Are you a fan of boxing? You’ve probably already seen several fights on television or live and in person. Maybe you even practice what many have called “the noble art.” If you’re a boxer looking for a sparring partner, want to have a heavy bag workout without having to head to the gym, or are simply looking for punching techniques from professional trainers - you can find everything you need online!

If you are entering the world of boxing and want to get into the ring to learn how to fight, the best thing to improve your technique is to start trading some punches with boxing classes and workshops. However, we know that boxing classes simply aren’t possible for some people - whether it be the hefty price tag or scheduling conflicts. There are also some health risks involved in boxing in the ring that you should take into account.

You can start perfecting your technique and enriching your boxing knowledge with videos on YouTube! Here is a small selection of the best YouTube channels on the web for boxing.

professional trainers
Get the boxing training you need online

POP Sugar Fitness

While not solely dedicated to boxing techniques, this channel proves you don’t need heavy bags, gyms or mitts to start practicing your boxing moves! Put on your boxing gloves if you want too, this channel is dedicated to those who want to practice exercising at home. Whether you want to incorporate other equipment, like a jump rope or speed bag, is up to you.

POP Sugar workouts are focused mainly to fitness boxing. Their boxing and kickboxing workouts focus mainly on aerobic boxing classes, geared towards toning your core and lower body through cardio moves. Their workouts last anywhere from half an hour to an hour and touch upon genres such as Muay Thai, Kung Fu and kickboxing. You’ll be able to choose from about a dozen videos to follow.

Precision Striking

Building stamina, mastering your footwork and practicing shadow boxing can be difficult - especially when you’re not quite sure where to start. While following a boxing workout online can be fun, there are certain things they simply can’t teach you about the craft. If you’re looking for a boxing class or guide online to learn more about the mindset and techniques involved in boxing, check out Precision Striking.

Part blog, part video tutorial, you’ll be able to put your gloves or at-home boxing gym to good use with the information on Precision Striking. Operating on their website and on a supplementary YouTube channel, you’ll be able to browse through a selection of about 200 videos directed towards giving you advice and training on a diverse range of beginners’ boxing topics. Their videos range from common heavy bag mistakes to boxing footwork for speed and power.

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Nate Bower Fitness

If you want some extra training, are preparing to enter a boxing ring for the first time or simply want to take advantage of one of the many boxing gyms online - check out Nate Bower Fitness. Step up your warmup game past your jump rope and get in shape with the boxing workouts found on the channel. Whether you’re already a professional boxer or have just started amateur boxing, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for as the channel has 7 years of material waiting for you!

One example of a workout you’ll find on there is a high intensity, 20-minute heavy bag workout aimed at those who want to get fit while working on their technique. If you’re looking to improve your jabs, the channel also has a video on a jab cross body boxing combo. Other topics covered include improving your uppercut, breathing, and self-defence techniques.

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boxing tips
Following workouts at home can help improve your boxing skills


Whether you want to work on your knockout techniques, know more about focus mitts and hand wraps or simply want to build endurance, fightTIPS is another great channel to follow. Uploading new videos every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, this channel is split into kick boxing, boxing, MMA and BJJ.

The channel is perfect for those looking to get professional boxing advice or body workout lessons. With an average runtime of 6 minutes, you can also combine videos to build your own personal workout plan for the week. Some of the topics that are covered on the channel include:

  • Simple single-leg takedown for MMA
  • Muay Thai training 101
  • 10 bad heavy bag habits

The channel isn’t just a great place to find information about techniques but also a great resource for upcoming fights and even some sports history! If you want to unwind while learning more about what you’re practicing, make sure to check out their video on the way guns impacted martial arts during the 1800s.

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Dungeon Boxing Club

If you’re less interested in a bootcamp-style of personal training and more interested in getting personal training in movement and techniques - make sure to check out the Dungeon Boxing Club’s fitness training online. Hosting dozens of videos that range from 5 to 20 minutes, you’ll be able to become your own boxing trainer using the tips learned from this channel.

Practice improving your left hook, hip movements and more with the video boxing lessons produced by this channel. If you’re looking for a full body workout, check out their heavy bag drills video. If you’re looking to improve your training skills, check out their video on the essential equipment every coach should have in their possession.

Sports Fitness Club

One of the newer strength training and boxing channels included in this guide, Sports Fitness Club is one of the best places online to learn some new moves to include in your HIIT or circuit training.

Whether you’re looking for some extra exercises to do between your fitness classes or if you simply want to start learning to box with and without boxing equipment, this channel is one of the best places to start. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Boxing double end bag training
  • Kickboxing training
  • Increase boxing punch speed
  • Boxing with a punching bag

Put on your bag gloves and start reaching towards your fitness goals by trying out a video!

Here are some more tips on using the web as a tool to improve your boxing fitness.

Fran Sands

If you’re looking to get a total body fitness routine but don’t want to deal with the guesswork involved with creating your own - Fran Sands’ My Boxing Coach channel is a great place to start. The channel touts itself as one of the best boxing channels for clear and effective advice. Get into boxing stance and throw those golden gloves on, this channel has formatted their videos into playlists to make it easier on the user to decide what they want to work on.

Two great examples can be found in the playlists “Top 10 Beginner Boxer Skills and Drills” and “90 Second Boxing Tips.” The unique thing about this channel is that it also includes Q&A style videos that take the most common questions directly from the community and answer them in a video format.

staying fit
Boxing can be a great way to achieve lifelong fitness and happiness

Girl Fight

If you’re wondering where the boxing channels directed by female fighters are, look no further than Girl Fight. Starring actress and martial artist Gabriella Corvina, the channel is dedicated to paying tribute to female martial artists and even extends to cover those training in capoeira!

Corvina also hosts the channels Gabriella Corvina and Training with Gabby. While all three channels are dedicated to all things boxing, kick-boxing and MMA, all channels offer insight into the world of sports.

If you want to follow an at-home workout that’s sure to build your confidence in boxing, check out the tutorials on Training with Gabby. While the channel is still new, there’s a lot of great material to be found.

Sweet Science Boxing Gym

Whether you’re interested in starting your own boxing team or want some more information on kids boxing, sometimes turning to online boxing communities and resources is the best solution. If you want to start getting involved local boxing fans, it might be a great idea to start by checking out some boxing podcasts or talk shows. Check out the Just Boxing channel for all things boxing related, where topics include talking with guest boxers and breaking down upcoming matches.

Mike Rashid

If you want an all-purpose channel, take a look at Mike Rashid’s YouTube videos and business website. A professional boxer, bodybuilder and more, Mike Rashid offers advice on building muscle and training on his channel, challenges on his website and has even written a series called “Overtraining.”

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