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I love math and want to share my skills with others who struggle with this subject. I will meet with you at one of our local libraries.

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I am interested in helping others succeed in the subjects of Math and Algebra. I have an Associates Degree of Science, with a focus on accounting and psychology. I have always loved the subject of mathematics and enjoy teaching others. I find that I work well in a one-on-one situation. Throughout high school & college, I received A's in all my math courses, including Algebra I and II at MCCCC. I like to know exactly what the student is working on prior to our tutoring session so I can specifically focus on what he/she is having difficulty with. Since math is learned on a step-by-step process, sometimes a student's difficulty is not only with the current problem they are working on, but most likely there is a misunderstanding in prior lessons. A plan of action can be determined after meeting with a student a few times to ensure a better understanding and bring his/her grade up.


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About Marie

To date, my experience with tutoring has been as a volunteer both at the elementary level and at the college level with basic math & beginning algebra. During the summers, I have worked with two elementary age children to review the past school year and prepare for the upcoming school year using books that the school provides covering math, language skills and, science. The results of these past summers plus assisting with their homework on a weekly basis has greatly advanced the skills of one of the children who was struggling to a high degree two years ago. He hated math prior to working with him and he is now doing well and actually likes math. His sister is also doing very well in math, having learned many of the tools I taught her brother just by watching and participating in our time together.

Also, During the 2016 fall semester at MCCCC, I was a volunteer tutor to a women returning to school and taking a basic math course. Although it appeared that she was making good progress, she did not complete the class due to a family situation.



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  • 10h: $180


I charge $18.00/hr if we can meet at a Monroe County Library.

If after our first meeting, you need me to come to your home, I will charge a $10 travel fee for locations within 10 miles of my home.

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