as much as he does performing. This... More »
« Perfect! Maximillian enjoys teaching as much as he does performing. This translates to instructive lessons in which the time passes quickly because it's so enjoyable. I am excited to begin practicing my new moves between today's lesson and the next. »
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Learn to perform Close up Magic from a member of the Magic Circle and International Magician with over 10 years experience.


With over 10 years experience performing and teaching magic, I am perfectly positioned to help you on your learning journey with magic. I have performed to every kind of audience, be that children, or fortune 500 CEOs, in every kind of situation, from street corners, to 5 star resorts.

I will tailor my lessons to ensure that I can give you everything you are looking to gain from magic.

I have a series of cameras set up at home to be able to teach you everything I know and I can show you difficult moves from any angle necessary to ensure you can see and understand everything I teach you.

All you will need to bring are the props you would like to work with, a notebook and pen and a desire to learn!


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. Maximillian will plan your first lesson with care.


I started teaching myself magic while still at university in Australia.

A few months later and I had my first job performing as a resident magician in a restaurant.

Not long after that, I joined a cabaret dinner show where I worked alongside other magicians, singers and dancers.

I created my own stage show and began performing to clients internationally.

I then moved home to London where I joined the magic circle and now work as a full-time magician.


Rate for online lessons : $111/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $487
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $974
Lessons offered by Maximillian
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Magic
  • All Levels

Maximillian's resume

Professional Background

- Self-taught until taken on by mentor Jim Holt, a clown with 40+ years' experience
- Career started in Sydney after performing at Tharens Restaurant and Bar, three shows per week

- Resident Magician:
o "The Magician's Cabaret and Dinner Show" and then later in a second regular show, "La Fortuna".
• Close up performance to the audience
• Opening act with a recital of Magician's Oath
• Performed 'Close-Up' between acts during meals
• Two stage performances of 10-15 minutes with dancers and volunteers from the audience
o 'Sky Terrace Bar at Star Casino'- three weekly performances for two years

- Ad-hoc performances in Sydney include:
 Vaucluse House, Historic Houses Trust
 Museum of Contemporary Art
 Catalina Wedding Reception
 Kings Cross Festival
 Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon
 TEDx Macquarie
 MTV – Pilot TV show – "The In Crowd."
 Brian Lara's birthday party
 Australian Paralympics Dinner

- Ad hoc performances in London include:
 5 Hertford St, Mayfair
 Sony Xperia – Tv commercial
 Sienna Miller's private Birthday Party
 Il Pagliaccio's, Wandsworth Bridge Rd (resident performer)
 Frantoio, Kings Rd (resident performer)
 The Wellington, Haldane Rd (resident performer)
 Ham Polo Club, Richmond Park
 International Student House event, the guest list included HRH Princess Anne
 Cheetah Conservation Foundation, the guest list include HRH Princess Michael of Kent
 HRH Princess Eugenie of York's Engagement Party

The perfect addition to any party
Sienna Miller

MW Magazine

Creates a Heightened Sense of Wonder
Vanish Magazine

Watching Rendall perform his close up was also a delight, not only visually, but just listening to his eloquent control of the English language is enough to leave you in a trance.
Magic Week Magazine UK

I have seen Max perform several times. He has a natural talent, which combined with his charm and winning smile is guaranteed to attract admiration for his truly amazing range of tricks, which certainly leave me stunned and full of admiration.
Lord Valentine Cecil

Sydney Arts Guide Review

We had the pleasure of performing at a London private members club on the same night that Max was doing some magic. He was charming and took the time to do a few tricks on us, which were mind-blowing. And we thought we were the 'hand of god'. Guaranteed to amaze and entertain in equal measures.
Mano de Dios

'Magic Max was highly recommended by a friend to attend a dinner party at St James' Palace Officers Mess, as part of an annual dinner. Max was a fantastic entertainer; he arrived early and set the tone with a string of amazing tricks and jokes that kept us in stitches. Later in the night, another round of faultless tricks and jokes left us amazed. He was simply fantastic, and the tricks and jokes are still discussed by my friends today.'
Alex Bayliss – Captain of the Royal Guard

Not only did you capture minds, hearts, aces, and spades, you left us with an indelible print not at, but 'on' our fingertips. You brought gasps and applause with the purity of your magic. Thank you for that WOW factor Maximillian (We can categorically say – 'you are most definitely one in a million'.)
Joe Macari, Managing Director

Always my favourite magician to book! Never ceases to get everyone screaming with delight!
Olivia Bentley

The 12 reviews on Maximillian
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Perfect! Maximillian enjoys teaching as much as he does performing. This translates to instructive lessons in which the time passes quickly because it's so enjoyable. I am excited to begin practicing my new moves between today's lesson and the next.

