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1st lesson free!

Personal MATHEMATICS and PHYSICS TUTOR of any level - Graduated in Physics - Homework help and Entrance test. Decades of experience in teaching

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We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Filippo will be happy to arrange your first lesson Academic tutoring.

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Physics and Mathematics at ANY LEVEL.
Graduated in Physics and specializing in Theoretical Physics (in the area of Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics).

Support for exams, homework,exercises, entrance tests, assignments, debts, clarifications, recovery, strengthening and deepening your skills. Individual lessons, problem solving, exercises, assignments.

Preparation of short and long-term objectives, correction and improvement of the study method, individual ad hoc program for beginners and for students who intend to deepen their skills.

Drafting, correction and revision (in LaTeX or professional software) of papers, term papers, reports, presentations, slides, researches.

From university level to primary school. I have regularly tutored and I’m currently tutoring students of all kinds and with very different needs. I am very patient and empathetic, I always make my students feel comfortable and confident and I always establish an equal and friendly relationship, I clarify their doubts, deepen the subjects treated and/or enrich it with simple and intuitive examples and practical cases. The lessons will adapt completely to your needs, together we will set the program and the objectives to be achieved.

Your background doesn't matter.

Guided and interactive development of Tests, Exercises and Examples justified by the Theory. Online lessons in videoconference with interactive whiteboard.

Notes will be produced during the lesson, provided to the student in .pdf format. The lessons will appear graphically as in the video watchable below in this page. During the lesson I will share the interactive whiteboard on the screen and both the student and I will have the microphones on, if necessary the webcam. During the videoconference the interactive whiteboard will be shared, in which I’ll write freehand, I’ll use professional software for graphical visualization and verification of the results, I’ll share images, videos and explanatory graphs. (Everything will be shared and will remain saved in your personal area along with your notes).

I’d provide the didactic material selected for each subject and I’ll leave to the student targeted exercises and assignments. Ad hoc program to maximize results. All my students managed to reach their goals set within the established time frame.

Many of the students I trained and guided didn’t have any basic skills or any background.

I have supported students with the necessity to:
- learn effectively and efficiently, to pass an upcoming or long-term exam or test;
- deepen, train and enhance previous knowledge from an independent study;
- carry out exercises with my guide;
- learn from scratch, without any previous knowledge;
- retrieve topics never done well or that have been poorly explained during their studies;

My teaching is based on the precise and clear explanation, through many analogies, images and examples, of the questions posed by the student and the topics covered, together with exercises carried out by the student and guided by me. The goal is to convey the student's ability to solve problems and think in an intuitive as well as logical way, rather than using a sterile mnemonic method. A "Theoretical Injection" will be carried out for each chosen topic, briefly introducing and justifying all the tools that will be used in the following. Subsequently, a simple practical case will be analyzed, starting with an exercise or a case of low difficulty (based on the level chosen) to show the application of the tool introduced at the beginning. Finally, an exercise of medium / high difficulty will be studied, justifying the procedure used and showing all the connections. After having given you the tools and having exposed you a practical case, I’ll propose You a simple exercise and it will be your turn: I’ll write on the blackboard everything you tell me to write on and I’ll let you continue with the resolution, when you need my help I’ll explain how to proceed or I'll just give you the guidelines, it's up to you. Obviously, gradually, I’ll increase the difficulty of the proposed tasks but with the certainty of always bringing YOU to solve them, independently!


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About Filippo

Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Ettore Majorana" and specializing in Theoretical Physics, in particular in Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics. Thesis on "Topological phases of matter", the "Berry phase and the invariant TKNN".

I did an internship with a scholarship for 12 months at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg studying topics in the area of General Relativity, gauge/gravity duality and elementary particle theory.

Experience as a university tutor. Personal teacher and university tutor with decades of experience in teaching and guiding students with completely different needs and backgrounds. I followed and trained more than 1000 students!!!

I attended several extracurricular university courses at the Department of Mathematics, of which I took the exams, of different advanced mathematical topics: Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, Variational Calculus, Group Theory and Lie algebras, Complex Analysis.

I have been a self-taught student of Mathematics and Physics for more than 15 years, I know very well the problems related to the education system, the teaching method and the study method because I have experienced them! (Studying or following the lesson does not always mean assimilating, learning, understanding).



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The prices for more lessons will be agreed according to the customer's needs, through a quote, by choosing in advance the number of lessons and their duration (which cannot be less than 60 minutes).


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