Out of all the languages of the world, English is the third most commonly spoken language, the first two being Mandarin and Spanish. It is also one of the six official languages of United Nations.

It is often seen as a lingua franca of the world thanks to the fact that there are nearly 1 billion English Speakers who speak English as either their first or second language.

United Kingdom holds the of distinction being the first place where modern English was spoken, with around 55 million people fluent in it. English has made its way in nearly all the areas of our life and the demand for English tutors is on the increase.

Tutoring the English Language

Teaching English solely as a subject is a lot different than teaching English as a language.In order to become an English tutor in UK, there are a lot prerequisites which the tutor would need to consider .

Whether you want to start your career as an English tutor in Kinder-garden, School or University ,you would first need to acquire the proper skill-set necessary for becoming an English tutor.

Some institutes would require you to have certain certifications apart from a degree in English literature etc.

All in all, your tutoring services would be in high demand once you get yourself the official status and certification along with the proper qualification of an English Tutor.

A tutoring job would prove to be highly lucrative for you and if it is an English Tutoring job then you'd have a whole bunch of opportunities open right at front of you because English is an International Language which means that you can also get online teaching jobs and teach English abroad.

Being an English tutor, you can actually enjoy the perks of availing teaching jobs online! Now let's take a look at the recipe of becoming one of the best tutors of English!

What Qualifications You Need to Become an English Tutor in UK

Now, before we jump into the details of becoming an reputable English tutor, let us discuss the two type of requirements that are needed for you to get fully eligible for an English Tutoring job.


Academic success is, without any doubt, the first and foremost requirement if you wish to become a tutor of any subject. A bachelor's degree is a must for any candidate wishing to take up tutoring as a career.

The prerequisites of an becoming an tutor in English include a bachelor's degree in the language or literature. Most of the schools in the country also accept those who have a bachelor's background in humanities.

Your education level is crucial for your success as an English Tutor
The more qualifications you have, the higher you are likely to earn. (Photo credit: m_shipp22 via VisualHunt / CC BY)

Apart from a simple bachelor's degree, a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or any other equivalent qualification is also needed for English tutor jobs. These qualification would most probably include English as well as Mathematics.

General Literacy and numeracy tests are also sometimes required as an alternative to GCSE etc. These tests help the candidates to prove their competency for English tutoring jobs .Students can also take enhancement modules in case their marks are less than the required merit. All this would help you become a certified teacher!

More details about other official academic requirements and academic skills would be discussed in the next blog-posts.


Not everyone can do teaching as it is a demanding job which involves a lot of interaction with kids and teenagers. To become an English tutor, you would also need to meet the non-academic requirements of becoming a teacher.

There are a few Government schemes in UK which ensure that the aspiring teacher meets all the crucial requirements before starting his career in academic tutoring.

Experience is definitely the number one thing you would need. Your medical fitness and a record of no criminal activities would also be required.

This is usually necessary if you are looking to get into a teacher training program that would equip you with the necessary tools and methods to become an efficient and effective tutor.

How to set your Tariffs for English Tutoring Jobs

Once you are ready to start the English tutoring jobs, the next question is whether you would be working in a school as an English Teacher ,or you'd be providing in home tutoring, or working as an online English tutor.

If you opt for tutoring jobs in school or university, you will be paid by your respective institute according to your experience and qualifications.

In UK, the starting Salary for Primary Teacher of English is around £19,600 and the salary of those with 10 years experiences increases up to £28,700.

In case you decide to opt for in home tutoring or online English tutoring jobs London, you can charge an hourly rate. It can range from £11 to £15 per hour depending upon your repute as a tutor.

As a freelancer tutor, you can teach English as a foreign language to ESL Students abroad. Get into international teaching by teaching English overseas.

Apart from that, there are a lot of tutoring centers across the country. These tutoring centers offer various educational services, tutoring programs and test preparation programs.

Their need for English teachers is on the rise .If you join these tutoring centers, you can negotiate and set an hourly rate or a monthly salary.

Some English tutors also take up summer tutoring jobs if they are free due to summer holidays. These summer tutoring jobs could include teaching in any tutoring center or doing in home tutoring.

How to Organize your English Classes for Different age Groups

There are various age groups which you can teach as an English Tutor. The way you organize your English classes for each age group would definitely be very different for every group. English language teaching varies for each age group.

The age group of 3 to 5 years old are subject to follow the British National Curriculum which is an educational program followed by all the kids studying in British Nursery Schools. The English classes of this program focus both on learning English as a subject and as a tool of communication.

The English teachers carefully craft the English classes and ensure an English speaking environment around the children. The curriculum that is organized by the teachers usually focuses on the English as a language for communication , language for thinking, the basic skills of handwriting, simple writing, reading, sentence formation etc.

