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Looking to help young children with their reading skills and writing skills.

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I approach each method by looking at what the kid is good at and what they need help with. Going further in I work on what they are not good at first then later work on what they are good at to grow their skills.


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About Jasmine

I am a current student going into the ninth grade. I have had all A’s and B’s in english. I’ve also had very high scores on all my reading SOLs. I’ve also had experience in working with younger kids and their homework.



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  • I am looking for students who would like a little extra help in various areas of English literature and creative writing in the Virginia Beach area.


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  • NOVA college student majoring in Liberal Arts and Professional Writing, and I love to help



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  • Current Undergraduate Student at Virginia Wesleyan University. I enjoy teaching, and expanding the knowledge of writing and literature. I graduated high school with a 4.1 GPA and stellar remarks


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  • Full-Time Undergrad Psychology Student who has already received an Associates Of Arts Oregon Transfer Education



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  • The coolest teacher that keeps you on the edge of your seat for all of literature has a life lesson you need.



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  • English (B.A) major, who is looking for a tutoring job. If you need help with academic English or history for grades K-12, I am available.



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  • Classically educated and a Classical Educator. A Bachelors in English with a focus on Great Texts.



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  • Writing Tutor with 2 years of experience right from the comfort of your home.



    My method approach in teaching is not so much that the child gets the question/questions right or wrong. It is about if they...

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  • Professional Writer and Publisher with 12 years experience offering English and Writing Lessons



    I am great with helping students overcome their anxieties about writing. I will develop an interpersonal relationship and...

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  • Pre-service English teacher with 1 and a half years experience tutoring English



    I approach each topic with a short survey of strengths and weaknesses in the area. This allows me to target specifically...

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  • Ballerina bookworm and published editorial author teaches English, literature, and writing from home.



    I like to get to know my students. No pupil learns the same way, which is why I love teaching in individual and small group...

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  • Engaging English instructor with 8+ years' experience teaching literature and academic writing



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  • English Teacher with Master's Degree in Tuolumne County Can Teach Outside or Online!



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  • English teacher turned author and artist offers creative methods for improving English and writing skills.



    I believe learning is enhanced through reading, discussion and maintaining a curious and open mind about the material....

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    • 1hr free