It's in our human nature to sing as humans have been performing and singing for thousands of years. For many people, they find joy in getting to express themselves and their emotions via song, dance, or an instrument like the piano. Singing is also a great way to entertain your family and friends as well as strangers. If you have never taken singing lessons in Boston, Chicago, or New York City before, it's not too late to try as singing is for anybody at any age, from two years old to sixty years old!

If you dream of performing on a big stage one day or if you simply want to enjoy serenading yourself after a long day of hard work,  you can benefit from taking structured singing lessons. But if you do not think that you have the talent to ever become a great singer, just ask any voice coach. Singing is a skill that can be refined over time. With some hard work and regular practice with the guidance of an experienced voice professional, you'll be singing beautifully in no time.

Benefits of Singing Lessons

In the United States, you can enrol in many types of singing classes in Los Angeles from private music schools to college or government-funded programs. Learning how to sing in Philadelphia is a good way to start, while students taking a private singing lesson in Boston can help them improve from an amateur level to a professional one.

girl standing holding pink guitar singing
Singing is for everyone at any age! (Photo by Felix Koutchinski on Unsplash)

One benefit of taking structured voice lessons in Los Angeles is that you will learn how to read music. If you have seen sheet music before, you will see that it is made up of many symbols that could look very alien to you if you have never received a music education before. These symbols have names like clefs, treble clefs, and staffs and they each represent different concepts. With the help of a dedicated music teacher, you'll no longer see a music sheet as a foreign language and will understand it 100%.

When a person sings, they are using a lot of lung power while at the same time taking precise control of their breaths. This is one benefit of singing that many people enjoy, as you get to learn how to breathe better, strengthen your lungs, and control the volume of your voice. This will make the student a better speaker who can confidently talk loud and clear in front of a crowd - a great thing for those who have zero confidence doing public speaking!

One more obvious reason why people take singing lessons in Chicago is that it is fun! Who doesn't love to sing their heart out to their favorite song or go to the local karaoke bars to relax and enjoy spending time singing their hearts out? This can be even more fun when you have taken formal training sessions, as you will enjoy showing off to your family and friends your beautiful voice or serenade them with your favorite song.

All About Voice Types

People use different parts of their vocal range to sing and to talk, so this is why some people sound very different talking compared to singing. When you are a new voice student in Philadelphia, finding your singing voice is one of the first things you should do.

To start, your vocal teacher at your music school will help you find your vocal range. This is a measure of the octaves that a person can sing and is achieved by learning to sing the scales. Starting with the lowest note, you are required to make your way up the scale until you reach a note that you simply cannot hit. After that, your teacher will help you determine which type of voice yours belong to. Some of these categories are soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, and bass.

One more thing to understand is that most people's voices will not settle into their proper category until they reach adulthood. You do not get a choice as to which voice type you have either nor should you force yours to be one that it is now, as you could potentially ruin your voice. Simply accept the voice that you are given and if you have not yet reached adulthood, be patient and give your voice the time to grow and develop.

Fundamentals of Singing

If you are a new or soon-to-be music student, there are some fundamental aspects of singing that you should be aware of. These fundamental techniques make up the core of your beginner musical education and you will be practising these skills in the music studio a lot in the beginning.

The first fundamental is to have good posture for singing. When you learn singing in Houston, your voice coach will constantly remind you how important it is to stand up straight with your shoulders back when using your voice. If you want to hit higher notes or when if you are trying to project your voice more, remember to keep your chin down and not lift it up. This gives you more control and power in the sounds you make.

Woman singing and playing instrument in front of a crowd in the city
Remember to have good posture for singing. (Photo by Seb Barsoumian on Unsplash)

Another important fundamental that you will be focusing a lot of your time on is how to breathe properly while singing. When you don't have proper breathing the sounds you make will be choppy or weak. You also don’t want your audience to hear you gasping for air in between notes either, and the best way to have proper breathing is to practice singing with your diaphragm instead of your chest. The diaphragms are the muscles right below your rib cage and when used properly while singing, it should feel like you are doing pushups.

Find Singing Lessons Near You

When you live in a major U.S. city, there will be many types of music schools and voice coaches to choose from, as well as aspiring singers with whom you can be friends with. If you are having a tough time deciding which school you should sign up with, be sure to check out the reviews for each school before you pay to commit to a specific one. Many schools also offer free trial lessons that you can take advantage of, so be sure to give the lessons a trial run to help you make your decision.

Another way you can find singing lessons near you is to go online to ask for recommendations for voice teachers. Join local Facebook groups where you can meet people living and working in your neighbourhood. These people may also be able to make recommendations for music lessons or vocal teachers near you.

You can also go completely online and take a voice lessons via the internet. Although unconventional, it is totally possible to learn from the comfort of your living room with an experienced voice coach all via an internet connection.

Going Professional

After singing and taking lessons with an experienced voice teacher for a while, your skills will improve and you will no longer be a beginner singer. You'll know your range and how to control your breath properly during a song as well as hit some notes that are not in your vocal range. If you are interested in taking your singing journey one step further by going pro, we have some tips for you.

Boy holding microphone singing on stage.
After learning the fundamentals of singing you can consider going professional. (Photo by Obie Fernandez on Unsplash)

Work on Your Tones

Having a good vocal tone means that you can sing at a good volume level using the right amount of air. To do this your vocal folds have to be strong enough to allow for a good closure. One way you can work on this is to record your own voice and then play it back to yourself to get used to how you sound, then make improvements from there.

Going Live

When you are comfortable with your singing and confident in your abilities, your singing teacher may ask you to perform a song or two in front of a live audience. This is a great opportunity especially if you are planning to go professional. You want to give your audience a captivating experience that will make them remember you, your voice, and your emotions. The best way to practice before a live performance is to practice until you know the song inside out, this will make it easier for you to add in your emotions to the song and focus your energy on other aspects such as the style and tone.

Opportunity Awaits

For many pop stars or famous singers, they will tell you that they got their chance to shine by pure luck. This means it's important to consider all types of performing opportunities around you no matter how big the stage, as you'll never know who is watching your performance. At the same time, remember that your time is valuable, so only take opportunities that are worth your time.

Find Your Own Signature Sound

One way you can make your performance memorable is to have your own unique sound! Think of your favourite pop star or singer, does he or she have a memorable sound? Chances are, they probably do and you will instantly recognize their voice if it comes on the radio. However, getting your signature sound isn't easy and it requires a lot of trial and error. You need to be confident in your singing techniques in order to play around with the sound of your voice. Once you do find this signature sound, don't be shy and use it as much as you can!

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