Every bit of energy we exert from our bodies is a product of the energy we have consumed. This energy comes in the form of calories and nutrients found in the foods we eat. This is why the saying goes “we are what we eat”.

If you consume a healthy dose of nutrients and vitamins through a well-rounded diet, you are not only more likely to have great health but you will also have the energy to accomplish the things you need to do throughout your day without fatigue.

Knowing what a healthy dose of nutrients is, might be a tough question to answer without the right knowledge. The health professionals who hold that knowledge are known as nutritionists or dietitians.

A registered nutritionist is someone that has studied the science of dietetics as well as completed an average of 1200 hours under supervised practice. After an internship or residency program, a nutritionist will typically take board exams depending on the state they wish to practice in and apply for certification as an accredited health professional.

Nutritionists can be found working in a variety of fields. The most common one being private practices and clinics. A clinical dietitian will work with patients one on one. They will assess the patients needs based on health diagnosis or personal goals. Clinical dietitians will generally choose a specific area to work in. It might be weight loss, it might be treating patients with diabetes or obesity, or it might be helping patients find the best way to deal with their food allergies.

Juice cleansing diet
The Juice Trend has hit LA, a nutritionist can tell you if this cleanse is right for you.

Dietitians can also work in management or public health. Through different institutions, a nutritionist will use their knowledge in dietetics to establish a program to be implemented in a public school system to better school lunches, or a program at a Fortune 500 company to make sure that their employees have the best snacks in the pantry to help them work as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of where they work, nutritionists are a valuable source to have. They help us better understand the effects, be they negative or positive, about the food we take in.

Lessons in Nutrition in LA

The sunny southern California City is home to over 4 million residents and serves as a great city for living a well rounded and healthy lifestyle. LA offers year-round great weather that allows its residents to take part in hundreds of outdoor activities that promote health and fitness. In addition, LA has a trend of “green” restaurants that cater to even the most specific diets.

With such a variety, knowing what activities to take part in or even choosing what menu item will settle best in your stomach might be hard to define. That’s where a nutritionist might come in. A nutritionist will be able to help you best identify the types of nutritional supplements that work best with your body type and activity levels.

A variety of nutritional services are offered to LA residents through the hundreds of registered dietitian that call LA their home.

Here are some of our favorite options available in LA

  • Kylie King (MS, RD, CHC, CPT ) at Metabella Wellness Center, uses a holistic approach in the services she provides to her patients. Kylie believes that this is the best way to correctly assess a person nutritional needs because it affected by so many different aspects of one's lifestyle and isolating its causes help her determine the best course for the patient.
  • Alyse Levine (MS, RD),  aids her patients in reconnecting with their body’s levels of hunger. She hopes that her patients learn to think mindfully about their diets and lifestyles.
  • Whitney English (MS RDN), helps her patients get the best out of a new diet by changing their overall behavior towards eating. She also practices evidence-based nutrition changes through diets rich in plants.
  • LeeAnn Weintraub (MPH, RD) focuses on teaching her patients about the importance of macronutrients, portion sizes, and recommended foods.

Nutrition Classes in NYC

New Yorkers will be content to discover that there are quite a few qualified nutritionists and registered dietitians working in the New York area that can help them with their health concerns.  A nutritionist will help guide you towards a nutritious diet that fits both your busy schedule and budget. Here are the best options in New York :

  • Carly Feigan from New York Nutritionist works with patients through a program called Head to Health. It is a 6-week course that helps patients lose weight and naturally increases their metabolism. If physically able, she suggests that her patients engage in workouts to acquire the best results.
  • Simply Nutrition NYC P.C.  is a private clinic that provides a wide range of services to its clients. They counsel patients through nutrition therapy, body composition analysis, and helps them change their minds about cooking at home and trying out new foods. They are also available to work with you remotely.
  • Tried and True Nutrition, founded by Pamela Bonney, MS, RD, CDN and Priya Lawrence, MS, RD, CDN, this private practice has a combined 24 years of experience in the field of dietetics.
  • Jacqueline Podel at Total Nutrition has been working as a nutritionist for over 20 years in the New York City area. She works with patients diagnosed with Type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, and more.

