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Learn the standard American accent; start to sound the way Americans actually sound, with a tutor born and raised in America, who has taught thousands of hours of pronunciation lessons.

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Jonathan is one of our best tutors Accent reduction - English. They have a high-quality profile, verified qualifications, a quick response time, and great reviews from students!

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I'm available in the morning in the New York time zone. (That's the afternoon and evening for Europe and Asia.) I'm available every day except Thursday.

Please only schedule lessons at times you can attend; please don't cancel or reschedule lessons less than 12 hours before the lesson.

I am a pronunciation tutor; pronunciation is the sounds of a language.

Please watch my video, which you can find at the bottom of this page. Here is the text of that video:

Hi, I’m Jonathan. I was born and raised in America. I am a native speaker of standard American English.

I’m an English pronunciation tutor. I teach adult students whose level of English is intermediate or advanced. I started teaching English in 2017. I have had students from many countries in Asia, Europe, and South America.

First I will tell you what I am not going to teach:

I am not going to teach grammar rules. I am a pronunciation coach.

I might not teach you what you learned in school; I might teach you something totally different. What is taught in most English classes around the world is a lot different than how we talk here in America.


I’m not going to teach you to talk fast. I’m going to teach you to fully pronounce sounds like the E, R, and N. I’m going to teach you to use the natural rhythm and flow of English, the way Americans do.

If you take lessons from me, you’ll make progress acquiring the standard American accent. You’ll also get some practice with your fluency; I want to coach you on your pronunciation while you’re talking, so I’ll make general corrections and suggestions in addition to helping you with your pronunciation.

I’ll coach you while you practice your pronunciation by reading out loud and talking. Sometimes students have material that they want to read. Otherwise, I have list of limericks, song lyrics, and movie scenes to read.

Limericks and song lyrics will help you get a strong sense of the rhythm of English. Movie scenes are helpful for improving intonation.

I’ll also coach you on your pronunciation while talking, to help you get in the habit of talking with the American accent during normal conversation.

I also have pronunciation exercises to help with particular sounds that are often confusing or difficult.

Now that I’ve been helping students with pronunciation for a few years, I’m able to hear the subtle things that cause someone to have a foreign accent, even if it’s only a slight accent.

All of my students make progress. On average, my students reduce their accents by about half, after 40 hours of lessons with me.

I don’t assign homework, but I recommend that you do shadowing and practice pronunciation between lessons.

Let’s read a limerick. Listen while I read the limerick, then shadow me; read the limerick out loud and try to sound just like me. Pay special attention to the sounds that are held long; these sounds give the limerick a nice rhythm.

There once was a farmer from Leeds,
Who swallowed a packet of seeds.
It soon came to pass,
He was covered with grass,
But has all the tomatoes he needs.

Now pause the video and say it yourself.

Here are the sounds to hold long:
in the first line, the S sound in “once,” the R sound at the end of “farmer,” and the E sound in “Leeds.”
There once was a farmer from Leeds
in the second line, the O sound in “swallowed,” the “eh” sound in “packet,” and the E sound in “seeds.”
Who swallowed a packet of seeds.
in the third line, the oo sound in “soon,” and the aa sound in “pass.”
It soon came to pass,
in the fourth line, the R sound in “covered,” and the aa sound in “grass.”
He was covered with grass,
in the last line, the L in “all,” the O sound in “tomatoes,” and the E sound in “needs.”
But has all the tomatoes he needs.

To say the th in “there,” open your mouth and put your tongue between your teeth. Very lightly touch your upper teeth with your tongue, and hum. Thththththth. There. The th in the word “the” is made the same way. The. The th in “with” is a little different, it’s an unvoiced th. So instead of humming, blow air through your mouth. Ththththth. With. When saying the th, always keep your mouth relaxed and use a light touch with your tongue.

Try to say the second line as if it is all one word. Don’t forget to keep the rhythm.
Who swallowed a packet of seeds.
Who swallowed a
Who swallowed a packet of
dove, packet-of
Notice the T in “packet” is pronounced like a D when you connect “packet” and “of.”
a packet of seeds.
Who swallowed a packet of seeds.
Most words can be connected; it is how Americans normally talk and will make your English flow smoothly

You need to be able to say “dz” to say “Leeds,” “seeds,” and “needs.” Dz. Say “dizzy.” “Dizzy.” Dzzzz. Dzzzz. Leeds. Seeds. Needs. If it’s difficult for you to say the dz sound, make the E sound longer: Leeds. Seeds. Needs. Then practice saying those words, and after you say them a few dozen times, it’ll get easier.

Now we’ll say the limerick again:

There once was a farmer from Leeds,
Who swallowed a packet of seeds.
It soon came to pass,
He was covered with grass,
But has all the tomatoes he needs.

Now, I’ll say a couple lines from the movie “Groundhog Day.” Copy how I say them. Movie scenes are good for practicing intonation, so pay special attention to the intonation; important words are at a higher pitch, and unimportant words are at a lower pitch.

There is no way that this winter is ever going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his

What is the most important word in that sentence? It is “ever.” Make sure you put lots of stress on it and say it at a high pitch. The other important words are “no,” “long,” “keeps,” and “shadow.” Put lots of stress on those words, but remember to put little or no stress on the rest of the words.

There is no way that this winter is ever going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his

Here’s another line:

I don't see any other way out.

The important words are “I” and “any.”

I don't see any other way out.

He's got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.

The important words are “got,” “stopped,” “I,” and “stop.”

He's got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.

Remember to make the E sound long, in “see,” “any,” and “He’s.”

I don't see any other way out. He's got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.

If your goal is to sound American, I’m ready to help you out; I hope you’ll schedule a lesson.


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About Jonathan

Hi, I’m Jonathan. I’m a pronunciation tutor. I’ve taught thousands of lessons over the past few years, to intermediate and advanced students, who want to speak with the standard American accent; the accent that most Americans and Canadians have.

In 120 hours, you can make big improvements in your pronunciation; that’s 60 hours of lessons with me, and 60 hours of practicing on your own.

Actually my lessons are not a full hour, they are 55 minutes long.

In a typical lesson, we’ll start with a pronunciation exercise for around 20 minutes. Then we’ll read a short news article out loud, and I’ll coach you on your pronunciation while you read. Then we’ll talk about the article for the last 10 or 15 minutes. I’ll coach you on your pronunciation while you’re talking.



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My lessons are 55 minutes long, $15 per lesson. The first lesson is free.


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