Maths private tuition cost varies depending on many factors like skills, education and diplomas earned by the tutor.

Not all students have the same chance in life. Some may require more effort because they don't have enough money to hire the best tutor available. Most of the time, it depends on the parents' financial situation. If the parents have more money, then the child will have a better education than if his parent didn't have money at all.

For many people, price plays a big role in deciding whether their children will get tutoring or not.

As for online tutoring, the competition for private tutoring has never been so fierce. That means that you will be able to find a quality tutor for a lower price.

Math Tutoring Companies' Prices

Companies that tutor exclusively in maths abound and each has their set hourly rates.

For any company, running costs tend to rise the price of the average hour of tutoring, but that also depends on the size and effectiveness of the company. The more effective the company is in its production, in this case providing tutoring, the lower their prices, making it more competitive in the market.

To maintain their reputation, companies like Superprof will make sure the tutors have the skills they claim to have.

That mean if a tutor writes in his profile that s/he has a degree, the company will make sure the information is correct. That is the advantage of working with a tutoring company: you can trust what you are buying. Some tutoring companies might even require the tutors to hold a degree in the field they are tutoring. That qualification requirement would ensure a high level of quality for their service.

Some websites take a commission from their tutors' hourly rate, which results in maths tutors having little money left for themselves - a downside that may impact their passion for tutoring. However, not all tutoring companies take a commission; you should check with the company to see if they do.

Obviously, well-compensated tutors will be more positive in their dealings with students.

Is Tutoring From an Undergrad Student Cheaper?

Hiring a math tutor who is an undergraduate student is very common. These tutors are generally people that don't work full time because they are still in school and they are looking for a little bit of extra money to pay the bills.

Find an older student who can their their knowledge with you
A tutor that is also a student knows your needs ¦ source: Pixabay

What is the average price for math tutoring in the US?

It can start at $10 an hour for an high school student tutoring a young elementary school pupil up to around $30 or more for a graduate tutor. Rates are generally adjusted to the level of skill the tutor have and the skills can be measured by the diplomas earned.

Maths tutors who are also students can be more helpful because they can connect in a particular way with their tutee, forming a bond  and more readily understanding each other.

There are also some math tutor for kids who are specialized in teaching children but it's up to you - and your wallet to decide if your tutor should or should not have a math degree..

What Are Average Tutoring Prices for Math Tutoring Through Superprof?

Superprof is a tutoring platform that offers one on one home tutoring and online tutoring, depending of your needs. The tutors there set their own prices depending on their qualifications.

Superprof offers a safe way to find a tutor and you can be sure that the information on the tutors profiles has been verified to prevent fraud. Superprof is a free to use service.

It is used to search and contact the tutor you have been looking for, without any commission, so the amount you pay goes 100% to the tutor.

You can filter your search by price or location and read the short description of each tutor to find the one that suits your needs in the best way possible.

Find a Tutor Without a Degree Who is Also a Student

School districts often set up their own tutoring system where they try to match high-school-level students with elementary school students who need tutoring in math or any other subject. Most of the time it is cheaper than a tutor who hold a degree or any teaching qualification.

This service is often aimed towards young students who try their best but still can't achieve the grades they need to pass to the next level or require to enter a particular school. These sessions usually take place after school, in the tutee's home.

Getting help from someone who is also in school can make the tutee more confident and that could be helpful in his learning.

You can find math classes for kids by clicking on this link.

Are There Alternatives for Maths Help?

Below are some examples for alternatives for math tutoring.

Academic Support Groups near you

This is a free alternative for people who do not have the money for a private tutor. Organizations like this help children with school for free; they also provide education for adults who have learning difficulties.

Their objective is to ensure everyone gets a chance in life. No one should get left behind because of financial reasons and that's why they exist.

Studies show a link between poor neighborhoods and education problems like dropping out of school and lower grades in general.

These organizations can be found in areas where lots of people are eligible for government financial aid like food stamps. They are found most often in neighborhoods where poor education is often a systemic problem. They try to make society better by providing help to those in need for free.

You don't need to be poor to benefit from their brand of academic support. It is a very nice opportunity for anyone with a low budget. Going there could leave you some money to do other things in your life, so that could be interesting for you.

Free Resources for Learning Maths Online

On the internet, there are websites aimed at pupils with difficulties learning maths. These website often offer math drills, examples of exams for each grade of elementary and high school math courses and fun math games to entertain young children to show them that maths is not always complicated and difficult but it can be entertaining and easy!

Maths websites have cool games and free worksheet for maths students
Internet is a nice source of free help ¦ source: Pixabay

School teachers use online resources like My Maths, a website with tutorials, homework assignments online and of course some fun math games. My Maths requires a login that is sometimes provided by your school.

For those who don't have the login information, there is also websites such as BBC Bitesize maths that are full of interesting topics for elementary-level maths and high school level maths.

BBC Skillswise Maths is another online resource that is more aimed towards adult who try to complete their math education. It is never too late to start learning maths.

Find a maths tutor online who suits your needs

Online Maths Lessons with Youtube

Some teachers, who are certified, like Mr Barton Maths regularly upload their courses to their YouTube channel.

This is a interesting resource for people who are preparing for a specific exam so, if you want to pass a particular elementary school or high school math exam, tutorials are probably available on his channel.

This method is useful because students can control the speed of the lecture. They can pause, rewind and listen again to a part of the lesson that they didn't fully understand.

Another advantage is that it is completely free, all you need is an internet connection. You can even use a public WIFI to watch these videos instead of doing it at home, which can be convenient for some people.

If, on the other hand, you are not preparing for a specific exam but are more interested in general math class, there's also something for you on YouTube. This video site is an incredible resource for someone learning maths because of its diversity.

Math Tutoring Hourly Rates Vary Depending on These Factors

The price for a math tutor depend primarIly on the tutor's skills. For example, a tutor with a degree will charge more than one that is still in high school.

Location also plays an important role in hourly rates tutors charge. For example, maths tutors in a big city is going to be more expensive than one in a rural area. This is due to the cost of living. The rent and cost of goods in cities is often higher than in rural areas.

Finally, teaching/tutoring experience influences a tutor's asking price. Obviously, a tutor with more experience is going to cost more than one with little to no experience.

Decide what's important to you before you select a tutor
Each tutor will bring you through a different route ¦ source: Pixabay

Difficulty in math is often due to a lack of confidence. The tutor is there to help you gain confidence towards maths so that you get better at it.

Need more information? Try reading great reasons to take maths lessons.

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