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💸 How costly are Arabic lessons in Chicago and the surrounding areas?

The average price of an Arabic course in Chicago is $24.


Prices will depend on a few factors:

  • the experience of your Arabic tutor
  • where your lessons will be (via Zoom or an outside location)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
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Many of our Arabic teachers also offer private online tuition. In fact, about 80% of the private teachers across our platform offer Arabic classes via Skype.


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Online courses via Zoom offer you more flexibility. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.


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Learning Arabic in Chicago

There are no small feats in the world, and learning a language is one of them. Welcome to the rich linguistic world of Arabic - if you decided to learn it in Chicago, it is going to be a huge and fulfilling discovery for you. So, how can you learn Arabic efficiently and progress quickly? 


How long does it usually take to learn Arabic?

Students of Arabic confirm that you can learn to speak the language within a year and a half of practice. That is if you were never exposed to Arabic previously. For absolute beginners, Latin-based English is of no help and it takes some courage to warm up to it. Some students in Chicago though have been familiar with Arabic from an early age, and it may be just the case for you. 


Hundreds of these “false beginners” decide later on to formally write and speak Arabic, using what is called “standard Arabic Fusha”. They get into the structured language study faster. 

Both new and “false beginner” students of Arabic seek fun and progressive way to learn the language at the Superprof tutor platform. 


These are the terms a Superprof Arabic language tutor will explain to you in a more precise way at the beginning of your online class : 


  • Fusha - includes both Modern Standard Arabic ( often simply called MSA), and Classical Arabic, the language of the Qur'an. 
  • Classical Arabic as a single subject and how to differentiate it from MSA
  • Arabic Alphabet and how to read and write it
  • How to pronounce native words and loanwords
  • Differences in pronunciation and syntax


What is the easiest way to learn Arabic? 

As you have already heard, there are just so many varieties of Arabic, the list goes on and on and on! That is because Arabic, an old, rich, and eloquent language is spoken in communities in 25 countries in the world by about 400 million people. 


The list of Arabic-speaking countries includes Most of the Middle East and North Africa: Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and more. In the United States alone, it’s the seventh most commonly spoken non-English language. 

Can you learn Arabic by watching TV?

Getting one-on-one language lessons is the best-proven practice for advancing conversation skills, understanding written Arabic in modern text, and communicating in formal situations, seminars, and schools. 


Individual exchange with a tutor stimulates your thinking, forces you to think within the frame of grammar rules, and improves your pronunciation with direct feedback. 


As for TV watching in Arabic, it is the perfect add-on for your learning with a tutor. News anchors, sports commentators, and reality TV personalities employ Modern Standard Arabic. Watching fun and leisure programs means not forcing academic vocabulary on yourself non-stop. That equals smooth learning by way of context. Youtube, TikTok, and social media are the more flexible gateway to learning Arabic the entire world speaks every day. 


After a dozen sessions on the Superprof platform, you will understand a commentary of a football match, documentaries, and journals from the Middle East and Africa in their original language. Later on, you will switch to books, newspapers, magazines, official documents, and reading primers for small children written in MSA. 


Do you come from Chicago but plan your studies post-grad in Dubai, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates? Try and learn Arabic for beginners with Superprof tutors. You will make a choice from dozens of excellent online language tutors.


The City of Chicago gives its residents an incredible range of opportunities to learn Arabic. You can join a weekly Arabic Circle on-campus at the University of Chicago. It is a casual gathering of students and others to listen to a light lecture in Arabic. A Q&A follows. 


You can also come to weekly conversation tables in both MSA and one of the dialects. The university has its Arabic Film Club and a student-run Arabic magazine Majalla. 

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