English is the international language and one of the most widely spoken languages on earth. It is also the medium of instruction in majority of the areas. Due to this reason, English teachers remain highly in demand and their salaries are also quite hefty.

Once you qualify as an English tutor you have a lot of opportunities in front of you. There are a lot of ways for you to earn good money. You can take different career paths and provide your tutoring services in a lot of places:

  • You can do academic tutoring in school, college and university
  • You can start online tutoring jobs. Online tutors have various ways to make money online. As an online tutor, you can either do freelance tutoring or create your course material and upload it on teaching websites
  • You can do private tutoring. Find those students who are being home schooled. You can tutor the over summers. In fact, summer tutoring is a great way to make extra cash while having your tutoring job next to you.
  • You can start your own tutoring business too.
  • There are a lot of tutoring centers who are on the lookout for English tutors and you can provide your mentoring to the students in those tutoring centers too.

Your earnings will vary depending on the level of your qualifications and the place where you work. Teachers in England are one of the best paid in the whole world which means that the English tutors can make quite a lot teaching in United Kingdom. 

You can be an online teacher or a private tutor
English tutors also earn a lot by tutoring online ( Image Source: Unsplash).

How Much Can an English Teacher Earn Around UK

On average, English teachers can earn £40 hourly. According to some reports, English teachers often start their tutoring journey with salary that is higher than the average salary. The starting salary of an English teacher of primary school is higher than most of the countries, i.e £19,600, where as in other countries, it is e £18,700.

With more experience comes more money, that is the reason that the average salary of English Primary Teacher’s increase up to e £28,700. This is 5 times higher than the average of most of the countries.

As far as the salary difference among the European countries concerned, tutors in Luxembourg are the best paid among all the countries in Europe. Only after working for 15 years, the salaries of tutors increase up to e £58,718 per year.

English teachers spend nearly 810 hours tutoring in classroom and keeping the above fact in mind, they get an hourly pay of e £72.49.

The top skills which are needed amongst English teacher skills are skills of training, Management, classroom planning, Learning, Skills to teach secondary School etc.

The areas around UK that pay the highest to English Teachers are as follows:

  • Devon with year on year Salary change of -4.8%. Their average salaries up to £33,216
  • Lincolnshire having the average salary e £32, 029 and year on year salary change of 12.8%
  • Cambridge shire having £31,077 average salary with Year on Year Salary change of -12.2%
  • Similarly, Surrey with salary change of -5.5% and average salary up to £28,620
  • And Liverpool, Birmingham, Cheshire, with Year on Year salary change of -7.8%, -2.0%, 10.4% and average salary of £27,707, £27,477 and £27,160 respectively. 

Earnings of a Private Tutor

Although private tutoring is new, it is a thriving industry in Britain. It is quite lucrative and has its own perks. According to an online education resource, parents spent around a whopping £6 billion every year on private lessons for their kids.

Another poll by Ipsos Mori  estimates that around 24% of all the young pupils in UK have been receiving private tuition at one point or another. That figure, surprisingly, rises to 40% for tutor jobs London alone.

Earnings of tutors in England is one of the highest
English Tutors earn well. ( Image Source: Unsplash)

Noticing this rise in private tutoring, a lot of tutoring businesses have sprouted with the hope of taking an advantage of this bloom in the trend of private tutoring. It has enable tutoring to become a career and for most people, it has provided them with a second career choice.

Private tutoring is easily appealing for most of the English tutors out there, because of the lucrative hourly pay of £25 to £40. More English tutor are likely to stick to private tutoring because it promises are better source of income than writing jobs or English teaching jobs in school or colleges.

The perks of being private tutor is that it is much lively and less solitary job which also stimulates one intellectually. It has easily become a long-term mean of income for most young tutors out there.

Benefits of Private Tutoring

Teaching for fixed hours in a school or college can be tiring and monotonous. It does not provide tutors with any flexibility. But in order to keep earning, while also having a flexible lifestyle, you can opt for private tutoring instead of tutoring at school or college level.

Before you jump into private tutoring, it is necessary that you build-up a good teaching portfolio that reflects your skills, work ethic, and your ability to interact amiably with your students.

Volunteer in schools and teach online too. Once you are confident that you are ready for private tutoring, get out there and set your tutoring rates according to the level of your qualifications and experience as well as the level of the students you are about to teach.

If you are teaching young kids from age 4 to 8 years, you will be teaching them beginner’s level English and that wouldn’t require you to go into the depth of English language. You can’t charge these students the same that you’d charge while teaching English to the students of A-levels

As a private tutor, you get to teach the 31% of students who belong from well-off families and only 15% from less better-off families.

However, let us take a look at the perks of being a private tutor: -

  • You get paid at an hourly rate. Which is much better than being paid a monthly salary
  • You get to be your own boss with a flexible schedule
  • You enjoy independence of being a home tutor
  • You can have flexible timings. Negotiation can be done with the families. You can collaborate and decide tutoring hours according to your needs.
  • You can keep your tutoring job along with doing private tuitions. Many teachers pursue these two careers side by side
  • If you are a certified teacher with the right portfolio along with a top-notch qualification on your resume and the luck is in your favor, you can also earn up to £1000 an hour by teaching the offspring of the rich and wealthy.
  • There are a lot of English tutors out there who are tutoring the kids of the rich, famous, wealthy and the powerful. And they are doing it all around the globe. If you get such an opportunity, you will also be able to travel across the world to serve tutoring needs of the kids with luxuries

Learn to to manage teaching students with dyslexia here.

Providing your Tutoring Services Online

What could be better than being on vacation and earning from your laptop at the same time. The laptop lifestyle comes with even more perks than being a private tutor.

English tutor benefit from this much more than biology tutors, Math tutors, Computer Science tutors, French tutor, Spanish Tutors etc. because English is in demand all across the world.

There are different ways to earn online via English tutoring. Most common ones are:

  • Become a tutor on Superprof
  • Offering your tutoring services along with your reading writing skills on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etc.
  • Creating English language course material and selling it to millions of students on platforms like Udemy
  • TEFL teaching is also in demand due to the increase in ESL market. It is a unique way to teach one-to-one too. GMAT, GCSE, PSAT, Sat tests are some of the standardized tests which create a huge demand for tutors both online and in tutoring centers around the globe.
  • Teaching via skype to students all across the globe. You can schedule a lecture specifically tailored to suit your needs.
Make big bucks online
Laptop lifestyle can help you earn from the comfort of your home. ( Image Source: Unsplash)

If you are teaching one-to-one via any online service, you would be charging online rates. Your rates can start from as low as £8 and as high as £40 per hour. You need to build your reputation as an online tutor before you can actually start earning big.

Teaching online has the biggest benefit as you are free of geographical restrictions. You can teach at the time that suits you the most and you can teach from any location. While you are travelling, while you are on vacation or at home. Ask your existing clients for testimonials and referrals. That way you would attract more students.

To become the best tutor out there, start your career as a school teacher. You can be a writing tutor and a reading tutor. Be passionate about what you do. Help students with their weaknesses, ensure that they succeed academically.

Physics tutor, science tutor, chemistry tutor, or any tutor that teaches algebra, calculus, math and science, trigonometry, elementary math or any other such subject can also earn online but not as much as an English Language tutor would make, thanks to the widespread use of English around the globe!

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