Find a Nutritionist in Chicago

In a city of endless restaurants, it seems that some of them are finally picking up on the healthy trend. Nutritionists in Chicago can provide their normal services but in addition, they can also help you pick out the best options on a menu. By learning the trick on picking out the best dishes, you will have no problem eating out.  

chicago restaurant menus
Chicago nutritionists can help you decipher what are the best items on the menu (Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash)

If you ask about menu tricks these Chicago nutritionists will not only let you in on the secrets but also help you find the best ways to incorporate your new diets at home.

Here are some of the best dietitians in Chicago:

  • JEM Nutrition Services - The company's Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist provides complete support for every customer's needs, whether they just want to lose weight or need help learning to stay healthy with a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  • Coral Nutrition Coaching - Here, an experienced dietitian nutritionist will design targeted strategies to help you reach your goals and enjoy more energy, vitality, and confidence.
  • Roche Dietitians L.L.C.- The company's registered dietitians use an evidence-based approach to teaching people healthier eating habits and provide targeted plans to treat issues like obesity, food allergies, and chronic fatigue.

The Best Nutritionists in Houston

It seems some Houstonians are in serious need of consultations with nutritionists because, as shown in a recent headline in the Guardian, by the year 2040 1 in 5 residents of Houston will have Type 2 diabetes.

The best nutritionists in Houston are extremely interested in helping struggling individuals develop a healthier diet and lifestyle. Here are some of our best options in the Greater Houston area:

  • Houston Family Nutrition - At this clinic, founder Moe Schlachter (MS RD CDE) and staff dietitian Katie Arlinghaus, (MS RD) mix their past experiences as chefs to create meals that are not only nutritious but also flavorful.
  • Herbivore RD - As operant in the name, Nicole Cornelious (RD, CSO, LD), specializes in vegan nutrition planning. She also works with patients through, medical nutritional therapy to treat those with cancer and other illnesses.
  • Chews Food Wisely- Nicole S. Fennell is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist as well as a Certified LEAP Nutritional Therapist offering group and individual nutrition education.
  • Appetite Health - this private practice based in Houston, was founded by Sarah Galicki, MS, RDN, CSOWM, LD, .She has formal training in new emerging weight loss technologies such as gastric balloons, vagal nerve blocking devices, aspiration therapy, and very low-calorie diet programming.
vegan diets
Nutritionists at Herbivore RD help you learn how to balance a plant-based diet and still receive the needed nutrients. (Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash)
  • Wholesome Start - based in Houston and founded by Samina Qureshi, this private practice celebrates body and cultural diversity and practices Health at Every Size (HAES). During your sessions, Samina helps her patients establish health goals & develop a personalized nutrition care plan.

Nutritionists in the City of Philadelphia

The home of the Philly cheesesteak is potentially home to residents with poor diets and unhealthy eating habits. The lack of healthy menu options in restaurants around Philly contribute to obesity levels in the city and beyond. Bad diets increase peoples chances of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

In order to combat these statistics against, nutritionists in Philly are available to provide dietetic services for those who would like to prevent such diagnosis.

  • Healthy Bites founder and registered dietitian Katie Cavuto Boyle is based in Philly. Her services vary from remaking your pantry, helping plan meals, teaching you new recipes, and offering small but life-altering insights into your eating habits. Katie also offers 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3-month programs, each catered to helping you take the next steps to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Krista Yoder-Latortues founded Family Food and staffs 25 registered dietitians. This clinic focuses on family neutron plans and will even provide your initial consultation at home.  Their registered dietitians will get you thinking about food in a whole new way.
  • Emma Fogt is an Author, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Through her services, she will aid in setting a balanced life rather than one of constant dieting and deprivation.

Sports Nutritionists Near Me

Sport nutritionists are dietitians that specialize in working with athletes. They help athletes balance well-rounded diets with constant strains of workouts. They take part in sports medicine and may work hand in hand with the coaches and trainers of the athletes or teams they work with.

Similar to other registered nutritionists, sports nutritionists must also have accreditation from the state board exam. The regulations for these titles vary state to state, so it is extremely important to do sufficient research when looking into a nutritionist’s experience. Accreditations and certifications from programs can vary in their significance, therefore, it is a good idea to check out online reviews if they are available to you.

Sports nutrition
Whether you are a pro athlete or training to become one, finding a sports nutritionist is crucial to your training. (Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash)

Sports dietitians can be found working in private practices but they may also work for colleges, athletic teams, and sports organizations.


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