Maths is definitely not for everybody; you either love it or you hate it.

Some people like geometry and calculus, others prefer algebra and trigonometry or mental maths, of which you can find more and more competitions.

Studying maths is important in our education system and in the society in general. But why are maths so important?

We need maths to solve problems and understand the natural world and the cosmos that surrounds us; just ask a one to one maths tutor - who, by the way, could help you land a successful career in fields such as accounting, physics, engineering and statistics.

Maths knowledge can cover a range of subjects. So whether you/your child needs maths help with elementary school maths or you're a high school student looking for help to prepare for your math SATs, or even for a university student, there's a math tutor for you.

If you find maths difficult, why not try private math lessons?
Do you think math is difficult? ¦ source: Visualhunt

Obstacles to really understanding certain areas of maths concepts can be common and many people struggle to solve different problems. These obstacles are what people find most difficult when learning maths.

Do you think math is difficult? It may be because of:

  • Missing knowledge: Maybe you are not advanced enough in your education or you didn't understand something in class.
  • Memory: Maths requires you to remember basic things like priorities of operations.
  • Different language: Speaking a different language can mean you miss out on vital information.
  • Reasoning skills: Maybe your brain is wired differently, best for arts for example.
  • Visualisation: Maybe you have difficulties visualizing a math problem in 3D or in space
  • You could also just be scared!

A Good Reason to Study Maths

It's not uncommon to see people struggle with maths for many different reasons, so supplemental math lessons can prove incredibly useful.

Improve your knowledge of maths with extra lessons with a private tutor
Let a tutor help you improve your maths skills ¦ source: Pixabay

Here's examples of math tutoring objectives:

  • Revising for important exams
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Linking with previous knowledge
  • Conquering maths tests at school
  • Learning about mathematics as a discipline
  • Becoming a math pro

How to Choose the Right Tutor?

What does an ideal math tutor look like? Appearance notwithstanding, you need someone who understands your needs and can help you achieve them.

If you don't know how to find your private tutor, why not call on a tutoring company? Tutoring businesses have years of experience in private tutoring and will be able to find you a teacher to help you beat that maths problem.

Some teachers can even provide appropriate maths test examples and typical maths quiz questions for any exam level you are attempting.

One on one tutors are also there to help the tutee with homework or extracurricular assignments. Maths websites like My Maths or IXL bitesize maths games for any level are becoming very popular among children and teachers in the US. If you have difficulties completing the quizzes on these websites, you can easily ask your math tutor Utah to help you out.

You and your mentor will face any and all difficulties together.

This teacher will safeguard your progress throughout while reviewing points you are having trouble with. S/he will find new ways of teaching difficult concepts to make you understand better.

Everyone should study maths because it is everywhere in daily life, because it is a useful skill that can lead to a lucrative career, because it helps to train your brain to be a problem-solver and critical thinker but, most of all, because math is fun!

We now present 10 reasons to work with a tutor for a better understanding of math.

1. A Private Tutor Can Teach You at Your Pace

When you find a math tutor for yourself/your kids, everything you/they used to struggle with will become easier because of tutors' personalised teaching program based on individual learning styles and speeds.

The maths tutor may ask to meet to discuss problem areas before starting lessons with you. They will note what level you currently are. They could decide to use classic maths games during instruction or teach core math or show you fun maths magic tricks.

Tutoring is a tailored help to make sure that the tutee comes first, so the subject becomes fit to the student.

2. Take Maths Lessons to Better Understand All that Surrounds You

One on one maths lessons will teach you skills that will help you be more efficient in class as well as improve your problem-solving capabilities; a skill that will come in handy when you face a problem.

Maths knowledge such as mathematical operations, calculus and geometry are all part of our everyday problem-solving skills, even if we don't realise it. Without understanding those basics, we wouldn't be able to calculate an item's price plus tax or compare products to make informed decisions.

Math is everywhere in our contemporary society.

Having the perfect math tutor will help you get more out of your lessons
Make sure you find a tutor that understands you very well ¦ source: Visualhunt

3. Getting Math Tutoring Increases Your Odds of Career Success

Having maths skills on your resume will increase your employability in many fields. Maths is common in jobs like accounting, engineering and medicine, and practical work like carpentry.

