Are you are interested in spending some time under the spotlight? How about being someone else and living an entirely different life for just a few hours? Then perhaps you would be interested in taking acting courses.

Of course, if you would like to learn more about the art of acting, it is another reason to enroll in acting classes to enrich your life.

Not only are acting courses extremely fun, but it can also help you improve your verbal communication skills and memory as you will need to remember and practice your lines at various intonations, speeds, and volumes.

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Improve your verbal communication skills and memory by taking an acting course! (Source: Unsplash)

How to Know if You Should Enroll in Acting Courses

If you live in Chicago and considering an acting course, there are a few things you should consider before you take the time and commitment to attend one or multiple acting courses.

Three important factors are listed below:

  • Cost of the acting course or drama program
  • Type of acting classes or acting program
  • The time you’d like to spend on actor training

Cost of Acting Courses

If you are money-conscious or if you are currently living on a budget, cost should be the first thing to consider when choosing an acting class to meet your needs. Like a lot of bif cities in the USA, like New York or Austin, Chicago can be expensive.

Professional acting schools can be expensive, with tuition fees running to tens of thousands of dollars per semester. You should also factor in the cost of living expenses if you have to move to attend school.

If you are looking for acting courses to take as a side hobby, try looking at your local art associations or community centers where classes can be taken for cheap. Some communities even offer free programs for those who live on minimum wage so it’s great to check if you can find them first.

If you would like a private experience or have more money to spare, consider hiring your very own private acting coach. Depending on who your private coach is, costs can run for as little as $20 per hour to over hundreds of dollars.

Websites like Superprof can help you connect with the perfect acting coach to meet your price range and needs.

Types Of Acting Lessons

There are a lot of different areas to study when it comes to acting, and as a result, you have a range of courses to choose from. Whether you are interested in comedy, TV, film acting, or traditional Shakespeare, a little research can help you find the course that will interest you.

One type of acting course that many people enjoy is improv classes. These classes, like their name suggests, focus on your ability to talk and perform without a rigid script.

On the other hand, acting techniques can be a more rigid course that is ideal for beginners. This course introduces you to all the basic techniques of acting like the Meisner technique.

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A little research can help you find the acting course that will interest you. (Source: Unsplash)

Which Acting Course Will Meet Your Needs?

No acting classes are the same. Like shopping for products, you should always do your research before spending your money or committing to one class. Feeling home in the city is also important. Chicago is a welcoming place to be but other places like Atlanta can be just as warm.

This is to prevent you from wasting your money, time, as well as your energy attending a class you dislike.

One place you can check before you enroll in a course is in the online space. Does the drama school, acting course, or acting coach have tons of positive reviews? If so, how authentic do these reviews look?

Honest opinions from past attendees and students should give you an idea of whether the course is best suited for you.

Another way to gauge whether you will enjoy the acting course is to look for a list of the topics that will be covered in the course. Formally, this is called a course syllabus and you can ask the instructor for it beforehand or research for it online.

With the syllabus, you can see what the course focuses on teaching to see if you are interested in learning more about it.

Finally, try researching the educational and work backgrounds of the instructors at your prospective acting schools.

Some things to look for are whether the teachers graduated from prestigious acting schools like Juilliard or if they have a lot of experience doing acting work in the professional industry.

Chicago Adult Acting Lessons

If you are living and working in Chicago, you have some great options when it comes to acting lessons. Why not check them out?

They can be a great stress reliever outside of your regular day job, give you a professional leg-up if you are thinking of becoming a pro-actor, and even help you make many friends!

The Acting Studio Chicago is one of the first places you can check since the studio offers acting programs for both beginner actors as well as working professional actors. When you enroll is a class at this studio, you will be given a set of practical tools to help you learn the art of acting without a rigid script.

A variety of courses are also offered here ranging from beginner's core acting classes to intermediate-acting courses.

The Chicago Actors Studio is another studio that offers training programs for aspiring adult actors. Established in 1946, the studio was founded by Ted Liss who decided to share his masterful skills with everyone.

Many types of adult classes are offered include auditioning workshops, monologues, accent reduction, and more. Many famous students have graduated from the studio including Geraldine Page, Robert Urich, and Virginia Madsen.

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Learning to act can help you appreciate live shows more. (Source: Unsplash)

Acting Courses for Kids in Chicago

For children, taking extracurricular courses is a great way to expand their knowledge, make new friends, and work on their social skills.

Acting classes are a great choice for children because it doesn’t require much initial investment like painting or music lessons. Parents living in Chicago can choose to enroll their children into acting schools without the commitment of having to spend on expensive tools.

The Acting Studio Chicago also offers classes for kids and teens. These classes are taught by working actors who are passionate about art.

A cool class offered here is the on-camera technique classes where kids will learn how to personalize their acting and audition techniques.

If you would like to enroll in courses with a professional theatre company, try the Chicago Children’s Theatre! Launched in 2005, the theatre offers high-quality children's programming as well as courses for kids as younger than one year old!

All About Casting

Casting calls are notices usually made by casting agencies to notify the public that they are hiring actors for upcoming productions.

It is similar to job postings you’d find online and the casting calls can ask for roles ranging from low-budget student productions to highly publicized TV show roles.

For those who are fresh out of drama school or are just starting to pursue a career in acting, casting opportunities are the first thing to look for to give yourself the opportunity to show your talents.

If you are unsure of where to look for casting call opportunities, try talking to your acting teacher as well as friends in your acting circle. That way when there is a casting call, they will likely think of you and let you know of the opportunity.

Another way to stay in the loop about casting calls is to have an agent represent you as an actor. If you don’t know where to start looking for one, try asking for a referral from someone who already has an acting agent. You can check in with a personal acting coach if you have one or an acting teacher if they know of any good agents.

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