Chicago is a fantastic city full of world-class museums, inventive architecture, exciting sports teams, and a unique and delicious culinary scene. While spending a getaway in the famous Windy City, there is no shortage of foods (and drinks) to savor. Whether you're a high-class connoisseur of the finest cuisine or a food truck foodie looking for the next best thing, Chicago's food scene does not disappoint.

Spending time in Chicago for a food-lover can be a dream. The city truly offers a smorgasbord of choices in cuisine. Check other cities across the USA that offer unique food choices.

For the pizza lover, Chicago deep-dish pizza is a must-try. Many restaurants claim to serve the best pizza in the city, but that definitive award has yet to be earned. Foodies will just have to sample for themselves and see.

There's also the famous Chicago style hot dog. Always topped with the same ingredients, mustard, relish, tomatoes, onions, pickles, peppers, and celery salt, these dogs are an essential choice for anyone visiting Chi-town. (And of course, ketchup is forbidden according to the locals.)

In addition to trying all of the great Chicago food staples, one can also take a cooking class. For a budding chef, Chicago can be a great place to sharpen one's culinary skills.

There is a variety of places to begin your cooking lessons in Chicago. Superprof has put together a list below of several options of places to learn to cook all kinds of yummy delights in Chicago.

Also, you can always explore the option of using a Superprof tutor to help you start your culinary adventure in the Windy City.

Cooking courses in Chicago
Cooking courses in Chicago can be a fun night out with friends. (image from

Cooking Classes in Chicago

There are many options when looking for a cooking lesson in Chicago. For the social person who loves to mingle, make new friends, and cook with a crew, there are multiple cooking hotspots to try.

Cooking Fools

For over 15 years, these "Cooking Fools" have been stirring up delicious recipes in Chicago. They offer a variety of options such as traditional cooking classes, social outings, and team-building events.

Their hands-on classes focus on simple ingredients and tasty food from around the world. There are recipes for tamale making, handmade pasta, American comfort food, Spanish tapas, and more. There is something for everyone to enjoy preparing (and tasting.)

Cooking Fools hosts an Iron-Chef cooking competition for the ultimate challenge. Teams compete to make the best dish from some selected ingredients. After the competition, everyone sits down to a dinner prepared by the participants and the team of chefs.

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Naveen's Cuisine

Chef Naveen Sachar is ready to instruct inspiring home chefs in the art of Thai and Indian cuisine. He left his corporate life over ten years ago to pursue this goal, and he hasn't stopped living out his culinary dreams since. He even has created his own cookbook, Curry On.

His cooking class schedule includes topics such as vegetarian, curry, tikka masala, vindaloo, vegan, saag chicken, and more. If you want to gather a group of friends for a private event, Naveen's Cuisine would be glad to host and teach everyone how to slice, dice, season, and prepare some incredible dishes.

Alliance Française Chicago

This organization focuses on spreading French language and culture to the city, and this includes the craft of French cooking. The Alliance offers culinary courses in a variety of subjects, including making crepes, cooking with citrus, and tasting French wines. This is a unique environment where you can take a language lesson and a cooking lesson in the same place.

Japanese American Service Committee (JASC)

The JASC in Chicago promotes all things Japanese. When it comes to cooking classes, JASC offers a variety of lessons to help learn traditional Japanese dishes. There are classes for sushi, tempura, ramen, and bento boxes. This is another cultural center where you can learn about Japanese culture and language in the same place you take cooking classes.

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Cooking classes in Chicago
Cooking classes are offered in culinary schools in Chicago. (image from

Culinary School Cooking Courses in Chicago

For people interested in a more formal learning environment, Chicago offers some cooking courses in local colleges. Some of these classes are considered recreational classes, but they are taught on the same campuses and in the same kitchens as their regular course offerings.  Other cooking courses offer the chance to earn a more formal certificate in culinary arts.

Kendall College

Kendall College has a variety of courses at three different levels. There are boot camp, date night, and girls' night out classes. The classes explore many cooking skills including cutting, baking, sautéing, and more. Topics can range from basic knife skills to pastry custard and pies.

Harper College

Harper College offers a Culinary Arts Certificate for the person who has aspirations of continuing to work in the industry. This set of coursework includes everything from menu planning and bread making to classical cuisine.

cooking lessons Chicago
There are many unique options in Chicago for cooking lessons. (image from

Unique Cooking Lessons in Chicago

Not every cooking class takes place in a restaurant or cooking school. Sometimes there are some very unique places that offer a completely different cooking experience. These local options are a little bit outside of the box.

Chicago Botanic Garden

Cooking classes in a garden? Not exactly. The Chicago Botanic Garden houses a learning center where cooking classes are offered. These cooking lessons link botanical information with culinary learning.

All of the recipes feature seasonal organic produce from Windy City Harvest. Classes focus on a variety of foods such as eggs, seeds, fermenting vegetables, preserved lemons, and Spanish vegetables.

Green City Market

One of the best markets in Chicago, this venue is a treasure for any foodie. Local farmers bring their produce and products here to showcase their freshest goods. The Community Cooking School has been turned over to Green City Market to carry on the tradition of culinary programming for the local community.

After spending time browsing the market and picking up some local products, shoppers can stop in and take a class such as a beginner knife skills classes from the market's own Chef Educator.

Naperville Park District

About 30 miles outside of Chicago, Naperville is home to a park district that offers a multitude of class options. For a parent who wants to get an early start to his child's culinary career, there are parent/child cooking classes. There is also a variety of courses that change throughout the year.

Cooking classes Chicago
A private chef can offer cooking lessons to help meet your individual needs. (image from

Private Cooking Classes in Chicago

If a group environment isn't really what you are craving, private chefs are available to give one-on-one cooking lessons. These private lessons can be very helpful because you can have all of the attention of the chef to ask detailed questions and to make sure you understand exactly how to create a delicious dish.

Superprof is the go-to place for finding a personal cooking lesson in Chicago as well as other cities such as Houston and New York City. You can choose your own menu, focus on what you need help with, invite your crew of friends, and create a memorable experience that specifically fits your needs.

These private cooking classes are also a great idea if you have a special occasion to celebrate. A Superprof tutor can come to you to help you celebrate a birthday, graduation, or anniversary. This is a personal touch you don't get in a group setting or in an open class.

Cooking class in Chicago
Cooking lessons in Chicago can be an exciting adventure. (image from

Finding a Cooking Lesson in Chicago

Once you've explored the city and tasted some of its key cuisines, it's time to find a way to learn to make your own fine cuisine. There is no shortage of opportunities for you in Chicago. Other cities great for cooking lessons are Boston and Philadelphia.

As mentioned above, group classes are available. Some are in restaurants and cooking venues. Other classes are in cultural centers and community spots such as markets, gardens, and park districts. Community colleges also offer cooking courses and even culinary programs for the serious budding chef.

When it comes to personal attention, hiring a private cooking coach is a fantastic option. Superprof can help you find a qualified, enthusiastic, and patient chef to help you meet your specific needs.

Working with Superprof can help you take your cooking to the next level and help you add some more delicious options to your menu.

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