With dozens of boxing federations, organizations and clubs, the UK is one of the best places in the world to practice your punches, cardio and footwork. This combat sport has been increasingly attracting some of the nation’s most talented, young athletes. While there are many risks involved with the sport, the great thing about boxing is that anyone can start learning no matter the age.

Whether you’re interested in working up to sparring in a gym or you simply want to put those boxing gloves to good use, boxing is one of the best ways to stay in shape while having fun. You can take boxing lessons from a coach in a boxing gym or follow a boxing workout online.

From kickboxing to mixed martial arts, the world of boxing can open you up to many more related disciplines. There is a copious amount of advantages to following an online boxing class with professional trainers. Working on your stamina, punches and other boxing techniques can be made easy with the right guidance. However, you may be wondering how an online boxing lesson even works! Here is what to expect and how to prepare for a practicing your fitness boxing inside.

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boxing gym practice
Practicing total body workouts can help your speed and technique

Start Your Training by Checking Your Internet Connection

An online English boxing, French savate boxing or online Muay Thai course is done in much the same way as a gym course. While there are obvious drawbacks, like not having access to a boxing ring or unlimited equipment like heavy bags, jump rope, mitts and jump rope - training at home also has a number of advantages.

For one thing, the only thing you’ll need to start your amateur boxing career is great Wi-Fi. In order to begin or continue learning boxing online, you must make sure you have good internet connection to help keep your boxing workouts uninterrupted.

A quarter of an hour before your session, turn on your computer to allow it to update if necessary: the older your computer is, the longer it will take to get started. Launch your choice of video conferencing software (Skype, Google Hang Out...) and check that it works correctly.

You should also make sure to prepare the materials and gear you’ll need during your boxing class: boxing gloves, a heavy bag or any other personal boxing gyms equipment. At the beginning of the course, make verify with your boxing teacher both of you are receiving the right signal: no sound or picture shift, good sound and picture quality, no unwanted mute or freezing frames.

The instructor should see you correctly, preferably in a well-lit room and in daylight. You should also have a clear view of the coach - after all, you’ll want to be able to see to follow along with the movements. Sound quality is equally as important, you’ll need to hear the instructor’s corrections, encouragement and be able to ask questions when necessary.

Before you start to take boxing lessons on the internet, check your equipment with a friend or family member. Test the sound quality of your microphone, the image quality of your webcam and the quality of your internet reception. Without this, it will be difficult to take individual distance boxing lessons.

If you are taking a video boxing class, already recorded and without a live teacher, we advise you to let the video load to ensure it won’t get stuck in the middle. Other than that, get ready to experience what some gyms and shadow boxing simply can’t teach you: confidence in your skills!

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boxing professionals
Becoming a professional can start by practicing boxing at home

The Distance Boxer’s Warm-Up

While boxing is a great aerobic body workout that can help you get in shape, it is, like all combat sports and martial arts, traumatic for the body. Even without all the gear a professional boxer has in their arsenal, like focus mitts and hand wraps, this high intensity sport can be dangerous when not practiced with the guidance of an experienced fighter.

This is why it is mandatory to start a workout with a complete warm-up. Whether you’re kick boxing or getting personal training in Muay Thai, warming up can prevent injuries to your joints and muscles. Getting a knockout should be the least of your worries with professional boxing if you can’t even make it through practice without a cramp!

A good warm-up lasts at least 15 minutes but can be longer depending on your physical condition, instructor and the duration of your boxing class. Warming up properly can also help you get fit faster.

Usually, you’ll start with cardio training by simply jumping on the spot in order to increase your heart rate. The trainer can also ask you to use a jump rope. Both movements are an excellent way to gain in explosiveness, speed of movement and endurance.

The trainer can offer you deep, muscle-strengthening exercises to improve your accuracy and agility. In boxing, people tend to place the majority of their focus on working the muscles in the upper body when, in reality, the you should be working your entire body.

The centre (abs) is important for stability, while the legs allow you to kick quickly or be quicker on your feet. You will therefore practice weight training exercises and work on your flexibility during the warm-up. It is important to stretch the wrists and arms properly so as not to risk injury.

During your class, your instructor will show you proper form, technique and tips to improve. Make sure to pay special attention to the corrections and critiques your coach gives you during the warm-up as it will lay the foundation for an effective workout.

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Basic Boxing Techniques for Boxing Classes

The second aspect of any strength training and self-defence boxing class is concerned with technique itself and can last from half an hour to more than an hour depending on what you want to work on, the exercises proposed by the boxing trainer and the total length of your class.

Before starting to work on that left hook, jab or uppercut, you should first learn the guard position. This is the basic boxer position: one arm forward, the other backward, legs in flexed, ready for action. Position is essential and plays a major role both in protecting the boxer and in the power of the shots you will deliver in an attack.

You will then learn to reproduce a number of different punches. Observe your trainer carefully and pay attention to their explanations. The problem with distance boxing lessons, whether it be a circuit training bootcamp or fitness training with heavy bags, is that the instructor cannot physically correct your positions. Make sure you listen extra carefully to their advice and pay close attention to your position.

Your coach can also teach you sequences or combinations to practice through shadow boxing. Boxing is a bit like dance in the sense that you learn specific choreography to “perform” and it is a full body workout. The objective is simply different. Combinations allow you to sequence shots, gain speed, strike with force and learn to dodge shots from an opponent.

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push ups
Train all your muscles with simple exercises

Stretching at the End of your Fitness Workout

While working on that punching bag or delivering jabs to that double end bag can be exhilarating, the most important part of your workout is stretching your muscles properly at the end of your boxing class. We suggest taking 10 to 15 minutes, allowing you to stretch each part of your body and relax.

Your joints are put under stress in boxing, so it is important to stretch the muscles around them in order to prevent long term damage. Toning and working your lower body are important to any fitness classes, but in boxing, you’ll have to work equally as hard to stretch this area properly. Stretching also makes it easier to develop muscles, reduce your recovery time and sleep better after an intensive session.

Resources for Boxing Gym Classes Online

Whether you want some advice on boxing equipment to buy or on improving your boxing stance, the internet is your best tool to reach your fitness goals. There are dozens of websites and YouTube channels dedicated to providing total body, HIIT and kickboxing workouts for those interested in improving their boxing skills.

You can also use boxing forums and online communities to make your own virtual boxing team. Whether you're looking for kids boxing lessons or you want to put those golden gloves on yourself, you can search online for lessons and advice. You can also use boxing resources online for keeping yourself up to date with the latest in boxing with websites like Boxing News 24.

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