Whether you’re struggling in school, want to go up a grade, or want to ace a test, American students have plenty of reasons they might sign up for some private tutoring to improve quickly.

There’s lots to choose from among academic support services in the lower 48:

  • private learning centers
  • non profit organisations running homework help programs
  • free tutoring online

Indeed there’s so much to choose from it’s often difficult to decide on a tutor. However, Superprof is here to help you find the perfect teacher or after school program for you.

From LA to San Francisco and crossing the country to check out tutors in Boston and New York, here are our picks for the top enrichment, academic support, and tutoring services in some of the top US cities.

Where can you find a private in home tutor in New York?

The Big Apple has it all - museums, cultural events, Broadway shows, and architecture.

New York City has plenty of tutoring services for students to choose from - whether they’re in elementary school or a college freshman, looking for homework help, test prep, or a geometry tutor.

Like you may have guessed, there are plenty of learning centers in New York, often with multiple locations. Here are some of the most well known tutoring services:

  • Sylvan Learning Center, with offices on the Upper West Side, Downtown Brooklyn, and Jersey City.
  • Huntington Learning Center has offices on the Upper East and Upper West Sides, as well as the Bronx, Flushing, and Park Slope in Brooklyn
  • Kumon Math and Learning Centers are located in Midtown West, Gramercy Park, and Upper West Side

If you’re a bit more old school, the traditional classified system and community noticeboards are also a good way to find a private tutor in New York City.

You can easily find a french tutor or academic support by checking the notice boards in your local neighborhood. However, if you’re looking for a teacher with a really specific background, it might take a while to find the best tutor for you.

Otherwise, you can always head over to Superprof, and check out our database of available tutors, online and in person, for all the subjects.

Whether you’re looking for a history tutor, reading tutor, algebra tutor, or looking to learn how to play an instrument, we have a teacher for everyone on Superprof.

Get to take classes from the best tutors near me.

Try checking out the noticeboards in local shops to find a private tutor!

There are also many organisations in New York, set up to give every child an equal chance of academic success. Some of them are:

  • Enrichment Zones in 10 different public libraries in Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island
  • 826 New York, a non profit set up in 2004 to provide after school support and writing programs for children in Park Slope and Williamsburg
  • South Bronx United also combines a soccer sports program with academic support, and offers services including SAT and GED test prep.

Where to find academic support in San Francisco

Now let’s head across the country, the heart of our country’s tech hub, where rail cars, UCal Berkley and Stanford students, and Silicon Valley execs all mix.

Despite the area’s pedigree, students will of course need a bit of private tutoring or homework help from time to time to master math concepts or learn a new language.

What are the tutoring services available in San Francisco?

Just like in New York, there are many different companies which offer private tutors or run learning centers in San Francisco. Some of the main tutoring services are:

  • Varsity Tutors, located in North Bay, offers one-on-one in home tutoring and online services, as well as test prep.
  • Grade Potential Tutoring offers personalized tutoring services throughout the Bay Area, including academic support and study prep for a wide range of standardized tests.
  • Sylvan Learning Center has their San Francisco center in West Portal and works with children from kindergarten to high school.

Some of these services can be fairly expensive and don’t always offer services that are a good fit for tighter budgets.

However, there are several organisations that offer academic support and homework help services to try and make academic success available to all, and often for free.

  • 826 Valencia focuses on creative writing and general homework help
  • San Francisco Public Library on Ortega Street offers drop in tutoring for grades 1-8

In order to find out more about free or subsidized tutoring and after school programs in San Francisco, speak to your child’s school teacher, and check out the offerings from your local rec center.

How to find a tutor in LA

Just a short hop south to Los Angeles, where the glamour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills meets the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice.

With the Getty Museum, Walt Disney Music Hall and much else, this city isn’t lacking in culture either!

Hollywood has a great reputation for entertainment but isn't lacking high-brow culture either

You can find private tutoring services and learning centers in LA like:

  • Huntington Learning Center in Encino offers academic tutoring and test prep for the Valley.
  • LA Tutors 123 focuses on private tutoring and test prep for all ages, and are located on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills
  • Varsity Tutors offers at home private tutors and online classes offering subjects like AP Calculus, SAT prep, and French and Latin tutors.

Just like in New York and San Francisco, there are also numerous organisations that run after school academic tutoring and homework help programs.

Some of the main ones are:

  • YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles - the local LA YMCA branch offers tutoring and homework help at six of the Ys in the area - East Valley, Mid Valley, San Pedro & Peninsula, Santa Anita, Southeast-Rio Vista, and Wilmington
  • Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club - these have numerous centers throughout LA and programs include homework help in small groups, fine arts classes, and ‘The STEM Adventure’
  • After School All Stars works directly with schools to make academic success available to children in grade K-12. In LA, they’re working with the Los Angeles, Montebello, and Lucerne Valley Unified School Districts.

As well as supporting students with all the help they need for academic success, organisations also often run enrichment and extracurricular activities to give children a balanced experience.

