Maths is one of the most highly-requested topic for lessons on Superprof. Lessons in mathematics, from algebra to geometry revisions, are, by far, the best sellers in the market of private schooling.

Mathematics is of major importance in the contemporary education system.

Maths helps us understand the nature that surrounds us and can also help in choosing a career path.

Knowing maths can help you get a better career. That's why people who had good grades in maths usually have better jobs and, by extension, an easier life.

If you want to improve your maths skills or want to help your child, or someone you know achieve success in mathematics, follow our guide to taking private maths lessons online.

Should You Get a Maths Tutor for Your Child?

Is your child is having difficulties with the math curriculum at school?

Tutoring is ideal for those who are worried about their child falling behind in class
Supplemental lessons can be very important for someone that needs more time ¦ source: Pixabay

Being successful in maths can help you have a better future, so it is understandable that you worry about your child success in maths. Maths can play a huge role come time to register for university or college degree plans. Some university programs even have maths prerequisites. Maths also plays a role in everyday life, so you are ready to think about finding a math tutor Utah!

Why should you get a private tutor to study maths? Academic support at home, online or in school is now widely used in elementary and high school aged students.

Superprof's top 5 reasons on why learning with a maths tutor is vital:

  1. A tutor understands students' individual needs: from the first lesson, your tutor will make sure to understand your every need so s/he can guide you better to success in mathematics. For example, if you find wording on a math question difficult to understand, your tutor can focus on this precise problem using maths worksheets that are known to encourage the learner. This is a good way to make sure you get the most out of these lessons.
  2. Help you understand the functioning of nature around you: experimenting with subjects like algebra or geometry can help in developing a new perspective of the world and understand nature that surrounds us. It can also help with the capacity to solve problems.
  3. Learn maths for your career: People who understand maths generally have a better and easier life than people who don't. Being good at maths is a required skill for becoming an engineer, a chemist and a lot of other scientific professions.
  4. Learning at your own pace: One advantage of tutoring is that you have 100% of the tutor's attention. It is less distracting than a typical classroom setting and also more efficient for studying maths concepts.
  5. Learning how to learn: What the tutee can learn from his math tutor is more than just maths. The knowledge acquired by these lessons can make the learner to be more prepared to bad situations like difficult exams or even deal with stress and anxiety. These lessons can become memorable and be remembered even in adulthood.

Get a math tutor for kids here.

Learning Maths, Something Very Valuable

Mathematics is a subject that has been studied for a very long time. We believe it was first used thousands of years ago to help our ancestors count and measure stuff.

The study of numbers has become over the years one of the most fascinating subjects of science known to man. Even the smallest thing like when children learn how to multiply, divide, add, subtract and name polygons is more important that we normally assume.

We humans are obsessed by counting, measuring, telling time, and solving puzzles and that has let us to discover things like polynomial and quadratic equations, Pythagorean triples and calculus. The human obsession with counting, telling time, and solving puzzles has led us to formulate polynomial and quadratic equations, Pythagorean triples and evaluating the integral. We can even say solving problems is in our nature.

In recent years, online maths games have become very popular. In some schools around the United-States, teachers use online websites such as My Maths and IXL Maths to demonstrate to their students that maths is like a game. Developing apps that are maths worksheets rearranged into fun maths games to encourage kids to study for free in their spare time. These apps function as a revision for the stuff learned in class and can also improve their self-esteem for when they return to the classroom.

We ask ourselves how beneficial are maths in real life; here's the answer:

Maths is a way for people to understand better the world around them.

Maths can also change the way we understand art. For example, Kandinsky, Mondrian and Picasso were all interested in maths and especially geometric patterns. And it's fine if you're not a maths geek because no one need to be one to know that origami is also based on maths!

Excelling in mathematics can be really helpful when playing games because it encourages curiosity and problem-solving.

Our world is governed by mathematical patterns
From art to games to nature - maths is everywhere! ¦ source: Pixabay

Mathematics education brings lots of benefits in daily life. Instead of hiring an accountant you can do your taxes yourself, you can understand distances and understand probabilities in luck games.

