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David - Prof mathematics - Converse


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Servant Tutor for math and physics -- leaves you saying "Why can't my prof explain it that way?"

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I have taught several hundred students over the past 10-12 years. Most of this has been done via online whiteboard (with voice), but some face-to-face as well. For students who come from an inadequate classroom experience, my goal is to hear them say, "Why can't my teacher explain it that way?"

Students and parents send testimonies stating that they have been significantly helped and recommending my services to others.

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I have Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA.

You send to me the problems and concepts you want to work together so that I may review them in advance and "hit the ground running" with you. This review is at no charge to you and is important since any professor or textbook can throw "curve balls" which I want to have worked through in their entirety before you and I ever begin them.

I will lead you to think through problems yourself so that you improve and do not merely pass the next test or turn in the current homework assignments.

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