Maximillian's response

Always a pleasure to work with someone who already has a good grip on the world of magic!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Andy and discussing all things magical! Look forward to working together again in the future!


Perfect! Most incredible magic lesson and experience! Max is an amazing teacher and magician and provided a truly memorable session. Highly recommended!

Maximillian's response

I had a great time in our lesson. Incredible enthusiasm and lots of promise, clearly a fan of magic and a very keen energy!


Perfect! My kids loved the magic sessions. They are two years apart so picked it up at different speeds but max was very patient and they are both keen to have more lessons now.

Maximillian's response

Ben and Sam showed great promise and willingness to learn! Looking forward to our next lesson!


Perfect! An amazing magician, I would recommend to anyone who has a child interested in taking magic to the next level! Great way also to keep children entertained in lockdown. Thanks Max.

Maximillian's response

Tom's son Edward who took part in the lesson showed great promise for a newcomer to magic. His confidence was very apparent and with some directed practice and the right effects, he would make a great entertainer.


Perfect! Very good

Maximillian's response

Daniel shows great promise and with a bit of practice, he could be one of the next great magicians!


Perfect! Max helped us to create a fun and interactive finale to an otherwise routine company Zoom meeting! He was funny, engaging and interactive. Definitely provided some great entertainment - but also taught us a few tricks that we could try at home. Exactly what we were hoping for!

Maximillian's response

Had a great time teaching Jordan and his colleagues!

6 recommendations


At the start of the lockdown, my 16 year old and I decided it would be fun to use the time to learn some card tricks and with it sleight of hand, etc. We met Max via a network we are part of and signed up to five one-on-one Zoom lessons, which we loved! Max was really excellent at pitching these at the right level and as well as teaching us various sleights, flourishes and tricks, was very good at explaining the art of performing these. Both Maddie and I would recommend Max strongly to anyone looking to learn card magic or, indeed post lockdown, looking for a magician for an event. Rory


Max is a brilliant magician - engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable: all make for an amazing magic teacher. My son is entranced and is now a confirmed card-trick-crazy teenager! We would throughly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn some clever, fun and mind-blowing tricks!!


The only regret I have about learning Magic from Max, is that I didn't do it sooner. I'm now able to whip out a few impromptu magic effects at a moments notice and always have a way to entertain my mates at the bar, brilliant stuff, great chap. Well worth the investment!


Really enjoyed my lessons with Max! A great teacher and very inspiring. Most of all the lessons are fun, engaging and I really hope to be impressing my friends with my new skills very soon!


I've had Max perform at many events over the years, but one of the best decisions I ever made was to have him teach magic to my children. They are both quickly turning into little performers and I cannot thank Max enough for his professionalism and skill and managing them!

Cannot recommend highly enough!


Maximillian is amazing, he has taught me some really cool tricks to use and gave me lots of ideas which I've incorporated into my sales pitch to clients. He was professional, patient and has a wide range of knowledge and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher, thank you, Max!

Interview with Maximillian

QUESTION 01 | 08
When did you start practicing? How did this passion find you?
Maximillian — I have always been interested in magic and had learned a few effects while growing up. However, it wasn't until I was at University when I was watching YouTube videos of people performing magic tricks that one, in particular, caught my eye. It was a performance of "This & That", a simple effect with three cards and it annoyed me so much that I couldn't figure it out, I had to learn it. So I learnt it, and after performing it to a few friends, I got an excellent reaction and thought to myself that maybe I should know a bit more. That was in 2010, and I've never really stopped since then!
QUESTION 02 | 08
Which artists or works affect you the most?
Maximillian — Being a member of the Magic Circle means I get to spend time with lots of magicians who I have always looked up to, and continue to do so. Over the years I've been lucky enough to spend time with and meet some of the best in the business such as Fay Presto, David Penn (of Penn and Teller), Drummond Money Coutts, Michael Vincent and many more.

When it comes to magic, I am always most affected and intrigued by "close-up" magic. I believe it is because the magic happens right in front of the audience, so close that there can be no explanation for it other than "it's magic". I also feel this way because of the natural and spontaneous reactions and interactions you as the performer gets to experience and take part in with your audience. No performance is ever the same when it's that personal.

