Nowadays people are choosing to start private tuition for different reasons, some want to learn a new language or skill, others wish to improve their grades in a class or be extra prepared for an exam.

Although multiple people are looking for a home or online tutoring, some might be unsure about its worth. Many students don’t know whether or not to choose tutoring due to the time and/ or money commitment it requires.

But rest assured that with the right kind of tutoring, and a good motivation to learn, there is no reason why private tuition shouldn’t lead to success. Academic success is possible if both parties (tutor and student) put in the time and effort.

Pass your exams with the help of a home tutor!
Tutoring can help students thrive at school and prepare for exams. Source: Visualhunt

For example, if your college entrance test is coming up, you might benefit from hiring a private tutor to help you study. Tutors can help you prepare in the most efficient way possible. Working towards an exam like the SATs with a tutor will guarantee a better score than if you were working on your own. Working with a qualified instructor for better SAT scores can be a huge advantage to children when submitting college or university applications.

Similarly, having private lessons with a tutor for an upcoming Spanish oral exam will help you improve your language skills drastically. Working with a private language teacher not only provides you with individualized attention, but it's the perfect opportunity to practice your speaking and pronunciation skills.

Although exams are short-term tasks, and usually students forget about the subject once they are over, you might want to consider tutoring as a long-lasting solution to get you through future courses. 

This is because tutors not only teach you the lessons specific to the subject of your upcoming exams, but they also help develop study and learning habits that you can apply to a variety of subjects in the future.

However, as much as tutoring can be beneficial to the student, it is only really useful if the student also commits with time and energy.

Two factors affect the effectiveness of private tutoring, they are commitment and budget.

The success of tutoring depends on how motivated the student is. If the student is willing to learn and move forward with a subject they find challenging, then private tuition is a good, long-lasting solution.

The second factor is also important, you need to consider that private tutoring is not cheap if you wish to get an experienced and well-known tutor. Tutoring is a competitive and pricey market, and you need to be prepared to invest in your education. Even a small investment can make a great impact. 

Don’t forget that it is your teacher’s job isn’t only to get you through class projects and exams, but also to inspire you in your educational journey.

If your tutor can awaken your interest in subjects that you find challenging, it means that their job of inspiring you is working - other than helping you get good grades, a growing interest in academics allows for success in the future too.

Every year, hiring tutors or enrolling students in tutoring programs becomes a lot more common. We can see that parents are willing to pay for private learning services as evidence continues to grow on its overwhelmingly positive impact on students.

This growing demand for supplemental academic support helps bring light to educational gaps seen in public schools. Simple problems like falling behind in a biology class or lack of support in a challenging subject can be solved with the help of a tutor.

Private lessons are tailored to each student!
A private teacher can help provide support to children in math, science, and literature classes. Source: Visualhunt

With population growth, classrooms are more populated and teachers have more responsibilities, it's almost impossible for every student to get the attention they need to ensure good, quality learning.

This is one of the main reasons why students that are falling behind in school are asking for extra help outside of school hours and use their own time to catch up and be able to thrive.

Some students see tutoring as a short-term solution they use to pass an exam or to complete a project. But many others see private tutoring as an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that will provide them with long-term, positive effects.

Students who are struggling in school or are challenged by a particular subject need long-term solutions. The goal of hiring a private teacher is to center support and attention through a personalized program to students in need.

So Can It Actually Guarantee Academic Success?

There is no way to guarantee success in exams or class projects from private classes, especially if the student is not fully committed. But, if there is dedication, effort, and discipline, there is no doubt that the student will benefit from private tutoring.

Tutors can offer many things that a state school program can’t, things that will benefit the student in their academic life, such as:

  • Individualized attention
  • Developing positive attitudes towards academics
  • Growing self-esteem and confidence
  • Providing a safe and comfortable learning environment
  • Personalized learning programs and aid
  • Special services geared towards university and college admission

As you can tell there are a lot of pros to hiring a private tutor and receiving classes in person and online.

Although tutors aren't free, it is definitely something that parents should consider throughout a child's education, especially as we see a decrease in the effectiveness of public schools when teachers are not able to provide the individualized attention each child needs.

Tutoring programs can provide the perks of a private school education without the high enrollment prices. Individualized support from tutors can be adaptable to each year’s course load and help the child receive that missing attention.

Every child has a different way of learning, so its easy to see how some students fall behind within a class of 30 children. Teachers can not adapt their teaching styles to fit each childs abilities, missing out on the positive effects of personalzied educationand attention.

This is why investing in-home tutoring can help your child learn a tempo that works for them. With a steady stream of attention and acknowledgment, the student will eventually feel more confident in the school work and hopefully be earning better test grades and quickly advancing through basic subjects like math and reading.

There are so many reasons why private teaching is beneficial to children. To begin with, enrolling kids in person or online tutoring programs can help boost their confidence and give them the courage to ask questions. Sometimes, students in a large classroom are afraid to ask the questions they have so given them the ideal space to ask these questions and have them resolved can really make a difference in their work.

The time at which private teaching services are most impactful is when they are used early on in a student's academic career. Elementary school students have more opportunities to apply what they learn in early tutoring to other subjects further down the line. Additionally, tutoring can help build a robust education foundation, so that kids are less likely to fall behind in key subjects like math and English.

Early intervention from a teacher can help grow a student's confidence, learning ability, and knowledge. To prevent more serious issues in high school with more complicated classes, a lot of parents are investing in working with tutors from an early age to help build strong relationships with learning and establish effective study skills.

For students who are not struggling with day-to-day tasks, private teachers offer services that help students study for entrance exams like the SAT and ACT and even guide students through college applications. Having additional help can even save you money in the future, as higher grades in classes and exams can be used to apply for scholarships and financial aid programs at the university level.

Tutoring younger pupils can bring them out of their shell!
Your local community center might offer a free tutoring program. Source: Visualhunt

Private tutoring can also be great for students looking to learn a new language. A native speaker and tutor can help you learn a new language much more effectively if you were to try to learn it on your own. Although there are language courses available in community centers across the US, it is still better to learn through one on one attention.

Tutoring services are also much more effective over longer periods of time. Choosing to work with a tutor just to cram for a small exam is not as beneficial as working with them throughout the year. Consistency is key for academic success.

You can work with tutors in your State both online and in person.

Keep in mind that public schools and community centers might also offer free tutoring, if not you can look for tutors right here on Superprof. Superprof tutors offer a free trial class for students and offer a long list of services.

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