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School of Anatomy - Maciej Haberka

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Hard-working and open-minded medical student will give extra lessons to everyone, who wants to learn this subject diligently in according to needs of the field of study.
On my part I offer:
•individualized teaching – everyone sees the world in other ways, I will do my best to find a sense which allows you to learn in the most effective way

•helping to understand the topic –by using the rule „top-down” and well divided material which gives you better possibility to notice crucial relationships in anatomy

•access to materials and experience in the field of anatomy as a participant and laureate of nationwide competition of anatomical knowledge Golden Scapula


  • Anatomy


  • English


  • College / University
  • Adult Education

About Maciej

I learn anatomy from 2 years and I had more than 10 students.



  • 5h: $150
  • 10h: $300


  • $30/h

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