Not to diminish the fantastic and impressive work that stage and TV magicians do, I love their work as well. Still, it's very hard not to allow yourself to blame the "magic" as only happening because it's behind a camera or on a stage, so I prefer magic where that kind of explanation just doesn't fit.
QUESTION 03 | 08
What are the qualities and skill required to succeed in this area?
Maximillian — Magic requires an incredible mix and blend of skills for success to take place. However, that depends on what success looks like for you as a magician. I have known many hobbyist and casual magicians who love what they do and get incredible enjoyment out of practice and performing. I've also known professional magicians who never see themselves as successful magicians.

For me, success in magic comes from continually improving and learning as much as possible. I am always working to improve my performances, my sleights, my effects, the character I portray, my marketing, social media, website, blogging, audience interactions and a host of other skills. As a close-up magician, I am a one-person army who has to juggle many different tasks and skills to get the most out of what I do. If you become a stage magician, then an entire other world of skills have to be mastered, lighting, sound, stage management, wiring, transport of bulky props and so on.

The main thing you need, though, is a love of the art form. Magic is the art of hiding your art from people, spending hours, days, weeks or even years behind closed doors, perfecting every minor detail. Being a magician is not immensely profitable. So, if you don't love magic for magic's sake, you are in this industry for the wrong reasons.
QUESTION 04 | 08
What is the most valuable advice you can give to help someone stay focused on creative projects?
Maximillian — "Wanting a positive experience is a negative experience. Accepting a negative experience is a positive experience."

I love that quote, and when it comes to the work I do, it often rings true. The projects I love and enjoy doing are always the easiest to get lost in, pushing through completion and then some. And then there will always be those projects that I don't want to do, or don't interest me as much. Accepting that they are less attractive, but they need doing, helps me push on and get the job done anyway.

If I'm struggling, using the "Pomodoro Method" is my favourite way to help keep myself on track with any task where my focus always seems to stray. Set a time for a specified amount of time; I use 45 minutes, and then spend that time only doing one task. After the time is up, take a break for fifteen minutes and carry on or move onto another task. Rinse and Repeat as needed.
QUESTION 05 | 08
How would you describe your passion; how does it make you feel?
Maximillian — Most of the time, happy. I love performing magic. I love the struggle and frustration that comes with learning a new move, especially when I finally get it and can proudly show it off (or not as the case may be!) in my next performance.

Magic can be infuriating at times, as it demands a lot of time and dedication to get the results you want. Getting those results, though, is by far the best feeling in the world. And nothing comes close to the feeling of an audience's wholehearted applause.

Sometimes though, because of all the self-reflection needed to improve as a performer, it can be tough not to be too harsh on yourself. I battle with this a lot, and often after the high from finishing a performance has worn off, it can be easy to get quite dark and start picking yourself apart. As a magician, you learn to see more than most people, and somethings can neither be unseen nor ignored once you've opened that door, so treat yourself nicely!
QUESTION 06 | 08
What creative achievements are you particularly proud of?
Maximillian — Performing at TEDx Macquarie in Australia was one of my first significant hurdles. That was the biggest audience I had performed to, close to 1000 people when before that, the biggest I had performed to was around 100-150. Terrifying and for better or worse, that performance is forever available on the internet, especially as I am now incredibly embarrassed by it!

Becoming a member of the magic circle, which was something I just never thought possible for myself.
QUESTION 07 | 08
Have you ever been surprised by a student; by their ability or quick progression?
Maximillian — All the time. It's incredible to see the shift in a student when they go from practising magic because they think it is "cool" or something to do, and when they become engrossed by it. At that stage, they are practising every day because they want to, using every quiet moment to practice a move or to think about their performances. A little practice every day does so much to supercharge someone's rate of learning and retention. It is always a joy to see and be a part of in any new magician's career.
QUESTION 08 | 08
Being a Superprof is an art! What is your secret?
Maximillian — Teach them the magic they want to learn. I start everyone off with a deck of cards because it is a great starting point to get to grips with everything. But from there, it makes more sense for some people to learn coin magic, or mentalism, or prop based effects. There is so much to learn, and it doesn't make sense to have students running drills in the things they aren't going to get anything out of, so find what they love and do more of that.

Listen to your students, but don't let them run the class! Some students, particularly teenagers, can be stubborn about only wanting to learn specific effects. I have no problem with this, but the lessons are never allowed to turn into a series of questions about how to perform famous effects. The secrets of magic only make up a tiny part of "magic". So much of it is the performer, the character, the reason behind an effect, the methodology, and so much more than giving away the secrets would ruin everything!

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