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Meditation with an Awakened Teacher for Relaxation, Well-being, learning to heal your emotional and relational pain, and guidance toward Awakening. Indianapolis and surrounding, or by webcam!

    • Indianapolis
    • at his home
    • at your home
    • webcam

About the lesson

We will design your course according to your needs and goals

Class size: Individual, or Groups up to 8 (discounts for groups)

Duration: 1 hour approximately.

Structure of time:

1. A Learning Conversation; sometimes you guide it, sometimes I do. We find out what you are learning this week, and how I can help with your process.

2. Meditation together: guided or silent, and of various types and levels. I work with subtle bodies or auric energies and can support you as you heal; I can teach you how to work with your own energies as well.

3. We Review Experiences in meditation, looking to see what we can learn together from them for your ongoing progress and mastery. In this way, you become more self-sufficient over time.

Your intuition is your primary guide: my work is to help you pay attention to your intuition and trust yourself. I will also help you test your understanding of what your intuition is saying to you, and to evaluate and learn from your personal experiments in daily life. In this way, you increasingly become more sure of yourself in all aspects of your life including your spiritual development.

As time goes on, students' peacefulness and compassion for self and others tends to increase so that large problems become small and then nonexistent, and new problems are less likely to develop. This is true for many physical, emotional and relational symptoms.

All of this is primarily due to the fact that you are discovering by experience (not only words) how to love yourself deeply, fully, and richly.


  • Weight loss
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation


  • English


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

About Kieran

My story:

I have been practicing Yoga Meditation for a very long time. In March, 2015, I began to experience awakening, or lower Samadhi. It was an incredible and amazing experience, which over time has gradually progressed into Higher Samadhi, including periods of ridiculously enjoyable bliss, direct experience of the Life Essence, and divinely inspired poetry on awakening. I'm not fully Enlightened yet, but moving in that direction.

As a result, my suffering has been decreased drastically and replaced with the deepest calm and periods of unutterable bliss. Even when extremely strong emotions from the past arise during practice, I can endure them calmly and fade them over a few minutes through meditation techniques. Through the peace and love created by practice, my life has become filled with enjoyable relationships full of grace and creativity.

I have also learned how to work with subtle bodies or auric energies of students, allowing me to sense your experiences as you have them, support you and aid you in healing the karmic energy that surfaces in sessions, and understand what issues you are currently working with on a very personal level. I can then also use what I learn from your energies to teach you more specifically how to work with them yourself: in this way my knowledge becomes your opportunity to become your own master in your practice.

What I will teach you: how to listen to and understand yours and your own deeper intuitions. How to experiment with acting on your inner knowledge. How to learn from your experiments so that you progress in whatever way you desire.

I will listen to you until you understand how to listen to yourself. That is yoga. I will keep listening to you as you gain mastery.

Through learning meditation, you gradually discover your own inner voice, and learn how to act on it with confidence. In doing this you awaken your own ability to heal, and gradually you become compassionate and serene; strong, fearless, and courageous.

This process is why a student eventually becomes a master, knowing not only what books teach, but how to teach themselves, how to explore and discover the mysteries of existence by their own intuition and personally developed skills. This way, you become ever more capable of exploring wisely anything you wish to understand and master.



  • 5h: $140
  • 10h: $280


  • + $$15


  • $24/h



Scholarships available for financial hardship.

Travel distances over 10 miles will be discussed at time appointments are set.

Your questions are encouraged and appreciated.

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