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Nevada English Instructor with 13 Years of Experience of College Composition and Writing and Tutoring.


My goal is to not only help students with their writing, but to prepare them for both their academic and career paths as well. I seek to mentor students with their writing with the full understand that writing isn't easy for many people and can often times cause a great deal of anxiety. I understand that, and I think my many years of experience -- not only teaching college students, but also a career in the military, has helped me gain a trust with my students, which has allowed me to become very approachable and comfortable for my students.


I have been an instructor of English for 13 years. I have taught all levels of College Freshman Composition that has also included several years of high school students who have taken college-prep writing courses. I have a Master's Degree in Rhetoric and Composition and Bachelor's Degree in English, and I also have several years of tutoring experience working in a major university's Writing Center.


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Lessons offered by NICHOLAS
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Taught subjects
  • Academic English
  • Essay writing
  • Literacy
  • Rhetoric
  • Invention writing
  • All Levels

NICHOLAS's resume


University of Nevada, Reno M.A. in English (Writing Emphasis)
Professional Essay Title: “Graduating a Generation of Illiterates: How Freshman
Composition Teachers are Failing Their Students”
Graduate Committee: Dr. Mark Waldo (Chair), Dr. Lynda Walsh, Dr. Stephen
Fields of Study: Rhetoric and Composition; Writing Across the
Curriculum; Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning;

University of Nevada, Reno B.A. in English (Writing) with a Minor in Literature
Fields of Study: Creative Non-Fiction Writing; Renaissance Literature;
British Literature; Children’s Literature; Literary
Criticism and Theory

Teaching/Tutoring Experience:

Truckee Meadows Community College
2010;2015-2021: English 102: Composition II
2011-2020: English 101: Composition I
2008-2013: English 098: Preparatory Composition.

Western Nevada College
2017-2019; 2021: English 102: Composition II
2018: English 099: Basic Writing Strategies
2016-2017: English 101: Composition I

University of Nevada, Reno
2010: English 101: Composition I
2009: English 098: Preparatory Composition.

2007-2008 Writing Center Tutor

College Committee and Service

Member: Part-Time Issues Committee, Truckee Meadows Community College (2011-Present)
• The committee recommends policies on part-time faculty issues, such as hiring and retention, compensation, benefits, support, training, and integration with the existing full-time academic faculty. As a member, I like to provide perspective from an active part-time instructor’s point of view and share concerns or questions that we have relating to part-time faculty issues.

Assessment: Truckee Meadows Community College – ENG 098 (Jan 2018)
Assessment: Western Nevada College – ENG 101 (Jan 2018)
Assessment: Truckee Meadows Community College – ENG 101 (Jan 2014)
• Participated and engaged in course assessments that ensured that not only were my colleagues grading the same types of assignments consistently, but as a part-time instructor, I was able to ensure that my curricula and grading was on the same page as the rest of the English department.

Training, Certificates, and Awards

Truckee Meadows Community College: Part-Time Instructor of the Month (Nov 2020)
Professional Development: Advanced Canvas Training (Fall 2017)
Professional Development: Beginning/Advanced Prezi Training (Fall 2013)
Professional Development: “Part-Time” Certificate (Spring 2014)

Professional Affiliations

Member: National Council of Teachers of English (2009-Present)
Member: Modern Language Association (2010-Present)
Member: Nevada System of Higher Education (2010-Present)
Member: College Composition and Communication (2013-Present)

Prior Work Experience:

1999-2000: AirFlash, Inc., Saratoga, CA
Windows NT/2000 Network Administrator.
• Coordinated purchases of over $500,000 in networking, engineering, and monitoring equipment.
• Established confidential “finance” network.
• Provided desktop support to over 100 workstations running various OSs including Linux, Windows XP/2000/Me/NT/98.
• Provided support to over 20 UNIX- and Linux-based Servers.
• Provided support to early GPS technology cellular telephone system.
• Certified Dell Dimension/Optiplex Technician (Apr 00).

1998-1999: U.S. Air Force, Moffett Federal Air Field,
Mountain View, CA
Windows NT Network Administrator.
• Directed the migration of entire military installation to new networking system.
• Established secure e-mail system supporting nearly 1000 1000 military personnel.
• Managed Information Processing Center (IPC).
• Managed Communication (Comm) Center responsible for high volume sensitive message traffic, and its data security.
• Supervised a team of both Air Force and Air National Guard troops.
• Sun/Solaris Firewall Management/Administration Training (Jul 99).
• Awarded Air Force Commendation Medal.
• Top Secret/SBI security clearance.

1992-1998: U.S. Air Force, Moffett Federal Air Field,
Mountain View, CA
Banyan VINES Network Administrator
• Assisted in installation and configuration of 600-workstation Local Area Network.
• Established Internet access using protocols such as TCP/IP.
• Launched Base-wide Help Desk.
• Supervised full-time Air Force member and team of Air National Guard personnel.
• Remedy Help Desk Solutions Training (Nov 98).
• Awarded Air Force Achievement Medal.

1988-1992: U.S. Air Force, Moffett Federal Air Field,
Mountain View, CA
Computer Operations Supervisor
• Managed large Data Processing Center (DPC).
• Responsible for processing of all print aspects of military data, such as payroll information, medical records, and flight records.
• Maintained magnetic data tape library.
• Supervised team of Air National Guard personnel.
• Air Force Leadership and Management School (Honor Graduate – Feb 92).

1985-1988: U.S. Air Force, Vandenberg Air Force Base
Lompoc, CA
Sperry / Unisys Systems Analyst
• Responsible for several military data processing programs.
• Managed large magnetic tape library and implemented on-line tape database (TIMS).
• Involved in migration from Burroughs B3500 mainframe system to Sperry/Unisys 1100/90.
• Database Manager (1987-88).
• Unisys Database Manager School (1987).

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