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💸 How much does an English tutor charge by the hour in Philadelphia for private English lessons?

In Philadelphia, English tutors charge on average $25 for English lessons per hour.


Prices will differ depending on:

  • the teaching experience of your teacher
  • where your lessons will take place (online or the student's place)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each class
  • what you are covering in your lessons (exam prep, critical analysis, or creative writing for example.)
  • the objective of your classes (are you learning English for fun, or are you studying for the SATs?)

97% of Superprof private teachers give the first class for free.


View the prices of English private tutors in your area.

📕What can you learn from an English teacher?

On Superprof, we have a number of highly qualified English tutors available to offer private tuition.


An English teacher can help you work on many things:

  • SAT and college exam prep and past papers
  • Mastering English grammar rules
  • Writing or creative writing
  • Text analysis
  • Offering advice to help you with your course work
  • Reading and textual analysis
  • Help with homework
  • Helping you to build confidence in your abilities.

You can discuss with your teacher what you hope to accomplish from your private English classes.


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🧑‍🎓 How do I find an English tutor in my area?

On Superprof, you can browse the range of teacher profiles to find the right solution for your English tuition.


You can refer to a tutor's individual tutoring cv and choose the English tutor that corresponds to your needs.


Once you have found a tutor you can get in touch with them via the messaging service on our platform to discuss the details of your course.


There are currently 64 teachers are available to teach English lessons in Philadelphia and the suburban areas.


Choose your course from our range of more than 64 English teachers.

✒️ How did students rate their private English teacher in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas?

Students scored their English tutors an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 13 scores.


In case of any issues with our service, a customer service manager from the Superprof team will be on hand to help you find a solution (by phone or e-mail from Monday - Friday).


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Learn about grammar rules, writing practice, and more with a private English tutor.

Learning School-Level English From The Best Tutors In Philadelphia

Why is learning English so important? Why is it a compulsory subject in schools all over the world?

English is the third most spoken language in the world, widely used for trade and international communication. More and more people are learning English since it has become the international language of business, education, technology, and trade.

Hence, English is the most important subject at school, without which a child will not communicate effectively.

It is essential to introduce English at the school level as it enhances their ability to get a good grasp over the accent and vocabulary.

Without a well-structured foundation in English, students will not be able to achieve their true potential that will affect their careers in the long run.

But most students struggle to comprehend the lessons due to a lack of engagement in a classroom environment. That’s where private English tuitions come in.

They offer one-on-one attention to each student and focus on their weak areas to improve their English conversation and writing skills.

If your child faces problems in memorizing the vocabulary or he/she is unable to use the correct grammar structure, you need to get in touch with a private English tutor.

Superprof takes the dilemma of finding the right English tutor off your hands. We offer a handpicked range of expertly chosen English tutors who not only provide help with the daily lessons but also prepare them for their upcoming tests.

How Does Superprof’s English Tutoring Help You?

It is a determined fact that tutoring has helped many students to reach their highest academic potential during their school life.

If your child has an important test coming up or he/she is behind on their lessons and need help with their homework, getting in touch with an expert English instructor is the right option.

They can help your child understand the different factors that go into mastering a language, including sentence structures, grammar rules, reading skills, writing techniques, and a lot more.

Here’s how a Superprof’s private tutor can help your child ace school level English with flying colors.

Build A Strong Foundation

English is the only subject that intertwines with all other topics that your child will be learning in school. If they are unable to read and write English, the chances are that they will also struggle with the subjects that incorporate English, such as science, social studies, and mathematics.

Hence, it is highly essential to build a strong foundation over the years to jump to the next stage of concepts successfully.

When your child works with an expert English tutor, they get the opportunity to focus on their weak areas and the additional skills they require to become fluent in English.

Encourages The Child To Participate In The Classroom Actively

The main reason why many people resort to private tuition is that they don’t want their kids to fall back in class.

The class environment does not support the learning pace of each student, which is why they struggle with keeping up with their peers. Hence, any additional support with their education makes a huge difference in their learning powers and grades.

Also, since each student has different levels of understanding, they are inclined towards different teaching styles. Hiring our private English tutors is your best bet on ensuring they get the right lessons aligned with their preferences.

Boosts Their Confidence

Students are only motivated to work on their learning skills when they feel confident with their abilities. Lack of self-esteem can result in a decrease in in-class participation and nervousness when reading aloud.

This is where private English tutoring can help your child. It is the perfect opportunity for them to learn new skills every day and practice them in an environment that only encourages them to strive for more rather than judging them on their failures.

Offering such a space where they are free to work on their English capabilities along with a private tutor will not only help them to improve their grades, but it will also increase their self-confidence in their skills.

Value For Money

Private English tuitions are in greater demand than ever before. More students are looking to connect with a private tutor to get help with their academics.

If you are looking for a tutor who can help your child with his/her English homework as well as work on the necessary skills, you are in the right place.

Our private English tutors offer the best value for money since they not only help your kids with their English homework, but they also prepare them for tests, exams, and any upcoming standardized tests.

All you need to do is quick research through our database of tutors and find a tutor that perfectly fits your financial criteria as well as academic requirements.

Hiring A Private Tutor For School Level English In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to some of the best school districts in the United States of America. These institutions offer English as a compulsory subject in their curriculum at all levels.

If you are looking for private school level English tuitions in Philadelphia, you can connect with the top experts out there who are fluent in English and have the right experience to offer private tuitions.

Whether you are the parent of a child who’s struggling with English or you are a student who wants to connect with an experienced tutor, going for Superprof’s private English tutors in Philadelphia is the way to go.

Ready To Get School Level English Tuitions In Philadelphia?

Getting extra help from a private tutor allows you to get expert feedback on your English skills, whether it’s on your homework, an essay you wrote, or a novel.

They have experience in not only offering high-quality academic support, but that also pushes you towards achieving your goals.

Superprof is the best platform out there that will connect you with masters of English who are fluent in the strategies needed to help your child with their shortcomings in English.

Our private English tutors in Philadelphia will spend extra time to help you memorize new vocabulary and practice the grammar structures.

Not only this, but they also offer test preparation services to prepare you or your child for your next test.

All you need to do is visit our website, enter your city name and go through our suggestions on private English tutors in your area to find the perfect fit.

Discuss your requirements and preferences before getting them on board so that both of you are on the same page.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What would you like to learn?