A number of parents tell themselves it may be time for their child to take private tutoring lessons. However, regardless of the practice’s popularity today, do they know where to look and what exactly the private tutoring consists of?

Often times no, actually. First of all because people often confuse private home tutoring with other academic activities such as after-school academic support and homework help.

How is it different?

How does one define it? What are the concrete advantages for students experiencing academic difficulties? 

The Definition of Private Home Tutoring Lessons

Everybody—students, teachers, parents—is taking about private tutoring at home. Year after year, it becomes more and more popular.

Let’s dive into these books together in order to understand what the true definition of private home tutoring is!

Because students are being pushed harder every year, academic tutoring is becoming more and more popular. In elementary school, middle school, high school and even later in order to attend schools such as Harvard and Georgetown…

But what is the exact definition of private home tutoring? Why is it important not to confuse it with private tutoring or homework help? In order to be able to differentiate between the different solutions at hand, you must know that private home tutoring is a tailor-made solution for the students who need it. It is either long-term or short-term and for students have issues understanding how the national educational system works.

That side of it—the “helping children with learning difficulties”—is the part that sets it apart from the private lesson or homework help. It’s become more popular because of parents’ growing worries over students who have failing grades. So, if you are worried that the national system is not enough for tour child when it comes to education—don’t fret, that is exactly what academic tutoring is going to be for them from now on.

When it comes to private tutoring, this kind of help is two services in one: homework help and a refresher course in the subject needed in order to get grades back up to average. As far as getting ready for the SATs or other entrance exams, this can be your answer too.

What Can You Get Out of Private Home Tutoring?

OK, so let’s define it. Because it’s important to use the right words as the notion is sometimes pretty vague and does need defining.

Now that you are aware of these “precisions,” we can wonder about two distinct things:

  • Who is private home tutoring right for?
  • What tools does it give the student?

It’s important to know to start with that academic tutoring is relevant to two social reasons we will now bring up. First of all, mothers are working much more than they ever have in previous generations. Second of all, parents are spending more time than ever at their workplace with longer days. These two facts mean that children are getting less help from their parents.

That’s why private home tutoring is becoming such a staple in so many households. It is also obviously being adopted by children who are in need when it comes to their education. Because of available math classes, language classes (Spanish, French, German), history classes, geography classes, physics classes, English classes, etc. the student is no longer drowning in the difficulties of his grade and the many classes that make it up.

And finally, the other great thing about private home tutoring is that it breaks the sometimes insurmountable barrier between the student and the teacher. This is a barrier that makes the shyest of students incapable. This kind of private home tutoring allows even the most reserved of children to reveal their strengths and fulfil their potential.

What Subjects Can Be Taught During Private Home Tutoring?

Spanish classes are some of the most important classes in high school and middle school these days.

From middle school, to high school, all the way to your university studies, private home tutoring is the opportunity to fine-tune all of those subjects in school you are unsure about. 

In middle school, it’s important to start with private home tutoring. It’s normal: as soon as elementary school ends, another rhythm imposes itself. The pace intensifies. It’s the case for math and English. But middle school is also about discovering totally new subjects such as languages, sciences, technology…Middle schoolers learn the bases. If you want to be in tune with your classes, make sure not to skip a beat.

High school is when you start to orientate yourself with what comes later. Your curriculum will get more and more difficult and allows every student to find his or her way. You’ll have to decide what part of the SATs you need the most help on, for example. Every high school has different rates when it comes to getting into certain colleges. This is something you might want to look into as soon as you enter high school. Often, students know exactly what they are doing, and have gotten the hang of school. However, if you are struggling, don’t hesitate to start on some private home tutoring—it could change your future!

And, finally, when you are heading for the greener pastures of college and university don’t forget that private home tutoring could be just what you need. There are science classes, business classes, and accounting classes that might need your attention…don’t forget to take advantage of the great perks of private home tutoring in order to reach your academic goals.

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A Personal Approach Tailored to Every Student

According to us, the best argument for private home tutoring is the following: teaching is completely tailored to the student in question.

But before you get to that stage of bliss, time to find the right professor! If you look hard enough in your neighborhood or town, you could find the one. But don’t hesitate to have a little look online too. Private tutors near your home exist by the dozen.

As soon as you have found the private tutors that interest you, you can start having meetings. In the beginning, you will obviously have many questions for the tutors about his profile and the solutions for your child. It will then be the private tutor’s turn: what does he want to know about your kid and his difficulties? It’s the best way to organize his tailor-made tutoring plan.

Afterwards, a tutor will not only adapt his or her teachings to a student’s academic needs but also to his or her personality. 

Pedagogical Liberty When It Comes to the Student

If we are to speak about private home tutoring, it sometimes serves us to compare this sort of tutoring to the teaching that goes on inside of the schools.

Thanks to a private tutor find teaching that works for you!

It’s not that we’d like to turn them off school, but we’d like to speak about pedagogy. If we were to be sort of cliché, we could say that school represents a very rigorous process, when private tutoring is more loose. We often speak to students about the freedom found in private tutoring for the student.

The private tutor has the chance to establish a real connection with the student. This connection is at the service of the student understanding his or her teaching. There is no longer a strong hierarchy the way there is in school. Hierarchy is quite different when it comes to one on one tutoring at home. The dialogue follows suit.

The private tutor—in opposition to the national education teacher—is freed of the constraint of order and discipline. Only the passing on of knowledge becomes important. Even focusing more on tutoring for a moment may gain you a better entry to regular teaching. Such pedagogical liberty is not only useful to rid the student of timidity, but it allows this same student to learn new things. Especially once the student begins to really understand the class at hand.

Help for Students With Difficulties but Not Only Those Students…

As time goes on, private home tutoring is being used with more and more people. Though it is often associated with students with difficulties, this is no longer only the case.

As explained above, many parents no longer have the time to come to their children’s help when it comes to schoolwork. But, as they are aware that this homework help is very very useful to their child succeeding in school, some of them are open to trying private home tutoring and calling on tutors.

When you are having this sort of help with your homework, it doesn’t always mean you are far behind and need someone to tune up your level. It actually could be complementary learning aside from your usual classes at school. A new sort of pedagogy.

Academic home tutoring allows students to get to know a tailored method of learning. Rather than learning surrounded by 40 other students, the private tutor has the opportunity to treat each student as if he were the only one. On top of this, private home tutoring is also a way to learn about life. It helps with not only mental blocks in relation to school, but those psychological ones you may have trouble wrapping your head around still… It teachers students an important kind of perseverance and what working is worth. So, if we look at it this way, private home tutoring can also be a school of life for your child. Though heavy at times, it is overall very gratifying.

Team Work: The Parent, the Student, the Private Tutor Triptych

You may now have a better understanding of what private home tutoring is: what it gives you, what it proposes, and above all, who it is addressed to. 

Calling on a private tutor is above all trusting them fully, right?

Now that we are talking about the different parties concerned, let’s see if you can analyse this tryptic which includes the parent, student, and tutor. How can they work together?

The first thing for them to have as a threesome is trust. Most of all because the parents need to feel that a professional is taking care of their students. It’s in their home, and they need to feel safe. Even further, they are entrusting the thing that is most dear to them: their child. The trust accorded to the tutor is therefore completely whole.

We also have to think about trust between the parents and students. Mother, father—this is a financial effort, and needs to be felt as such. These private lessons are a real effort on the part of the parents and, as constituting a certain budget, it is important that the teenager be conscient and respectful of this.

Finally, the most important relationship is the one between the child and the private tutor. The tutor has to be sure to get the child to trust him and needs to enter his private circle in order to be able to help him or her with school and his or her difficulties.

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