Employers want job candidates with math skills even if the work they're hiring for is not math-based.

4. No More Falling Behind in Math Courses at School

Large student groups in today's math classrooms make it difficult for teachers to give everyone the support they need. Since maths is such an important subject, falling behind others in a mathematical subject can really affect your future studies and career prospects. Being tired, having ADHD, being bored, these are just some example of why you could miss something in your math class.

Private math tutoring means you get 100% of the attention of the tutor during your lessons.

Also, if you have a question, you can ask your tutor in private instead of having to ask in front of the whole class, which can be difficult for someone who is a little shy.

5. Studying Maths with the Right Learning Method for You

Often, in schools, teachers go over a topic too fast. Inevitably, some students get left behind and there's usually no time to clear things up. It's a common problem in schools everywhere because of their one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. That means not every learning style will be addressed in the classes.

With small-group tutoring, the tutors are free to adapt to the learners' pace and learning style. It will look like maths just became easy when in fact it is just the teaching style that changed.

By following a learning program suited to you, it is going to help you overcome specific difficulties. Most students see substantial improvement in their classwork grades and test results after just a few sessions with a private or group tutor.

6. Math Tutoring Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

Because of the individual nature of private tuition, you will quickly see your confidence grow. You will be more confident taking a math course or during an important test.

You will realise that you are not as bad as you thought at maths, and you might even start to like it!

7. Is math Tutoring Financially Valuable?

Private maths lessons are in high demand but there's also a lot of people who supply them, that means you can get a tutor for a fairly low rate.

By looking through tutoring websites or doing some research, you will find out that tutoring lessons actually are quite cheap.

Rates for private maths lessons are generally lower than other subjects with an average at $ 24.78 per one hour of tuition in the US. The price varies depending on what level you are and also it depends of the region you live and if you are looking for in-person tutoring.

8. Get the Most From Your School Math Teacher

The quality and effectiveness of your tutoring will depend on the tutor's skills. A less skilled one might be cheaper - but, for that, not highly qualified or experienced in tutoring in maths. However, you can look at the profile of each tutor to find the one suited for you if you turn to a tutoring platform such as Superprof.

If the tutor you hire is not suited for you, your sessions will likely not be as effective as they could be. You should try to find a tutor who is better suited to your learning needs and preferences. Don't worry about changing tutors a few times, though; it is part of the process.

On tutoring websites like Superprof or Kumon maths, the skills verification is made by the company so you don't need to do it yourself. You can trust what is written in every tutor's profile.

9. There Are Many Math Tutors Available

If you feel like the progress you're making with your tutor is inadequate, you can try a different one, there are many different tutors available, you just need to find the one right for you.

Most math lessons can be delivered on a one to one basis, but it is also good to look for short term group class on a particular subject many people struggle with, like calculus or understanding linear equations.

In the group short term course you will be able to work with other people that have the same goals as you do. This can be motivating in your pursuit of mathematical success.

10. Different Maths Learning Situations

There are 3 main categories of math courses you can take outside of school: private tuiton at home, intensive courses and workshops.

Private tuition at home offers regularity and promotes a comfortable learning environment because the tutor generally comes to the house of the tutee.

Intensive courses, like a one week math camp, are for those motivated enough to put in a whole week dedicated to maths.

Take group maths lessons in the school holidays or in the evenings
Lessons in a small group can let you interact with your peers ¦ source: Visualhunt

My Maths homework and going over maths exam past papers can be pretty tiring, so doing it in a group can make maths SATs papers revision a lot easier. How does it work?

Students meet at a tutoring company to assist 2 to 4 hours per day lessons with a small group.

These courses can prepare young children before the school year starts, to have a head start at school.

Workshops are getting more and more popular.

During the school year, small groups are created, aimed at helping students with their homework and other math exercises they are assigned at school.

There are other math lessons available to take, for example:

  • Maths online tutoring
  • Regular support sessions
  • Individualised one to one at home tutoring
  • Courses during the holidays

As you can see, having a good knowledge of maths that you are able to apply in real life is essential to everyone at any level.

It is not shameful or embarrassing to ask for help, It does in fact shows maturity and is the key to success.

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