Do you dream of freedom in your work? The one on one tuition community welcomes you with open arms!

Whether you are an undergrad, recently retired or have a full-time job, providing tailored academic support can be a golden opportunity!

A survey by a-connect on happiness in the workplace showed that the self-employed were more likely to feel happy during working hours than those who work for a company.

Freelancers responded more positively to questions on the impact their professional life had on their personal life. Over twice as many independent workers felt more than satisfied that they could pursue leisure and other activities outside of work as full-time workers.

If you look at these infographics, you'll see that people who work for themselves generally answer more positively when it comes to questions of flexibility in their schedules and freedom in their work.

As experts in the market for private tuition, we at Superprof are at your service to explain the key elements which make tutor jobs perfect for those who want more independence when it comes to earning a living.

Dedicating your free time to providing tutoring services means:

  • Learning more about home tutoring and supplemental instruction
  • Working on your teaching methods
  • Adapting your approach
  • Taking the time to find clients

When you think the time is right, jump into your teaching career with full force to be the best educator you can be.

You will quickly learn that teaching the thing you are passionate about is exciting! Especially when you see how your help has led your students to succeed in their academic career.

Here are 4 reasons why academic tutoring is the ideal job for independence in your work.

Get into Tutoring and Work for Yourself

Many of us dream about taking control our own work.

Just over 15% of the UK population is self-employed, with 87% of these entrepreneurs saying that they would never go back to full-time employment.

This might be why:

  • 67% of self-employed workers in the UK say that freedom is a key part of their professional lifestyle
  • Freelancers who work from home can save up to 720 hours (30 days) each in commuting time each year
  • 35% of self-employed workers have taken 2 or more holidays abroad in the past 12 months, compared to 29% of those in employment
  • People who work for themselves have 33% more time to spend doing exercise than those who work for a company

These figures prove that there are many benefits to becoming your own boss.

Another amusing statistic is that 35% of employees don't think their boss would be able to do their work.

When over a third of people deem their manager to be incompetent, it's time for a change.

work for yourself as a home tutor
Becoming a tutor: an easy first step on your way to self-employment ¦ source: Pixabay

Use your skills for the benefit of learners from kindergarten to college level and beyond who know your worth!

In other words: becoming a teacher can make you feel useful and looks brilliant on your CV.

Tutoring: the Freedom to Decide Your Rates and Manage Your Own Schedule

Not only does home tuition add to your income, it also frees you from the shackles of the workplace.

3 advantages to working for yourself:

  • Be in charge of your own time management
  • Decide how much you earn
  • Establish a good relationship with your clients, your way

Managing Your Schedule

One study found that a quarter of the UK working population was not satisfied with their work-life balance.

Balancing their professional and private lives was low down on the list of jobseekers' priorities. Feeling overworked is therefore a problem that creeps in once you have settled into your job.

Having a flexible schedule is an attractive aspect of being self-employed because it means being able to develop your services at your own pace.

Of course, when you're new to the market, it's difficult to turn certain tutoring jobs you find down, but the important thing is that you are able to do it thanks to the nature of your tutoring job.

You'll see how your reputation can grow by word of mouth. As a result, you'll be in higher demand, but this means you'll have better scheduling opportunities to make your work flexible, as different clients will have their own different timetables.

One on one tutoring not only lets you decide you own working hours but also your free time. Whether you're a maths tutor, geography tutor, chemistry tutor or reading tutor, people will envy the freedom you have and the pleasure you take in your new job!

Choose Your Rates

Be in the driving seat when it comes to getting paid and charge as you see fit.

We recommend that you set an hourly rate as well as a daily one. This will allow you to easily keep track of your earnings. When deciding what to charge, take into account your desired yearly income as well as any expenses (getting to and from clients' homes for example).

Also consider the average wage for a private tutor in your area and how the level you are teaching can affect this.

Prices for supplemental academic support can vary depending on where you live. An hour of one to one instruction in Newcastle pays on average £20.00, whereas this figure is over £2 greater in the surrounding area of Northumberland.

