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Online coaching in English Composition, Oration (public speaking). Lessions in Introductory Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics & Epistemology.

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Hello, I'm Michael. I'm a 35 year old outreach lay minister (Unitarian Universalist). I primarily teach youth group, but can be very helpful for students (high school and college) looking for help with English composition, oration (public speaking), and topics in philosophy (see below).

BS in Philosophy, AS in Secondary Education

Why learn about Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics & Epistemology?

1) Ethics - Those who do not explore their morality are more easily persuaded out of it.
My approach to teaching ethics is not about telling you what to believe, but to help explore the beliefs you have through inquiry and syllogism, and to introduce you to classic authors (Socrates, Aristotle, Emanuel Kant and Bertrand Russel for instance) who have made such inquiries. If you find yourself disagreeing with someone over a moral issue, it's always good to be able to explain why, clearly and thoughtfully.

2) Logic - Nothing is a more fundamental skill than reason. Understanding the formal fallacies helps to keep you from making them. As the information age dawns we have more information than we can handle. What logic gives you IS a method to handle it. If I had my way, logic would be a required high school course.
I can teach you to diagram an argument (which is immensely clarifying in day-to-day life) and test it for logical soundness, as well teach you to identify the most common forms of bad reasoning (fallacies).

3) Metaphysics - Dealing with the relationships between abstractions, metaphysics forms the foundation of math and law. It's also where the most profound ideas in human experience are discussed.
Expect to find yourself questioning things you already know as truths.


4) Epistemology - A subset of metaphysics, epistemology explores the way we come to possess knowledge, and the limits of knowing.

Typically I use a combination of online conversation and email messages to tutor. Skype and email are what I am most used to, but Facebook messenger or other services are fine. I don't mind learning to use new applications for communication. Likewise while I prefer a set schedule, a changing schedule is fine if that is what you need.


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About Michael

I've been running youth groups, off and on, for almost a decade. This typically takes the form of an informal classroom setting, or convention workshops. To keep students engaged, I often rely on guided discussions and varied forms of composition. Teaching logic through helping students compose a sutra, poem or rap song, for example. When I do resort to a lecture format, I keep it short, and typically make use of pop culture references and whatever interests the students display. That latter method comes out of habit I've had since high school, which earned me the nickname 'Bunni Rabbi', for combining deep topics and humor.



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