In the end it is your job that will bring you the most challenging math problems. In all different fields, there will always be some calculation involved in a way or another. From cashier to engineer, a good grasp on mathematical operations, geometry and logic will always come in handy.

Find a Maths Tutor in My City

Now that you understand why learning maths is so important in the day to day life, let's talk about how to find a maths tutor near me.

You can start looking for people advertising in shops in your local area. You can also look on notice boards in your community center or you could find a place where they organise tutoring groups so children can learn together.

Maybe the above examples are not exactly what you are looking for and you would prefer online tutoring?

There is many websites like Superprof that are made to build a database of tutor in every city in the United-States. Getting online lessons would allow you to connect from anywhere you are to the world, provided you have internet service. Looking on the internet for a maths tutor or an in-home tutor near you is still the fastest and you can do it from home.

You can try YouTube, which is full of free maths lessons for all levelsMr Barton Maths is a British maths teacher who has become famous after providing free tutoring videos on YouTube for the student's GCSE exam, that is an exam done by high school students in United Kingdom. The videos cover algebra to calculus and mental maths.

On the internet, there's more than just maths tutors. There are also many physics, chemistry and literature tutors. Tutors for all different subjects.

Most of these educators already have teaching experience in schools around the US. These tutors can help you with exam board specific lessons if you're preparing for your SATs or ACTs.

To do that, the tutor will check past papers about the exam you are planning to take and they can then use that information to give a better academic training. You can try doing sample tests that are available for free online like Edexcel maths A level questions, OCR maths GCSE past papers, or simply a US school challenge book. Completing any of those pre-tests will encourage students and give them self-esteem when they are going to write the real version of the exam.

How to Choose the Right Tutor for Me?

There is a high number of maths tutors all around the United-States. This can gives you more choices but also make the choice more difficult.

What you need to do first is to sort the teachers into different categories to help you make a better decision.

Don't be afraid to contact each tutor via email or telephone to find out more about them
Contact each of your potential tutors to help you find the best for yourself ¦ source: Visualhunt

You can start by asking the potential tutors if they have personal experience in giving private lessons because such sessions are very different from the 30-student classes we often find in the schools in US. A tutor should be able to adapt their teaching methods to any situations s/he's faced with.

There are very different profiles into our selection of tutors in your area. Some may have a PHD without teaching or tutoring experience, while others may be a certified teacher that wanted to take a break from the classroom, or do only a few hours of work a week. Each type go well with different personalities and learner types but in the end, its your decision that counts.

3 Things you should ask a new tutor:

  • if they have any references - one or two should work
  • The amount of time and experience as a tutor
  • A diploma in a subject related to the subject they tutor in (ex: High School Diploma)

Your tutor should at least have the education level relevant to the level of maths you want to learn.

What Are the Costs Involved in Online Tutoring?

You/your child can gain huge benefits from getting a maths tutor. But is it worth it financially?

Here's a short explanation of maths tutors prices

How much should you pay for one hour of maths tuition?
What's the hourly rate for a maths tutor? ¦ source: Pixabay

Prices for tuition are often in relation with the level of the study required. If you require a elementary or high school tutor, it will cost less than a tutor for university-level tutoring or CFA exam tutoring. You might only need a tutor to help get ready for an exam, in which case the sessions would be more intensive but not continue after the exam.

The average rate for online maths tutoring on Superprof is $ 24.99 per hour of instruction. There might be some variation to this number because each tutor sets their own rates depending on your degree of need, your geographical location and what level of maths you need help with.

Superprof is one a kind in online tutoring platform by being 100% free to clients looking for tutors. Superprof tutors make your choice easy because each tutor profile includes their educational background, experience as a tutor and teacher, how much they charge per hour of instruction and student testimonials.

From now you just need to keep going and eventually you will find the perfect maths teacher that fits your personality the best, at a wide variety of prices.

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