There is no obvious pattern to the average prices for each region, but prices tend to be elevated in and around major cities and rural areas, leaving the larger towns with lower rates.

An even more important factor in what to charge is academic level. It goes without saying that although tutoring doesn't require any specific qualifications, you need an appropriate level of knowledge to teach your students. For example, you should not be teaching GCSE maths without at least an A level certificate in the subject.

An hour-long session of reading and writing help for a primary school child will pay less than an hour of test preparation for an A level pupil because the level of expertise required to teach each level.

Extra-curricular subjects such as piano lessons or sports coaching cost more than subjects you will find on the school curriculum such as biology or history.

It's important to take these things into account so you can find your place in the market.

Take Control of Your Budget

For people who are new to the business, accounting can be scary. Being self-employed means that you can take control of your tutoring income and do your own accounts.

Be in control of your earnings as a private tutor
Keep track of your own earnings as a self-employed tutor ¦ source: Pixabay

All you need to do is register as self-employed with HMRC, who will then work out how much tax you should be paying.

Doing your own accounts sounds more complicated than it is, but don't worry - it's quick and simple!

Private Tutoring: an Opportunity to Teach Your Way

Unlike a certified teacher who works in mainstream schooling, private tutors are free to do as they wish when it comes to their teaching methods.

You can take control of everything you are tasked with and if people don't like how you do things, they can let you go.

It's that simple.

You can also teach whatever you like, provided you know enough about it. For instance, say you've got a degree in English, not only could you be an English tutor, but you could also help children with reading comprehension, grammar or be a writing tutor.

Focussing on a particular area can be just what kids need to give them a boost.

Equally, maths graduates can help with algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry.

If you're bilingual or an international student studying in the UK, why not be a language tutor? You could be a French tutor and help out with homework assignments or verbal communication, or teach a language that is uncommon in schools. Learning a foreign language is incredibly useful - no wonder language tutors are in such high demand!

The way you teach is also completely up to you. Teach on a one to one basis or lead study groups. Working in a small group can be useful for your students who can work with each other as a form of peer tutoring.

Find a tutor that teach English online here.

Provide individualised supplemental instruction the way you want
Private tutoring: go further so your students do better ¦ source: Pixabay

Tutoring gives you a blank canvas to go beyond the textbooks and develop your teaching methods by finding different learning strategies and study skills for your tutee's specific learning style.

The best tutors use the strengths and weaknesses of each learner to find the ideal learning styles for them. This ensures students get the most out of their sessions and acquire personalised learning skills they can apply in school and later on in life.

Individualising learning plans is what makes private tutors so special not only because it is not part of the school system, but it also gives students the tools to manage and benefit from the new information they learn.

So teach your way and lead your students to academic success!

Take Holidays Easily as a Self-Employed Tutor

Booking a holiday when you work for a company can be a nightmare.

If you're not faced with opposition from the hierarchy, it's your colleagues who let you know the burden you'll be placing on them for a week in the sun.

Even when you're forced to use up your remaining holidays, it's always when the weather is rubbish and there's nothing on TV.

These examples are all too common for employees.

manage your own holiday time as a self-employed tutor
Working when you want: what a way to make a living ¦ source: Pixabay

As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to choose when you take a break and even escape the school holiday price hikes. Having a flexible schedule will give you a good amount of time to recharge your batteries during the school holidays when most clients will have gone abroad.

And even if you want to keep working while you travel, you can take your tutoring business online - all you need is a Wifi connection!

Online tutoring has all the benefits of face to face sessions, and you can do it anywhere you like!

Have we got you thinking about becoming an in home or online tutor? With all these benefits to private tutoring, it would be silly not to. So sign up to Superprof and get started!

There are plenty of people out there who need to find a tutor online or in their local community, so share your knowledge with them in the form of homework help, academic advising, or test preparation in the run up to exams!

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