Students look at the many opportunities that stand before them after graduating high school and probably wonder which path will take them to the places they want to go. And if that already sounds like a hard decision to make, as a student, you need to realize that you'll have to plan for the future way before the end of senior year, at least a whole year before.

To make a choice this big, that will impact their future, students need to do some reading and research the subject to prep and be sure they make the correct choice.

Now, we don't mean you should do research to start writing an essay, but research and be informed about what universities you'd like to apply to, what is required in the application, what career you'd like, the subjects you'll need to take before graduating and what school and SAT scores are required. There are many questions you need to answer.

Deciding which subjects you should take the SAT for is very important. You need to ask yourself, what are my wishes for higher education?

In this article, we're going to tell you why you should choose to take the French SAT exam and what are the benefits in case you do decide to take this test.

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The language SAT testing is different from the science, math, history, and English tests. The SAT language tests your language skills. Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Benefits of taking the French SAT

Many students across the country choose to learn French as a second language just because it sounds beautiful and posh. But students actually don't realize that learning a second language is so beneficial to your life, not only on an academic aspect but also because it will provide different professional skills.

This is why students are encouraged to take language classes in school or courses outside of school. But many are faced with the eternal question, why should I take this exam?

The answer is quite simple. If you are considering taking the French SAT, it means you've been learning the language for a couple of years now. If you are truly interested in the language, it also means you're going to look to continue taking classes in college, travel to France, and be able to defend yourself or even do a semester abroad there.

If you are thinking about the future, answer this, what will your years in college or university look like? What will your major be? What classes will be required? What do you want to learn?

If you see French or studying abroad in France in any of your answers it means you'd better add the French SAT to the exams you need to take and start to prep for it.

Keep in mind that learning a new language can be quite fulfilling and a medium to boost your confidence.
People who learn new languages can think outside the box and possess better communication skills. It can help you make new friends around the world and add a new skill to your resume.

If you are still doubting, you can always check our article about the level of difficulty of the French SAT.

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If you like state universities in California the French subject won't be very important or relevant if you live in California, but if you want to pursue language class in college, then the test does matter. Photo by Parker Gibbons on Unsplash

What will they be testing you on?

The SAT is a set of standardized exams designed to put a score on the skills of the student and measure what they learned in high school, other than writing an essay.

There are two options for this SAT, French alone or French with listening. The SAT without the listening section is made of 3 sections, vocabulary, structure, and reading comprehension. The SAT with the listening section includes the previous 3 sections plus the listening ones which are pictures, short and long dialogues.

You'll have one hour time to finish both the French SAT or the French with listening SAT.

Since there are thousands of students taking these tests, colleges, schools, and university admissions, are looking for outstanding scores.

Just to give you an idea, here is the mean of scores for the SATs of some subjects (for you to get a broader idea):

  • French with listening: 679
  • French:  622
  • Math Level I: 614
  • Math Level II: 703
  • US History: 647
  • English (literature): 616

Keep in mind that there is no writing section on an SAT test (for any subject) so you're off the hook there! But do know that the SAT tests many other things related to a subject. So you better study a lot and prep beforehand, answer all your questions to make sure you score what you're aiming for.

University, college, or school admissions don't only want to see that you did well on every SAT subject, they want to see you exceed expectations, especially if you are applying to an IVY League University.

You can always consider private tutoring to improve your reading, testing, or academic knowledge and skills. Colleges value hard work and can identify the students who went above and beyond.

You can check the practice tests available for you here.

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Schools (college admissions board) will look at your SAT test scores in your application, so make sure you score as higher as you can on the test. Photo by Oussama Zaidi on Unsplash

Get to work!

As a student, it is well under your responsibility to prep for the SATs ahead of time. Once you've decided which subject you'll be taking the exams for (remember that some like science, English, and math are mandatory), you need to start to study.

Just in case you were wondering, the SAT for any language class is challenging. Therefore, it will take many hours of extra hard work, but as we already mentioned, your future self will benefit greatly from this.

It is important you know the exact date and time you'll be taking the test, this way you'll know how much time you have to study and prep for these tests. It is recommended for students to start getting familiar with the concept of standardized tests even years before they have to take the actual test.

You've probably already taken the PSATs or some standardized test. This should tell you that this exam is going to be hard, but, colleges are going to appreciate a good score. So keep practicing and getting ready for the test.

Keep in mind that the SAT tests your ability to work hard in a somewhat pressured environment.

You can also check our guide with Tips to Prepare you for the French SAT.

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State universities appreciate an application with high SAT scores, so make sure you are well prepared for the test. Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash


Once you make it to college, you'll feel grateful to had made it that far and passed every single obstacle and subject on the way. Keep in mind that college is going to present you with many new challenges, tests, exams, and questions. But you'll have an advantage because the SAT tests students limits, and if you passed them you'll be ready for anything college will throw at you.

If you'd like extra help in your education, private tutoring is always an excellent option! Tutoring is a perfect solution since you'll work extra hours which will prepare you well for the tests ahead (no matter the subject).

University will test your academic skills on each subject you take, so it is only wise for you, as a student, to prepare for what college will be testing you on.

The SAT is an exam that'll help you develop many skills that you can apply for any subject and that is going to come in handy during your time at university.

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