The art of movement and performance on stage while speaking to fictional characters is called acting. Throughout the years, Hollywood has made the acting profession a highly sought-after career for some.

Professional actors who play characters in films, TV shows, radio shows, or even live theatrical productions have won the admiration of the public. But not all have the dedication and luck required to make it big in their field.

In fact, many aspiring actors spend the majority of their time in small productions before they make it onto a bigger stage.

Just because it’s a tough profession to crack does not mean you should not experience the art of acting yourself. Believe it or not, acting isn’t all about talent and good looks.

Things like discipline, dedication, teamwork are also important so consider enrolling yourself into acting classes to see what it is like to perform in the spotlight!

Reasons to Take Acting Lessons

If you have never tried to act before, you might be intimidated by the idea of performing in front of a live audience or a camera crew.

Once you start learning a little about the art of acting, you’ll find that it can be a great way to improve your verbal communication skills as you will require the extensive use of your vocal cords by repeating lines at various intonations, speeds, and volumes.

Another way acting can improve your life is by helping you become confident in your own body and posture.

That’s because actors are especially aware of their body language when they are in front of an audience. And training your body to convey the message of the play is an important part of an actor’s acting education.

performers in the street
Become confident in your own body and posture with the help of acting lessons! (Source: Unsplash)

One more reason to get involved in the world of recreational acting courses is to escape from the tension and stress of your everyday life. No matter what type of stress you have - from work or an intensive school program, acting can help you unleash your creativity and imagination.

Why not spend several hours pretending to be someone else and living another life as a form of escape?

What Acting Classes Can You Take?

Acting schools are different from drama schools as they usually do not offer any type of courses for credit or for certifications. Instead, acting schools have acting teachers who share their acting techniques with anyone who is interested in acting. Several types of acting courses for both children and adults may be offered at these acting schools.

One type of acting course you can take as a beginner is called acting techniques. This course introduces you to all the basic techniques of acting such as the Meisner technique. If you are thinking of enrolling in an acting class in your free time, consider taking acting techniques as a good place to start.

Another type of acting class you can take is for voice and vocal techniques. If you have never taken lessons in singing or speaking, these lessons will help you improve your speaking abilities so you can communicate better with your audience.

One more acting course you can take is called improvisation. As its name suggests,  improvisation involves acting out scenarios without the confines of a script.

It is a sought-after skill in comedy and for acting in commercials as it requires the actor to get out of their head and think fast on their feet.

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Getting a Professional Acting Education in New York

When people in the acting world think about New York City, their minds will jump straight to theatre, musicals, glamour, success, and of course - Broadway. After all, New York City is the first city in the U.S. where acting got its roots. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of reputable courses in other cities such as Chicago or Austin, for example.

And it is also the city where many of the best professional acting and drama schools are located in North America.

These drama schools are meant for those interested in pursuing a serious career out of their acting talents. As a result, admission is highly competitive and requires multiple rounds of auditions.

Some of the acting programs in New York City also have advantages over one another, but all would be able to provide you with a solid foundation to work as a professional actor.

One school to consider is the Juilliard School. Not only is it one of the best drama schools in New York City, it is also one of the most popular acting schools in the world! Since 1905, the school has educated numerous talented actors from around the world, including Kelsey Grammer, Robin Williams, and Kevin Spacey.

Another great professional acting school is the Tisch School of the Arts. The drama program at this school was founded in 1974 and currently specializes in conservatory training in theatre and film. Notable alumni of the school include Billy Crystal, Bridget Fonda, and Martin Scorsese.

Camera crew filming actors in the rain.
Get a professional acting education in New York City. (Source: Unsplash)

Recreational Acting Lessons in New York

If auditioning for a spot at one of the professional acting schools does not interest you, or if you are interested in trying acting as a hobby, consider enrolling in recreational acting lessons in your spare time.

You might discover your hidden talent in acting as well as make many new friends who have the same interest in acting as you do!

One school where you can enroll in acting workshops to fit your schedule is the Barrow Group Acting School. There are classes offered on the weekends, in 10-week intervals, 2-week intensive studies, and one-year programs. Some acting courses you can enroll in include scene study, script analysis, improv, directing, and Shakespeare.

For a more intensive acting program, consider enrolling in acting courses at Kimball Studio. Founded by TV write-producer-turned teacher Kelly Kimball, the studio requires you to commit to a semester-long study program lasting 12 weeks to get the most out of your studies.

You can also take one of the studio’s signature courses such as an on-camera crash course or improv or purchase a Sunday Crash-Course pass if you would like to take drop-in classes on Sundays only.

Shadows of actors behind red theatre curtains.
Acting studios can prepare you for some time on the stage. (Source: Unsplash).

Connecting With Acting Coaches in New York

If you would like to hire your very own private acting coach, consider using the power of the internet to find an acting coach near you. In some cities, this can be a difficult task especially if you have no connections to the acting industry.

With Superprof, you can search for acting coaches near you in the comfort of your own home. Superprof is also the leading platform for connecting experienced tutors with students.

With its advanced search settings, you can narrow down your potential acting coaches based on your personal preferences such as price, location, and experience. There are also great coaches available in other cities across the USA including Atlanta.

How to Find Casting Opportunities

When you are just starting out in acting, casting opportunities can be difficult to find, and even more difficult to land a role. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on attending casting calls and auditions all together. Like the saying goes - you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so consider going to a casting call today!

When you are starting out, talk to your acting teacher as well as friends and classmates in your acting classes to let them know that you are looking for acting opportunities. That way, where there is a casting call, they can think of you and let you know of the opportunity.

If you are more serious about landing professional acting roles, consider getting an agent to represent you and to connect you with others in the acting industry.

If you know someone who already has an acting agent, consider asking them to refer you to that agent. If you are currently working with your own personal acting coach, try asking them if they know of any agents who could represent you.

And lastly, take things into your own hands by scouring the internet for casting opportunities in your city. You can start with a simple internet search, or follow online forums or websites where upcoming casting opportunities are likely to be posted.

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