Tutoring has become increasingly more popular nowadays because private lessons have consistently been shown to boost academic success. Studies have shown that students with a private tutor improve up to one and a half marks in their grade. This means that a kid with a low D can end up getting a C+, or someone with a low B can get an A. 

With these kinds of outcomes, parents are lining up to hire a tutor for their child, spending between $20 and $60 (there are some sessions that can cost up to $100), and doing so comfortably. As long as the tutor works and the kids are getting better grades in school, parents are willing to pay the cost. The price of private instruction varies between cities and the types of teaching required.

Elementary, middle, high school students can all benefit from additional education experience with tutors. Tutors can even be used by students in college and university-level classes. No matter your academic needs and learning skills, there is a tutor that can help you achieve your goals.

People can look for tutors through online platforms like Superprof. Here you will find teachers specialized in a variety of topics including different levels of math, science, English, and other academic subjects.

There are also tutors for those hoping to work on foreign languages and hobbies.

If hiring a private tutor for your child is something you are planning to do, here is a list of Pros and Cons you might want to consider:

Pros Of Hiring A Tutor

  • Tutors work at the student’s pace, which is a huge advantage to the learning process: Children often have an issue with a class or subject because they got lost in a lesson, they got distracted, the classroom teacher was going too fast or maybe they were sick one day and skipped school. A tutor will allow the student to tell them what is their understanding of the algebra lesson, for example, and then they can pick it up from there.
  • During the lessons, private tutors will give the student one-to-one attention: Is your child an auditory learner, or more of a visual person where images, graphs, or maps enable a better understanding of the subject? Perhaps they aren’t good with reading lengthy texts but rather learn by doing activities? Everyone has different learning abilities and styles, a private tutor can see your children’s strengths and weaknesses and cater to that; contrary to the capacity of a school teacher to attend to 20 children’s needs. Private tuition can avoid your child from being left behind if they do not have the same learning experience as other students.
  • You can find a private tutor that can work on specific obstacles: Dyslexia, dyspraxia, sight impairment, or hearing loss, things that often get in the way of a child’s schooling and learning process. A qualified and specialized tutor with experience and passion for their job could help your students navigate school and help them succeed.
  • Tutoring can help your child pass their classes, but also, they can teach them useful study skills: Some of these might be time management, tips on how to properly summarize or learn how to focus on titles while they skim read, and help build good study habits. These study skills will be the foundation of academic success in the child's future as they can be applied in higher grades and even the college level.
  • Tutoring is now very flexible: Especially because of online tutoring and agencies like Superprof, the student can create their own schedule to fit the lessons during a time that best suits them.
  • Tutoring can be convenient: If you find a tutor that is prepared to mobilize, this way you can save time and the expenses of gas or bus tickets to mobilize your child.
  • Private tutoring will give the student access to the best material: If you found and hired a qualified tutor with good references, they will not only use the school textbooks to help the student in their subjects, but they can use other teaching methods (like the Montessori and Steiner-Waldorf methods), that focus on discovering our strengths and learning skills as they teach them how to properly retain information.
  • A private tutor will guide your child and help set goals and objectives for themselves: Learning is not only about getting good grades in school, it is about developing your kid’s abilities to become successful outside the school’s curriculum. For example, a student falling behind, having a hard time with a specific teacher or their method, can benefit from the support and attention a tutor will provide. The same goes for students that have a more advanced level than their peers, a tutor can help them get focused and keep them stimulated and challenged with one-on-one attention.
  • Tutors can free the parents from the support they often provide their children with homework: Some subjects like advanced math or new technologies can be challenging for some parents. Moms and dads also struggle to find quality time to spend with their kids, especially those in their teen years, and spending these moments figuring out a physics equation is deteriorating and can be stressful for both parties. A tutor can help them through these problems and the parents get to find other moments to spend with their children.

Finding the right person to provide a positive teaching experience to your student can be challenging due to the vast amount of experienced teachers out there. Superprof can help you narrow down your choices and will show you, tutors, within your area. You can contact each person and ask them about their hours of work, what college they attended, what certificates they hold, and what subjects they teach.

Schools and local community centers might also have free tutoring hours available for residents. Additionally, you can always look online for other types of companies and local businesses that offer tutoring services.

Cons Of Hiring A Tutor

  • Hiring a tutor can be expensive: Many families can’t afford or don’t have a spare budget to get a private tutor. If your budget is tight, there are also options to use free peer tutoring usually available at the local high school.
  • Children might feel too much pressure from their parents: Sometimes it is best if the child is the one that asks for a private tutor, rather than the parents suggesting it. This way, you know the kid wants to learn, as opposed to feeling pressured by the parents and then not having a good relationship with the tutor.
  • Students should learn to overcome challenges by themselves: Critics argue that hiring a tutor can be the equivalent of serving them their education on a platter. Although, keep in mind that a good tutor should motivate and provide direction, rather than give answers.
  • Safety: Parents are concerned with their children’s safety while they are with adults they do not know. This is why parents have the responsibility to get good references, do background checks, make sure the tutor has the appropriate qualifications, or go through an agency that will do this for them.
  • Extra-curricular activities might suffer: This is the case for people who are going to commute somewhere to meet the tutor. The time lost in mobilization around the city can affect the schedule for the child to tend to other interests like music or sports, which are as valuable for the kid’s growth and development. Time constraints can be a reason to give up private tutoring.

In conclusion, personalized tuition can be an effective way of learning. It has huge advantages, that include not only helping students better their grades in school but also to help prepare students for other life challenges and future studies.

It is important to weigh all of your options when choosing a tutor. You can research local companies that offer to tutor students or check out online platforms such as Superprof. Superprof offers tutors for English, math, sciences, and more.

Make sure that you are doing your research while keeping in mind the types of subjects your student needs to be working on.

All in all, tutoring, either in person or online can be a great benefit for students of all levels and ages. Even working adults can take advantage of learning different skills with tutors.

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