No matter what education system you're currently under, here are some of the best student resources for finding a tutor in Los Angeles.

This guide will walk you through the most important characteristics about finding a tutor by the subject and level, as well as some tips for deciding on the tutor that will best help you reach your goals.

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Finding Private Tutoring by Level

Educators in the United States have had a rough couple of years. According to the National Education Association, or NEA, reported just this year that, adjusted for inflation, the average salary for teachers has decreased by a staggering 4.5% this past decade.

Whether you’re looking to find a tutor near you to help improve your study skills or simply need some extra motivation in study time management – supporting tutors and tutoring programs is a great way to contribute to educators in your community while enhancing your academic performance.

That being said, the greater Los Angeles area holds an estimated 18 million residents and is the third biggest metropolitan area in the world.

Needless to say, finding a private tutor in LA can be quite overwhelming. One of the ways you can narrow the field is by finding a tutor by determining what level you need for your supplemental instruction to be. Here are some of the categories potential tutors can be classified under.

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Test Preparation

Test prep is one of the biggest private tutoring industries in the United States. The reason for this is clear: every year, high school students the world over prepare for months for tests that will often determine their entry into US universities.

Success in either of the two biggest examinations, the SAT and ACT, often necessitate some prior practice. There are many tutors that specialize in SAT prep or ACT prep, giving test-taking advice as well as mock exams. Check out College Board for their recommendations.

Academic Support for a Grade Student

If you’re looking for general study help for a child in grade school, there are many different tutors that are trained in working with children. Often, report cards can be a great indication for whether or not a child needs extra help academically. Discussing tutoring options with the child’s teacher can give you a range of options to choose from.

College Level Tutoring

While high school students can often find tutors with the help of their student resource centers, it can often be a bit more difficult to find college level tutoring.

This type of tutor will offer help in everything from difficult course materials, assignments or research papers.

Tutors for Individual Goal Achievement

People of all ages have their own private ambitions that they may need guidance for. From painting to exercise, finding a tutor for any personal goal of yours or your child’s will require either an instructor or institution that aims to develop that specific skill set.

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Find a Tutor in a Specific Subject Area

Most often, finding a tutor means needing help in achievement either academically or personally. While knowing what level you’ll need your tutor to be well-practiced in is vital, it is equally as important to know what disciplines they can teach.

Be it an academic or individual pursuit, here are some examples of how to determine what kind of tutor you’ll need by subject in LA.

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Science and Math Tutoring

Each year, regardless of grade level or age, thousands of Americans struggle in the fields of math and science. For some, the trauma caused by the hard sciences begins early – luckily, finding a math tutor for elementary school math can be relatively easy.

These kinds of math skills are basic and can be covered by tutors who can be as young as the middle school level.

College and high school math tutors can be a bit more difficult to find, as these fields can cover more complex math skills. For math, common tutors can be found for math courses like calculus, trigonometry, and algebra.

Science, on the other hand, can involve something like an biology, organic chemistry or general chemistry tutor. There are also tutors and materials that help students in Advanced Placement courses. Some examples of these subjects can be AP physics or AP calculus.

These kinds of tutors can often be found in your school’s math lab or network of student tutors. Peer to peer learning can often be the most effective way to understand these difficult subjects.

Writing Tutors

Whether you’re simply trying to improve your persuasive writing skills or need some extra help on your writing assignments, writing tutors come in all levels and specialties.

For example, for children from the elementary to high school level, finding a writing tutor can often mean finding an educator willing to help in anything from a child’s reading skills to proofreading essays.

For college-level writing, colleges often have a writing center that aims for improving student success in the art of crafting research papers. This can span everything from what online resources you can use to find your support sources to how to cite those sources correctly.

Foreign Language

Foreign language tutors are those who aim at providing aid in comprehension, reading and writing skills in a different language. Whether it’s a high school French tutor or a private, conversation practice exchange – finding an educator that can support your language level can be easy in a city of millions.

Some online resources and institutions you can check out in the LA area are and Strommen.

Foreign language tutors can also take the form of reading tutors, who can assess your level of reading comprehension in a particular language.

Some other subjects you can be interested in can be anything from social studies or English tutor to a photography instructor. Often, tutors will provide both what subjects they offer as well as the level in that subject.

Regardless of what subject you're interested in learning more about, LA has tutors for every budget. Study Hut tutoring, for example, offers subject tutoring, workshops and ACT/SAT courses at a range of prices.

With almost 900 tutors in the LA area, Superprof offers tutors at an average of $15 an hour.

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What are the Different Kinds of Tutoring Services Available?

Everyone has their own way of learning most effectively, here are some of the different options you’ll encounter in and around LA.

Online Tutoring

Finding an online tutor can be beneficial for those who need support services that fit into their particular schedule. Finding a tutor online can normally be accomplished through various online platforms and usually requires having a regular schedule with your tutor by appointment.

Community Study Groups

Study groups generally require no appointment and can be a bit more difficult to find or form. However, they do have the advantage of being individualized to one specific subject area with the added motivation of studying with like-minded people.

Tutoring Centers

Whether you’re interested in one-on-one tutoring or need special education experts with disability services, a tutoring center can often offer student services and academic resources with trained experts.

While most tutoring centers won’t offer home tutoring and instead hold courses for student learners at the resource center itself, they can have the advantage of experience. Make sure to check out the center’s office hours.

Job Shadowing

If you’re looking for tutoring jobs, tutor training, or simply want vocational training in your field, finding an educator that offers a shadow program can be extremely beneficial.

While some programs might require an application or request form, job shadowing can provide you with hands-on experience.

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Tips for Finding the Best Tutors

Knowing about the varying types of tutors you can search for is helpful, but in order to really ensure your or your child’s personal and academic success, here are some important qualities to keep in mind when determining which tutor to pick.


Whether a tutor will assist students, professionals or retirees – having a specific goal for your tutoring experience will allow you to gauge whether or not a tutor is helping you meet your goals.

Having a specific goal in mind can also be a great scheduler, enabling you to set a fixed time limit to each of the targets you’re looking to accomplish.

Price Range

Price can be the most important element in deciding on a tutor. Whether you’re looking for free tutoring or have no budget limit, set your ideal price range for your tutoring experience.

Qualities to Look For

It’s up to you to determine which characteristics are most important in a tutor, from being able to book an appointment with them every week to whether or not they have an education certification.

For example, with a community of around 7.5 million teachers, Superprof provides people with information about pricing, certification, and reviews.

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