Can we talk about Houston without mentioning Destiny's child? Back in the 1990s, we were inspired by the voice of the likes of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and their crew. Did you know this amazing group had its root in Houston?

Beyoncé Knowles is a popular R&B singer who has created huge waves across the USA and within the music world.

From Beyoncé’s life and history, she was tutored from a young, her voice was discovered by her dance instructor and she went from one music lesson to the next right here in Houston before she rose to fame.

Her success today wasn’t handed to her, she worked extremely hard for and so did her music teachers.

It is very difficult to become a professional singer without a great music teacher. You will need singing lessons and you are not short of choice in the city of Houston.

Private Singing Lessons in Houston

A man taking a private singing lessons with a tutor.
Find the right tutor and technique is very important to become a great singer (source: imcreator)

Group lessons don't work for a lot of people, that is why some music schools make provisions for private singing lessons. Music Academy of Houston is one of them.

Music Academy of Houston (MAH) was created by two Houston pianists, Kris Walters, and Dr. Chien-Jung Chen with the aim of providing the best music training.

It is a music school for private guitar lessons, voice lessons, piano lessons and violin lessons.

At this school, you have access to a spacious, soundproofed music studio equipped with modern musical instruments.

You also have access to teachers who are experienced, highly trained and passionate about expressing their knowledge through great teaching and, of course, promoting the art of music.

So whether you are a beginner trying to find the voice to connect with an audience or an advanced musician, the academy covers it all.

Reviews have shown that MAH is worth all your time.

Choose Your Singing Instrument

How well do you know musical instruments?

Sometimes the lyrics of a song don't mean much but the sound means so much. We've all at one point heard a song with bad lyrics but we still need to move the sound of the music. The sound is THAT good.

We associate sounds to so many beautiful things and so, as a singer, you need the right instruments to match your voice.

Varieties of musical instruments.
Varieties of musical instruments to practice or sing with. (source: Morguefile)

These instruments are classified by their musical range in comparison with other instruments in the same family and these terms are named after singing voice classification.

Here is a quick look at them:

Soprano instruments: Flute, Soprano, Violin, Saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, Oboe, Piccolo

Alto instruments: Alto saxophone, french horn, English horn, viola, alto horn

Trenor instruments: Trombone, tenor saxophone, guitar, tenor drum

Bass instruments: Double bass, bass guitar, contrabassoon, bass saxophone, tuba, bass drum

Baritone instrument: Basson, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, cello, baritone horn, euphonium

Right in the middle of Houston, you can get a hang of any these instruments at the Music Connection.

The Music Connection connects you with any musical instrument. It has 12 teaching studios for private, professional instruction.

Music connection also stocks sheet music. You will find a wide selection for any musical styles.

Find the Best Singing Tutor in Houston

It is often said that anyone can sing. Well, it is almost certain that you don't need to be particularly talented or have a special kind of voice to sing. All you need is voice lessons to train your voice to sing.

Do you know your vocal range? Do you notice that you comfortably sing some musical genres while you struggle with others?

This could be due to the fact that certain songs are not within your vocal range.

Singing outside your vocal range could be very unhealthy for your voice.and it could be damaging to the vocal chord. Remember, your vocal health is as important as any other part of your body.

There are vocal categories and ranges for singers:

  • Soprano: The highest female voice, able to sing C4;
  • Mezzo-soprano: A female voice between A3 and A5;
  • Contralto: This is the lowest female voice, ranking F3;
  • Trenor: This is the highest Male voice ranked B2 to A4;
  • Baritone: A Male voice ranking G2 to F4;
  • Bass: The lowest Male voice within E2 and E4.

First, your singing teacher will help you define your voice and how to achieve your voice's potential.

Your singing tutor will also take you through some warm-up exercises, vocal training, and vocal techniques.

If you want to sing in a choir, there are four categories for adult singers that you might consider. Usually, for women, it’s the soprano and alto. For men, it's tenor and bass.

Vocal Tips to Consider

Always warm up before embarking on any style of singing.

The vocal warm-up is an exercise that prepares your voice either for singing or speaking. These vocal warm-up exercises include humming, lip thrills, sirens (which involves sliding “oh" or “oo" from your lowest comfortable note all the way up to your highest comfortable note and back down again).

Vowels, arpeggios and Solfege ladders (this is your common do re mi exercise which helps you to focus on pitch and syllables at the same time) and HA-HA-HA which is great for warming up the chest.

Breathing exercises include exhaling on a hiss which means inhaling for a period of time then exhaling on an “sss" sound.

Another way is the straw technique, exhale or hum through a straw.

Lastly, you can lie on your back, which forces you to breathe with your diaphragm and then start to sing. When you inhale, your stomach expands and your diaphragm moves up.

To help improve your voice, remember:

  • Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses of water daily;
  • Eat the right food. Spicy foods are a no-no for your voice;
  • Sing at least 30 minutes a day.

Other Music Schools in Houston

Just like cities such as New York or Los Angeles, you can find the perfect singer teacher living in Houston.

Living Your Voice is a program in Houston that addresses a wide range of challenges that could get in the way of a person's speaking, singing and performing.

The program offers private lessons using a wide range of teaching methods including vocal techniques, breath support, the expansion of vocal range, placements, dynamics, and projections. Tony Pryor, the Director of Living Your Voice does more than just work on your voice, he helps you express the power in your voice.

Black and white image of boy behind a mic
Singing is hard but worth all your efforts - (Source: Jason Rosewell, Unsplash)

Another music academy we recommend taking singing classes is the Tempo School of Music.

The Tempo School of Music teaches music using modern music, which can be a powerful technique.

Their approach is termed non-classical and they ideally train your voice to suit genres of music you enjoy.

They take you through the process of improving your voice quality through techniques, exercises as well as songs, from the very first lesson. You will be doing a lot of singing on the songs you love and they will help you to write your own songs!

Houston is one of the best cities in the USA takes singing lessons.

Being a singer is hard, being a professional singer is even harder.

The famous singers we have today didn’t get it right the first time around, it took a lot of effort.

But if you're ever in doubt and living in Houston, remember the Queen B! Just like you would in other cities such as Philadelphia or Chicago, make the most of the city and fulfill your passion!

Don't forget, Superprof is also here to help you find the perfect private tutor to fit in with your schedule, budget, and technique. Based in Phoenix, find tips here.

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