If you want to learn to sing, find out your vocal range, or just hit those high notes, singing lessons are a great way to go. However, not everyone can afford to improve their singing voice through a vocal coach, voice teacher, or singing teacher.

While there are online singing lessons (which are usually cheaper than face-to-face voice training), you can start learning to sing without a singing lesson.

If you're going to go without a music teacher or just want to improve your singing when they're not there, here are some of the best popular songs to practice to.

Beginners' Songs for Women

It doesn't matter whether you're a soprano, mezzo-soprano, or contralto, there are plenty of great songs for every vocal type and range. The pop songs we've included in this article are meant to be fun or easy or both.

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Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

This is a song that's almost impossible to not sing along to. An anthem to all the haters out there and a great one to use as warm-up exercises. Before you start your singing exercises, just sing it and shake it off!

After all, before you start singing, you'll want to make sure you're all loose and ready to go with vocal warm-ups or some Tay Tay.

How can you learn to sing?
It's much easier to learn how to sing if you like the song you're singing. (Source: Pexels)

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

This is a great song if you want to learn how to sing. There's a good variation in rhythm between the choruses and verses and you won't need to use your head voice a lot as there isn't any call for falsetto.

Similarly, the regular rhythm will be help for breath control and generally working on your vocal technique without having to do anything close to advanced vocal techniques.

Adele - Lovesong

This is a cover of The Cure's 1989 single. This almost-acoustic version is a great example of Adele's fantastic voice and is great for any budding singers, especially if you've got a fondness for the original version or Adele.

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Beginners' Songs for Men

Generally, male singers will benefit from singing songs sung by men. After all, male singers are more likely to be within your vocal range or fit your vocal type. We've got some of the best songs for you to get started with.

The Killers – Mr Brightside

If you haven't heard “Mr Brightside”, where have you been?

The song was originally released in 2003 to limited success but was rereleased in 2004 with a fancier music video and The Killers suddenly blew up. It's one of the most streamed songs of all time and has spent 35 consecutive weeks in the top 100 between 2016 and 2017 (over a decade after its original release). In fact, in total, this song has been in the top 100 in the UK during 200 different weeks!

Anyway, if you haven't heard, give it a listen. It's bombastic, fun, and emotional. A great song to let your hair down to while you go through your vocal exercises. Also, if you want to practise vibrato, do it along to The Killers, as frontman Brandon Flower's voice wavers as he's belting out almost every line.

Coldplay – Fix You

This song is a great one to sing along to if you want to get better at hitting a high note. There's a lot of switching between your chest voice and head voice. There are quite a few long vowels where you'll need to hold the notes or do a short run of notes. Additionally, this song builds and builds throughout so it's good for improving your emotional range as well as your vocal range.

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Which are the best modern songs for singing?
If you sing a genre you like, you're far more likely to learn. (Source: SeppH)

Sam Smith – Stay With Me

This one is quite fun vocally. This is another song where you need to sing high notes with your head voice and go back down to your chest voice. That said, there are some points in the song where Sam Smith doesn't make use of his head voice to hit some of the higher notes.

There are also some great vocally challenging parts towards the end. Great for your vocal training!

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Which are the best songs for beginners to sing?
Before you take to the stage, you should practise with some of your favourites. (Source: Free-Photos)

Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling in Love

This classic from The King is great for beginners. It was released back in 1961 and since then has been covered by plenty of different artists including UB40, A-Teens, and Englebert Humperdinck.

This song has a reasonable tempo, a lovely melody, and nothing too complicated in terms of vocal runs and coloratura.

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Beginners' Songs for Kids

Kids like upbeat songs and it's a good idea to choose songs from their favourite TV shows or films.

Rodgers and Hammerstein - My Favourite Things

This song from the musical The Sound of Music was originally performed on broadway but most people will probably recognise it as sung by Julie Andrews in the film version of the musical.

The lyrics are also joyful and the jaunty nature of the music should be a hit with kids and a great way for them to practise their singing.

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This 80s classic is a whole heap of fun for children and adults alike. However, Cyndi Lauper's high range will also work great for children whose voices haven't broken yet. Of course, female singers with the same voice can also sing along to this one.

Disney Songs for Learning How to Sing

The purists mightn’t be happy with this one but we can’t deny that almost everyone knows a Disney song or two and they’ve become a large part of popular culture. Most fans of Disney films will know the words and the music that goes with them.

Which are the best Disney songs to practise singing?
Few people in this world don't have a favourite Disney song. (Source: gullah)

To get better at singing, you can choose from songs such as: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?, I’ll Make a Man Out of You, Colours of the Wind, Once Upon a Dream, Tale as Old as Time, and A Whole New World.

Of course, there are plenty more Disney songs than just those and you can always choose your favourites. As long as you’re enjoying yourself while you practice!

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Now that you’ve got a few songs to be practising with, you can start learning how to sing. To learn more, check out our other articles in this series. Once you’ve exhausted our list, you can always look for a private singing tutor on Superprof!

You can get singing tips, help with singing techniques, or ear-training from one of the many experienced and talented tutors on the platform. They can help you with a particular singing technique or general singing practice. Since you're the only student when you take lessons with a private tutor, you can work on the singing skills you want to, improve your singing voice, and begin singing the songs you want to with bespoke vocal coaching.

On Superprof, there are plenty of talented and experienced singing tutors who can help you. There are three main types of tutorials offered: face-to-face tutorials, online tutorials, and group tutorials. Each type of tutorial has its pros and cons so think carefully about which type would work best for you, your learning style, and your budget.

Face-to-face tutorials are your traditional private tutorials between you and a private tutor. You'll be the only student in a class and your tutor will tailor the tutorials to you and your learning style. However, tailoring each class to each student takes time and effort from the tutor so expect to pay more per hour for this type of tuition.

Online tutorials are also between just the tutor and a single student with the main difference being that the tutor and student aren't in the same room as one another. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a decent internet connection can be taught by tutors from all over the world. With fewer outgoings for travel and the ability to schedule more tutorials a week, online tutorials tend to be cheaper than face-to-face tutorials.

Finally, group tutorials are more like classes in school with one teacher and several students. These groups can either be with people you know or with strangers. If you and some friends are all interested in learning how to sing, you can all get in touch with a tutor and ask for group tutorials. With each student footing the bill, these types of tutorials tend to work out cheaper per student per hour. Of course, you won't get as much one-on-one time with your private tutor.

In short, the more personalised the tuition, the more you'll tend to pay for it. Of course, the more personalised the tuition, the more cost-effective it'll be, too!

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