Use different tricks and techniques in your lectures
How you organize your lectures ,matters a lot. (Photo by William Iven on (Source: unsplash )

While planning your lessons you should keep in mind a lot of things such as what topic you should cover and what homework you will give. What activities you'll arrange and how much time you will allot to each activity .How you end your lecture is crucial as it helps students remember what they have learned through out the class.

One of the best way to teach and organize class is to model it according to real life scenarios. It helps a lot especially if you are teaching grammar and vocabulary. For example, while teaching verbs, you can use a ball and teach verbs such as throw, catch, toss, bounce etc.

If you are teaching the students expecting to take the GCSE exam ,it is your responsibility to teach them so that their GCSE English and GCSE English literature exam stands out and their chances of passing it with shining score are higher.

Organize your lectures in such a way that maximizes their test prep and teaches them how to attract the invigilators attention in the starting part of their exam.

The GCSE English paper has two parts i.e Fiction and Non-fiction. If your students learn the tricks to start the fiction and non-fiction part of the exam in a unique yet alluring way, it will prove very beneficial for them.

Your lectures and teaching techniques would be different for GCSE English language exam. You need to plan your lectures around the language techniques of English such as metaphors, similes.

Give them home-tasks to read and summarize the main facts from the articles found in the newspaper. Teach them how to analyze the poetry with the help of similes ,metaphors, repetition, descriptive language etc.

In A-level you would be required to follow the syllabus ,usually Cambridge. Schedule your classes so that your students learn how to use English in contemporary communication. Aim your lectures in a way that encourage critical response to text and introduce them to the skills of communication, research , analysis and reading.

How to Find Students for English Classes

If you are an English teacher looking for Students to teach, apart from the students you find at school, you need to adopt a completely new and different approach. Consider teaching ESL (English as Second Language) students.

You can do this either by giving private tuition or online tutoring. You can also consider providing your tutoring services to tutoring companies or British Council.

If you decide to become a private tutor, you would need to do a little bit of advertisement of yourself as a teacher. Create pamphlets and brochures with your name, photo, education and all the relevant experience. Do free tutoring in the start, to market yourself.

Distribute it in your neighborhood, among your peers, in different shops etc. Tell them to spread the word about you. This will allow you to find students who are being home-schooled or are looking for a private English tutor at home.

How to Give English Lessons by Webcam

The other option for you is to start online tutoring. You might be wondering where can I find online tutoring jobs?

Well, there are plenty of ways to become an online tutor.You can start as a freelance teacher on various freelancing sites. You can also create and provide online courses on Udemy. Apart from that, the other option you have is to create your own website.

You can hire someone to make one for you or you can buy templates online and customize them according to your own taste. The only thing you would need to do is promote your website and make sure it reaches to as many people as possible so that you get a study group to teach. Add testimonials from your students to attract attention.

There are plenty of students out there who are seeking TEFL Courses and training. Students who are taking SAT Tests are also in need of your tutoring services. Find such students and offer them your services. Skype is a great way to teach students online. A video call lecture can help you earn at an hourly rate

How to teach English to Dyslexic students

Tutoring kids with Dyslexia is not an easy job. It is quite challenging and you need to adopt special strategies to make sure they learn. Proficient reading is crucial to learn any subject especially English and Dyslexic students can suffer from trauma and depression because of their inability to read and interpret.

In order to help these students study like normal students, the teacher should ensure his integration in the class environment which is a learning environment and can help the student feel comfortable and self-esteemed.

Adopt special methods to teach kids with dyslexia
Students with Dyslexia need special attention. Photo by Megan Soule on unsplash )

The teacher should take special care in teaching to dyslexic students. He should make special efforts to understand the problems the dyslexic students face. This would help remove all sorts of misunderstanding regarding the negative behavior which the child shows in his studies due to his disability.

The teacher must be flexible in his dealings with the student and he should try to find the best method that would suit the student and help him learn to more by focusing on his strengths.

Dyslexic kids have difficulty reading new vocabulary and are unable to notice details in some of the words. The teacher should help them overcome this difficulty by first showing the word to the student and then reading it out loud.

It also helps to ask questions from the students ,questions like what does the student see and if he can find any vowel in the word. Question the student in such a way that would help him brainstorm and analyze the word before finally understanding it fully.

To help the kids retain whatever they learn, you can schedule a lecture that uses mnemonics. This will enable them to remember words for long. Try teaching them by putting all their senses to use and understanding their learning style.

For example, to teach him the word "look" ,draw eyes inside the double o . Get them to use their sense of touch by asking them to write in air or sand with their finger. All these tips would definitely help them to succeed in their learning endeavors.

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