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Environmental Scientist and Geographer; Teacher / Professor; Testing Coach; Professional and Experienced both in the Field and in the Classroom

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I have been teaching formally for 5 years. I took some time away to help my sister with her newborn baby girl, my niece, Dylan (or Dillie). She had some health complications and so I moved back to Colorado to help out. Now, I am in Phoenix, and my niece is healthy and happy, so I am ready to teach again!

My classroom sizes usually were no more than 35 students. However, sometimes I taught a course that only had 8 students, and on occasions, I have lectured for more than 150 people. Volunteer groups ranged in size, too. On the whole I would say that I never had fewer than 5 nor more than 160.

My students at the high school were accepted into major universities like Brown and Harvard. Some of my college students went on to pursue their BS or MS in the sciences (which makes me incredibly proud). Some of those proceeded on to UNT (my Alma Mater).

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I have been teaching for more than the 5 years on my resume. I was the oldest of my sisters and helped raise them with my mother. I went on to become a Volunteer Coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado, where I was privileged enough to work with students during the summers.

It was during the course of earning my 2nd MS degree in Environmental Science that I became a teacher. I taught Geology, Earth Science, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to college students at the University of North Texas. We did 3 camping trips per year with the Geology students and Astronomy folks always came, too. Stars and rocks. Or Rock Stars. I graduated and went on to teaching both Environmental Science lectures (and labs) as well as Geography courses at 2 different colleges, and eventually another technical college. One of the community colleges I worked for also had me teaching high school students Environmental Science (Junior/Senior-aged HS students).

My teaching style is simplistic. I like to utilize technology. I want to relate to the students as closely as I can. I am also not a micro-manager of my students. I give them a tough problem to solve and allow them to work it out in the room in groups. If they need a "nudge", I will hint them in the right direction. I do not give answers, but I ask the right questions to get their minds turning. I try and keep things interesting! I may show photos (and often do) of me in my travels and ask really pertinent questions regarding true environmental issues with that area. Students are often surprised that my cat has been on a lot of these adventures and is in some of the photos! But I also try and keep them awake with some fun activities like Google TripPlanner, where I ask students to choose a place in Google Earth to "go", do the research, then put together the details. We then do a classroom "fly-around" and see every place students wanted to go and what their environmental concerns were for the area.

My favorite thing about being a science teacher is to take them outdoors. If only to look at clouds and measure a few things like humidity and wind, then so be it. But the outdoors make science fun. The lab is fun, too- but the outdoor environment brings it together.

My tests are difficult, but if my students come to class and do the work assigned, they are well-prepared and make good grades. I also give opportunities for extra credit after an exam in case something else got in their way (perhaps they got sick or had family in town).

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