If you are planning to take the French SAT (French or French with listening) you're probably already preparing to take the test.

Truth is, the wisest thing you can do is get ready for the SATs as soon as possible. This is a challenging standardized test that will require a lot of preparation from you. If you want to have your pick at a good university or college, you'll be required to have high SAT scores. For that to happen, you need to start practicing at least one year beforehand.

There are many free tools available for students looking to prep for the SAT, you just need to know where to look. You can find tools online (for free) or rent out a book from your school library and even invest in private tutoring.

Tutors focused on the SAT are well prepared and will be able to provide you with the best hacks, or aid in your search for study books and online resources available.

As we already mentioned, you can invest in fancy books or tutors, but it won't matter if you don't put in the work, time, and practice. You won't miraculously get the full advantage of any hack you use if you don't actually spend your free time learning the skills you'll need to pass this exam and tests.

Remember, private tutoring is a great solution if you feel stuck on a subject. If you're looking for French tutors, search Superprof for someone near you.

If you are wondering about the Benefits of the French SAT, you can click on the link and find out more.

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Private tutoring can help not only for your language SAT but also for math, biology, history, literature, or any other subject and tests you might have. Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

How much should I practice?

Students often ask the question "How much should I practice?" whether they are learning math, or the scientific method in a biology class, or analyzing a literature piece for English class, and even when memorizing for history lessons.

The answer, easy, you should practice a lot. Practice makes the master, not talent or intellect, but practicing and preparation are the ones that'll do the trick.

So remember, if you are learning math, literature, biology, history and most importantly a new language, you need to practice every day that you have the time for practicing. Once the years pass, you'll be thankful for all the hours you dedicated to master a new skill or subject.

The best ways to prep and learn are by reading, taking practice tests, answering all your questions regarding the subject and its topics, and also by taking in-class exams as an opportunity to improve and practice.

If you are looking for private tutoring as an option to prep for the test, be sure your tutor (or tutors) has experience teaching on the subject.

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Be sure you are well rested for the day of the test, many students do poorly if they had a bad nights sleep. Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Where can I find practice tests?

There are many resources from where you'll be able to review a subject for the SAT exams. Keep in mind that there are many books available in your school library to guide and prep you for the tests. With that being said, there are also many online resources with tips and practice tests, especially on the College Board site. - The link we've just provided contains the French SAT practice test.

The test on the site (designed only for practicing) starts with a section of 37 multiple choice questions where you'll have to complete the sentence, do some vocabulary definition and reading comprehension. The site will also provide the correct answer to all the questions.

You'll be able to select the option you consider is the correct and then below you'll find an explanation like this:

Select the one that fits the sentence:
Je ne peux pas ________ un mot de ce qu'il dit.

A: attendre
B: comprendre
C: suspendre
D: étendre

Correct :
The noun mot means "word." The context shows that (B) comprendre (meaning "to understand") is the correct answer. (A) attendre ("to wait for"), (C) suspendre ("to suspend"), and (D) étendre ("to spread out") are not appropriate in this context.

Question Difficulty: Easy

This test on the College Board site ends after the 37 multiple choice questions, but you have to keep in mind that the actual test will have between 85 to 90 questions, depending on which SAT you take (French or French with listening).

You'd also find guidance in this Tips for the French SAT article.

Try to consider private tutoring as a study option, even with the practice test you're still going to need some extra guidance, and a tutor can give you a huge advantage.

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Standardized tests are only made of multiple-choice questions. Each question comes with 3 to 4 options of answers. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

How can a practice test benefit me?

As we mentioned above, your score is going to be higher if you dedicate yourself in full. The level of difficulty of the SAT is high, higher than any other test you've taken before.

This is why you need to prepare yourself for this exam, beyond just sitting down and listening to a language class, reading a book one afternoon, or checking an SAT guide once.

Remember that the SAT is not about high school, it's about your future and where you'll be during your college years. It's an exam that can open the doors for you, but if you fail, then it can also close them.

Keep in mind that tutors can help you study, but starting private tutoring one month before the test might not be that helpful. Try and get a tutor at least six months before test time, this way they can be on top of the things you need extra help with.

Be sure to check out our article about the level of difficulty of the French SAT.

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There are many topics to study before the test. To get a top score be sure to review all the content of the subject and answer all of your questions. Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash


We hope you found this guide helpful and motivating. We already discussed the importance of practicing for the SAT at length, so get on and do it! Remember that you can find all kinds of resources both inside your school, in a book or on the internet.

You should also start getting familiar with the subject (SAT nuances) perhaps two years in advance. This way you can be at the level expected from you, and not be rushing right before the exam after years of procrastinating.

We'd also recommend you don't underestimate the length to which a teacher might go, to guide you, so always raise your hand when in doubt, and reach out to the people there for you.

Keep in mind there are two options, the French SAT or the French with listening. They both take about an hour to complete and the score (or grading) is pretty much the same for both too.

Remember that the SAT is a standardized test designed to prepare you for college-level testing and thinking. It is going to be part of your applications, so you better do your best to ace the exam.

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