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Learn the standard American accent; start to sound the way Americans actually sound, with a tutor born and raised in America, who has taught thousands of hours of pronunciation lessons.

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Hi, I’m Jonathan. I've been teaching English online since 2017 to intermediate and advanced students, who want to speak with standard American English.

I've developed experience and materials to help students practice talking and also to improve their pronunciation and talk with the standard American accent.

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Hi I’m Jonathan, I was born and raised in America. I speak standard American English as a native speaker. I have the accent that most Americans and Canadians have.

I’ve been teaching English since 2017. I teach adult students whose level of English is intermediate or advanced. I have had students from many countries in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Schools around the world usually teach students to speak English in a way that is different than native speakers. I can help you sound more like an American.

Most of my students take lessons with me to help them perform better at their jobs and to continue advancing in their careers. I enjoy seeing and helping my students build confidence and make advancements.

I can help you practice talking. I’m happy to talk about almost any topic. If you don’t know what to talk about I can suggest topics. In conversation I’ll suggest words and phrases that native speakers use.

I have also developed my skill and materials to help students improve their pronunciation and acquire a more American accent. I have helped some students make a lot of progress with pronunciation. I can help you whether you have a heavy or mild foreign accent.

Let me know what you want to focus on; fluency, or pronunciation, or both.

I’m also happy to assist with other things, for example writing, preparing for job interviews, or presentations.

If your goal is to talk like an American, I’m ready to help you out; I hope you’ll schedule a lesson.

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