If you have been casually singing or are a self-taught singer, it's okay to think about whether you really need singing lessons or not. When you pay to take any type of classes, you invest your money and time into it so it's better to know why you are investing your resources in the first place. Having a good reason to learn to sing also helps motivate you during your singing journey, so on the days when you are feeling stuck, you have a reason or goal to push forward towards.

A big reason why people take singing lessons is because learning to sing feels very rewarding. There's nothing like working towards a goal - a song in this case, and spending hours to your time on it until you get the results that you want. Besides being rewarding, singing can be quite challenging too! Having a good and dedicated music teacher who can challenge you in your learning goals helps you grow as a better singer.

For casual students looking to improve their musical side, having some proper music education helps improve your confidence. It's also a good way to make friends with other voice students at your studio and form a community of singers. This is especially beneficial if your regular lifestyle does not leave you in a great mental state, as you get a chance to relax and hang out with your singer friends and chill for a few hours to get away from your everyday life!

Learning How to Sing in Houston

If you are just starting out as a voice student, you'll need to know some fundamentals to master before you can dive into the vocal exercises and singing proper songs during a lesson. This is where the benefits of learning from a professional singing studio in Houston comes in.

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Taking proper music education helps improve your confidence when singing. (Photo by Brittney Burnett on Unsplash)

The first fundamental that many music schools including ones in Houston teaches students during the first lesson is to find and know your vocal range. This refers to the number of notes that you can hit easily using your natural voice. There are several voice types, but some common ones are soprano, mezzo soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. Your voice is also your instrument, and understanding what notes it can and cannot hit helps you protect it from damages. Once you are comfortable singing within your own range, you can work on skills to help you extend your vocal range.

When you learn from a professional voice program in Houston, you'll know how important it is to stand up straight with your shoulders back when using your voice, and how you should not tilt your body back, forward, or onto its sides. When hitting higher notes or when trying to project your voice more, remember to not lift your chin and keep it down instead. This gives you more control and power in the sounds you make.

Breathing is another fundamental of singing that beginner students should learn how to do properly while singing. When you don't have proper breathing, this can make your sound sound choppy or weak. You also don’t want your audience to hear you gasping for air in between notes nor do you want to run out of air while sustaining a long note during the song. The best way to achieve good breaths are to practice singing with your diaphragm instead of your chest. A proper singing coach in Houston can help you accomplish this goal.

Voice Studios Near You in Houston

If you made up your mind to dedicate a significant chunk of your time to the art of singing, consider signing up for regular lessons at a music studio near you. Similar to how football players require regular conditional training to stay fit, and how police officers and firemen need to regular cardio training to stay fit for their jobs, singers are no different. With singing, your voice is your most important asset, and it takes time and resources to take good care of it.

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For singers, your voice is your most important asset. (Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash)

Tom McKinney Vocal Studios

Tom McKinney, the studio's namesake, has more than 40 years as performer and voice teacher. He has long mastered the “Sing With The Ease of Speech Singing Technique" and has coached award winning singers such as Mario, Demi Lovato, Ray J, Solange, and American Idol finalists. Tom’s greatest satisfaction comes from teaching and getting the talent to shine from his students, by providing direction for those interested in making a career in music and entertainment.

When you sign up to become a student at Tom McKinney Studios, you can choose from individual voice lessons and seminar group sessions. You will learn how to overcome your vocal issues and improve your vocal range, tone, clarity, volume, build stamina, or eliminate vocal disorders. You will also have a place to get performance experience as there will be regular opportunities for you to stand in front of a live audience. Whether it’s an open mic nights or a live showcases, you’ll have numerous opportunities to play in front of people and improve your performing skills.

Dr. Zachary Bruton Voice Studios

Dr. Zachary has conservatory training and performance experience and as a teacher, he will teach you the basis of solid technique which will allow you to sing songs of all genres well. Dr. Zachary will also pass down his training and stage experiences to his students who will now have the opportunity to become a complete performer.

As an educator, Dr. Zachary has over 20 years experience teaching privately and at the university level. Professionally, he has worked with classical opera singers, musical theatre, and pop singers. So don't wait, sign up today to work with Dr. Zachary to get healthy techniques and adapt it to the stylistic needs of the songs you want to sing.

ElenaVoce Studio

Did you know that Voce is Italian for 'voice' and it is also the idea behind the name of this studio. As a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Ms. Nikulshina-Fray aka Elena is currently working as an opera singer and voice instructor in Houston, Texas. Education-wise, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Piano from Cherepovets Music College, Russia and Master's degree in Voice from Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In her performing career, she is a versatile concert performer and has worked with contemporary composers and performed rare works such as Das Marienleben by Paul Hindemith. Students taking voice lessons at Elena's studio can choose from weekly sessions at $80 per hour or add piano to their session at a cost of $65 per hour. Alternatively, Elena's studio offers a flat tuition of $240 per year for those interested in making a full-year commitment to their singing education.

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A proper singing coach in Houston can help you achieve your singing goals. (Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash)

Should You Take Online Singing Lessons?

If you looked into taking singing lessons in Houston but are still not convinced to sign up, or if you were unsuccessful in finding a good teacher who meet your criteria for factors such as distance and cost, you have the option of taking online classes. This way you have access to countless teachers from all around the world who can meet your specific requirements.

A big reason why many people turn to online lessons is because of how affordable they are. For one, the tutor is not required to host you inside of their homes or music studios. As a student, you are paying just for the cost of taking up the singing coach's time online but you don't need to travel to take your lessons, and neither does your teacher need to travel to see you.

Online lessons can be just as effective as in-person classes in the sense that they provide you with a structured course to stay on track so you will not be tempted to slack off. Learning to sing online in Houston also means you can take a vacation at any time and not fall behind in your singing courses - you can learn from anywhere in the world as long as you have a staple internet connection!

Learning to Sing with an Instrument

If you've always wanted to sing and play an instrument like Ed Sheeran or Alicia Keys, or if you are interested in writing your own songs to sing, you'll want to learn how to play an instrument like the piano or the guitar at the same time as you are working on improving your vocal sounds.

Obviously, most voice performers and pop stars choose either the piano or the guitar as their instrument of choice due to their versatility and their ability to be adapted to different genres like jazz, pop, and musical theatre. The important thing is to master each part of the performance separately and only combine them when you feel ready. For example, if you are learning how to play "Moon River" on the guitar, learn the chords by heart first before adding in your own vocals.

Other details you'll want to pay attention to are making sure you know the lyrics by heart, making sure you can hit all the notes of the song, and making sure you get the timing right - which can be practised by using a metronome.

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