Regardless of how well some teenagers do with their SATs, it is a hard test, and the hardest young adults will be exposed to in their K-12 academic career.

Even if those with low scores represent a minority, those candidates will have a lot of trouble getting into university.

According to several reports, those teenagers who do badly never make it to college and stop their studies at high school.

A statistic that speaks volumes about the crucial importance of this test in the eyes of the student, his or her family, and the professional world.

Discouraged and tired of a never ending catch-up, students become skeptical about education and all of their long years of elementary, middle, and high school are thrown into the dustbin like a dirty handkerchief full of literature, mathematical theorems, and incomprehensible foreign words.

What led to this academic failure may be the student's lack of motivation, the incompetence of the teachers, or even the difficulties of national education...

But it's the student who is most hurt by all this--he or she will have to find a different way into life, college no longer an option.

As you can see, school tutoring plays a key role in both prevention and learning, which, while sometimes seemingly innocuous, can make the student's tree of knowledge grow tremendously.

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The Importance of Ninth Grade for the Rest of a Student's Life

Is it necessary to get a head start and start studying during the summer before ninth grade?

It's a time for exploration: ninth grade is a crucial stage of a student's education...

As soon as he or she enters high school, the new high school student has to adapt to the rhythm of classes and totally new subjects. Afterwards, when you get to the SATs, you will be stuck in choosing a career path.

The pupil has to prove him or herself in a very short amount of time, and this could be very stressful. Add to this the pressure of facing new work methods and being independent with homework and studying, and the student could quickly feel overwhelmed.

In ninth grade, you already start to choose what the rest of your academic career will look like with your electives. It is a crucial moment as it may define your future career.

During the first year of high school, the student will develop an understanding of high school, choose what he or she likes best, and discover his or her capacities in different disciplines.

Depending on the student's academic achievements, his or her will, and the opinions of his or her teachers, the student will understand what his or her intentions in high school will be.

However, let's not forget how different and difficult high school is. There are a ton of factors at work that make it a stressful place for your child!

It's because of the destabilizing environment of high school that your child will need to fill in the gaps of learning with some in-home private tutoring.

Whether it's the ambition to get into an ivy league or wanting to get a grant for a special program the student really wants to be a part of...make sure you give your child the means to succeed!

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Provide Academic Support to Exceptional Students

Even exceptional students need a little push! Don't let them give up on their ambitions!

Some exceptional students will be so caught up with what their parents want that their stress will amp up towards the end of their high school career. Come 12th grade, they will start to hear their parents guiding them in a specific direction. This is a good time for a neutral third party to become involved in their academic evolution. 

When their parents or siblings have done very well in a subject--the younger kids feel pressured to follow suit and try their hand at the subject in question. Sometimes that is not what they want to do, however, and a private tutor can help them have a say.

To avoid disappointing the family, make sure a tutor is present and involved with some of the decisions.

The in-home private tutor will enter at this crucial moment, when tension is highest.

Just like a football player, he will have to come into the game and gain the trust of his or her team!

Although the in-home private tutor will be prepared, trained, and more than motivated to offer his or her student support, he will have to adapt to a hostile educational environment.

If the in-home private tutor does not procure the student and family's desired results--and try and mitigate both--he or she will quickly be thrown out of the equation.

And so, the in-home private tutor will have to work twice as hard to keep up the ambitions of the student. The student must learn the incoming knowledge to the rhythm of the program, apply appropriate methodology, and double his concentration during his or her private lessons.

In-home tutors--be prepared for each incoming grade, test result, and university letter: if your student has high academic ambitions he or she will be upset at the smallest failure!

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In-home Private Tutoring to Prepare for the SATs English Portion

girl SAT test
Calm and ready for the SATs? This is not always the case--trust us!

The SATs: this long awaited test's English portion gathers all of the English and literature knowledge you have learnt over the four long years of high school. 

Getting a good grade in the English portion of the SATs is like having a gold star on your resume when looking for colleges and jobs down the line!

It's a boost to the ego, and it makes you feel calm in view of the essays you will have to be writing down the line in college.

National education expects all high schoolers to excel in this portion of the test, but that is rarely the case. Some are definitely more gifted than others with the maze that can sometimes be the English language. 

So, in order to avoid a disaster, there are some things you can put into place in order to study better than ever. How about organizing your notes in chronological order or in an order of importance according to what you know may appear on the test...This is something your in-home private tutor can definitely help you with.

This is the kind of organization you may want to think about to succeed in the SATs. We know it does not come naturally to every child, but it is important for them to try and get the passion necessary to get their notes in order.

With a full scope view on your academic history, your in-home private tutor will be able to help you study for the EN portion of the SAT test. He will take a look at past tests, scope out your mistakes, and help you rectify them for the future.

For example, his role can be to:

  • give you essay questions that could resemble those that will be included in the writing portion of the English part of the SATs,
  • help you with text comprehension in mock conditions of the exam,
  • see what your strengths and weaknesses are in writing so that you can find new strength that will allow you to excel with whatever essay question you may encounter.

If you are passionate about the English language, then it's up to you, private tutor, to get the student excited about it again and do better with your writing and in-class discussion.

Be available to your student and be free with what your exchanges could include–there are no stupid questions in tutoring– and also, teach him your secret methods so that he or she can excel in school and in the SATs!

In-home Private Tutoring in Order to Gain New Teaching Methods

Your strengths and weaknesses in each subject have a lot to do with choosing a specific kind of academic support in order to excel with the SATs.

Whether you are totally gifted or an average pupil, it is nevertheless important to have someone give you academic support for each of the subjects offered in the final test.

Here are 5 reasons justifying academic support in order to do well with the SATs:

  1. Compensating for the absence of a teacher in a difficult subject.
  2. Giving clues and tips on how the student can better their skills in certain subjects.
  3. Offer new methods that will accompany him through university as well.
  4. Encouraging him or her to work more at home (we all know how tempting it is to spend time on Facebook instead of on the homework we should absolutely be getting through by the end of the day.)
  5. Develop his skills so that he can get honors.

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In-home Private Tutoring on top of the SATs: Too Much?

tests are not fun
Sometimes a student can feel trapped by the upcoming SATs--but in-home private tutoring will always be there to help soothe that!

Overworked and sick of it...Every child will complain about studying or homework at some point...

With an average of 30 hours (average) a week in ninth grade, American kids are exhausted by the end of the school week.

When their parents suggest an in-home private tutor, it may seem like altogether too much for them to take! However, a tutor could be a godsend at this stage.

The first real question to ask is whether the student is successful in his studies and extra-curricular activities and whether his parents are not putting unnecessary extra pressure on him.

With methods that will help him or her excel and understand even the hardest lessons, homework help that will help him or her get through anything, tutoring should be welcomed with open arms!

The best part: the tutor is always attentive to the student's academic problems. Without that, in-home private tutoring would not exist.

So if he sees that their lessons together are stressing out the student a little too much, he or she will space out their lessons together in order to promote comfort rather than stress.

It is also up to the parents to remain vigilant and see when their children are overtired...

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