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Teacher in Memphis

Douglas is a very patient tutor. Even when things don’t quite go as planned, he is flexible and able to make things work. He is encouraging and complimentive, while also sensing a student struggling and will quickly give insight on how to correct...


Teacher in Memphis

Jonathan is very engaging. He pays attention to detail.. it’s a plus!!! In our session today, he allowed me to ask crazy questions that I would never ask in class amongst my peers!

Kim, 2 months ago


Teacher in Memphis

Seems very nice, capable and willing. Unfortunately, the audio was not working on her computer so we could not effectively communicate!

Halima, 1 year ago


Teacher in Memphis

Dear Carlos, I have been on a tight schedule, that is why I did not reply back for our first free class. Since Superprof asked me to write a feeedback, I take the opportunity to ratify that as soon as I have time available I will contact you back....

Liz, More than 5 years ago


Teacher in Memphis

Oi Valentina, desculpa, mas estou empurrando meu marido para lhe telefonar/escrever para marcar a 1a aula grátis mas ele está relutante. Vou continuar a empurrar. Quando ele ceder, ele irá contatar você com certeza. Obrigada pelo carinho. E até...

Liz, More than 5 years ago


Teacher in Memphis

Mariana is an excellent foreign languages teacher. We have exchanged lessons. She helped me brush up on some of my Spanish verb conjugation and verb tenses skills and I HAVE BEEN TEACHING HER ENGLISH, as she was a little rusty due to lack of...

Liz, More than 5 years ago


💰What is the average price of private lessons in Memphis?

The average price of private lessons in Memphis is $23.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

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288 tutors are currently available to give lessons in Memphis and around this area.

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From a sample of 25 tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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