Private lessons are very much in vogue in the UK and abroad. With a market worth around £2 billion per year in the UK alone, the British are among the biggest spenders in Europe on private tuition.

One of the most commonly-cited reasons for taking lessons with a tutor is general assistance with core schoolwork, but beyond this, the area is opening up to new subjects beyond those featured in the school curriculum, and is becoming increasingly affordable.

Sports coaching is just one example of an area that is becoming increasingly popular.

Personal coaching in recreational and leisure activities is also no longer only for groups.

Online Tutoring vs MOOCs

While private lessons have a longer history, and are more established, Massive Open Online Courses have made a more recent appearance on the education scene. Some can attract up to 100,000 at a time for the same course.

MOOCs take many forms, and many resemble Masters courses, but online.

Many of the classrooms of the future will be online
In an increasingly connected world, online education will play a greater role (Source: - MotorBlog)

Today, online courses are increasingly interactive and put the user firmly at the heart of the learning experience. Video tutorials can guide, step by step, a person in the acquisition of knowledge.

MOOCs and private lessons can be used in a complementary manner. The individual teacher can explain general notions and fill in any gaps missing from the online course.

The Role of E-learning

Online learning has become a popular trend in developing skills.

E-Learning has gained particular prominence in the field of education.

Communication is made possible by webcam, chat and email. A teacher no longer necessarily needs to be in the same physical location as the student, to deliver tuition. Courses done the traditional way, where lessons take place at the tutor's or agency's location, are outmoded.

It is now possible to create a virtual 'room' and meet via video conference, with someone at the other end of the country, or even the world. New multimedia technologies have opened up a wide range of new possibilities for private lessons.

It allows for more efficient follow-up: The student can send her daily exercises to the tutor for correction, by email. The tutor can be available via chat, to ask and answer questions when online.

Online education is on the rise
More and more topics are now available through e-learning (Source: - Robert Couse-Baker)
  • Distance learning offers numerous advantages, including:
  • Ease of access: One to one tuition sessions can be held anywhere where you can access the internet.
  • The ability to easily fit around school, university or professional life.
  • Time saving
  • Savings on transport

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School Support Accounts for Most Private Tuition

When faced with falling grades or a lack of motivation in children, parents are ready to call on a personal tutor. English courses, for example, are often requested before an upcoming  A Level or GCSE exam.

Mathematics can be a challenging subject, and personal tutors UK can help pupils to gain a more comprehensive understanding. Parents may have long forgotten about Pythagoras' theorem or algebra, and be unable to tutor their children in these topics.

Many subjects take a leap in difficulty in Year 9, from which time the assistance of private teachers can be a real boon.

Learning a foreign language requires work on several skills: Oral and written comprehension, grammar, accent and pronunciation. A personal teacher allows a student to systematically work on their weak points, while feeling more at ease.

More and more adults, too, are taking foreign language lessons in preparation for holidays or business trips. In this case, emphasis is placed on speaking practice, to best enable the student to communicate in the destination country.

Through focussed practice, conversational ease in a foreign language is easier to achieve. A student can either pick up where they left off in school lessons, or start a new language from scratch.

Most pupils take private tuition to help with school topics
Support for school subjects is the main reason pupils take extra tuition (Source: - Yishun Junior College)

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Embracing Online Tutoring

Today, whether for leisure, for a specific project or even to search for a job, a good level of IT literacy is essential. There is no minimum age to get started using a computer. One can start by learning how to create and manage folders and files, to find one's way around the internet, and communicate by email and video chat.

Word processing, spreadsheets, accounting and presentation software can be more complicated than they seem at first sight, so companies often provide their staff with training in their use.

As a student preparing a dissertation or thesis, it is essential to be able to find your way around various commonly-used programs. Individual lessons can help target a pupil's shortcomings and show him, step by step, how to professionally and clearly present his ideas in writing.

More and more people want to create their own websites.

You can choose ready-made solutions like WordPress themes, or build a site from scratch. A grounding in web development is therefore becoming more and more useful.

This can often be a daunting prospect, which requires the assistance of an expert. Private tutoring allows the individual student's needs to be targeted, in the context of a particular goal or project they have embarked on.

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Sports Coaching for All

Once, having a sports coach was reserved for professionals or the very wealthy. Today having a private sports coach or tutor is much more widespread.

You can find coaching in basketball, dance, fitness and more. The coach will influence the student's development not only physically, but also mentally. She can guide the student in correct techniques, as well in protecting himself against injury.

Too many amateur sportsmen push themselves beyond their limits and end up with injuries, which leading to a forced hiatus. A long period of recuperation can cause discouragement and the abandonment of a sport.

Coaches help inspire confidence and give encouragement when training gets tough, for example in bodybuilding.

In preparation for a marathon or similar challenge, a sports coach can help the student develop various related aspects of training, including advice on diet and sleep.

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Home Tutors are Ideal for Learning Music

Private tuition in music can be a great way to make consistent progress. Between learning rhythm, how to read music, musical scales and more, music is an exciting area to study.

Whether learning the drums, the piano or the guitar, private tutors can help even learners without a musical ear.

A good teacher is vital when learning a musical instrument
Music lessons are perfect for home tuition (Source: - Nathan Russell)

A tutor can help their student best prepare for admission into a musical conservatory, or even lay the foundations for a career in music.

Tutoring and the Theatre

Artistic education, too, can be taught through home tutoring. Drawing or painting are valuable skills to master, as is the use of specific media like oil paints, water colours and charcoal.

Airbrushing and spray-painting are complicated techniques that are no longer reserved for street art, with more and more artists exhibiting and selling original creations. The best tutors can teach a student to skillfully create nuances and subtle gradations of colour.

Acting, too, is an area in which tutors can be of great assistance, in helping the student find and develop their own unique voice and style of expression, and in preparation for a casting or audition.

Private Tuition in your Favourite Hobbies

Today, when taking a hobby or pastime seriously, the natural reflex is still to enrol in a group class, which may not always be easy to do, according to one's agenda and existing commitments.

The future of private tutoring has many surprises in store for us!

Personal coaching is a great way to improve at any sport
A good sports coach can really help you get ahead (Source: Max Pixel)

You can find private tutors London ready to help you develop just about any passion or interest.

For example, knitting is making a comeback as a popular leisure activity. A private tutor can teach the student all about right- and left-plaited stitches, edges and joins between fabrics and weft and warp knitting.

The Cost of Private Tuition

Private tutoring fees are often an impediment standing in the way of learners embarking on a course of private study. It can represent a significant financial expense, which some families cannot afford.

The average cost of an hour of private tuition is in the region of £30, with private sports tuition often more expensive.

In France, private lessons can bring with them tax breaks and other benefits for some parents. In the UK, where no such a provisions exist, some families resort to other means to reduce the costs associated with private tuition and schooling.

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