Get academic support in Boston

With it’s leafy suburbs and numerous universities and colleges on both sides of the Charles, for most Boston is your quintessential student town.

There are many different options for tutoring and academic support in Boston, especially when you consider you have a concentration of some of the brightest and best students in the world on hand, looking for work as private tutors.

School students in Boston can access help from the following learning centers and private tutoring services.

  • Signet Education in Harvard Square in Cambridge
  • Frog Tutoring - recurits private tutors from the local top 40 schools
  • School Tutoring Academy - trains tutors on the Boston Public School Curriculum and keeps up to date with the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework
  • Sylvan Learning Center - nationwide specialist offering tutoring and academic services

Private tutors are well known for their focus on serving every student, and you can find academic support for every level. You can easily find tutors for subjects such as:

  • Writing tutors
  • Math Tutor
  • Physics tutors
  • Geography tutors
  • History Tutors
  • Latin tutors
  • Music teachers
  • Test prep for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and many others

You can also find many non profits that work on ensuring every child has a chance at academic success through tutoring, enrichment programs, and homework help.

Often staffed by volunteer teachers, these organisations work with students to overcome challenges and master their homework assignments.

Some of the organisations providing after school tutoring and homework help in Boston are:

  • Boston University’s Community Service Centre
  • YMCA offers after-school programs for students at 13 locations throughout Boston, everywhere from Roxbury to Chinatown, to Huntington Ave and Dorchester
  • Roslindale Community Centre for homework help and after school care

Where to find private tutors in Chicago

Chicago can often get a bad rap, but it’s got a burgeoning urban scene with top comedians and sports teams all calling the city home.

In addition to being the home of the most NFL Hall of Famers, there are also almost 400,000 elementary and middle school students in Chicago, and a whopping 670,000 college students!

With this many people in education, it’s hardly surprising that there are plenty of students being tutored and therefore a lot of demand for academic tutoring jobs, one on one tutoring, online tutoring, and homework help, and a lot of people have decided to become a tutor.

The private tutor market in the US is booming and Chicago is no exception.

Ace the SATs with a bit of test prep in the windy city!

The country’s third largest city is no slouch in the academic department, and there are plenty of different tutoring services and companies to choose from.

A few of the best learning centers are:

  • East Village Youth Program, Avondale, 3643 W Belmont St
  • Owl Test Prep, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, 4455 N Lincoln Ave
  • Mathnasium West DePaul, DePaul, Lincoln Park, 1444 W Fullerton Ave
  • Kumon Math and Reading Center of Chicago – South Loop, Chinatown, 2117 B South China Pl

Academic success is also possible in Chicago thanks to the presence of several volunteer organisations and non-profits which provide homework help and after school tutoring to children of every age. One of the most well known is Tutoring Chicago, originally founded as the Cabrini Green Tutoring Program, this organization has been tutoring economically disadvantaged children since 1965 from the Near North and Near West neighborhoods.

Whether you choose to contact a non profit, or sign your child up for test prep at a learning center, there’s no lack of choice of tutoring services in Chicago. You might even decide to check out summer intensive programs during school vacations!

Signing up for test prep in Miami

And finally, our last city on our whistle stop tour of academic tutoring services across the country!

Miami is often known for its beaches and party life, and perhaps with that reputation, it should be no surprise that the city hosts plenty of colleges and students. University of Miami, Florida International University, and Miami Dade all call the city home, along with several other smaller colleges.

Combined with the 350,000 students in Miami public schools, over a third of the population in the city is either in school or college.

With a population of over 6 million between the city and its suburbs, there’s a large population in Miami with an appetite for academic tutoring and support services.

Some students might be struggling in school and just need a bit of extra support, while others might want to get a bit of test prep under their belts before taking the SATs or ACT and beginning those all important college applications.

Academic tutoring is not the preserve of struggling students, and is popular with children at the top of their classes too!

To get top marks in Miami, you can get in touch with these private tutoring companies and learning centers:

  • Varsity Tutors, Little Havana, 2026 NW 3rd St
  • Sapneil Tutoring, 1405 SW 107th Ave
  • Omega Learning Center – West Kendall, 10201 Hammocks Blvd
  • Wise Choice Tutoring Center, 10481 N Kendall Dr

Of course, private tutors cost money.

If you’re on a limited budget and still want to make sure your child has every chance of academic success, it’s also worth asking around at your local school for charities and volunteers that offer tutoring services.

Good places to try often include the public libraries, YMCA, rec center, Boys & Girls Clubs, and of course your child’s school, but keep your eyes peeled and don’t hesitate to ask around.

Whether you’re in New York City, LA, San Francisco, or Boston, all the major US cities offer great academic support services, no matter what you’re looking for.

In the US, culture and education go together!

As you look for the best tutor or academic support services for you, you now have all the information you need to choose the right teacher for your budget and goals.

You can:

  • look a noticeboards and classifieds for your neighborhood
  • sign up with a learning center
  • find tutoring from an organisation offering after-school homework help
    Online services and platforms to help you find a private in home tutor, like Superprof.
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